LG is the latest to sign a patent agreement with Microsoft for use of Android in phones and tablets


  • Phoque Your Asus

    This is a disgrace. I can’t believe I have to pay Microsoft $10 for an Android device. Devices should be sold with Cyanogen pre-installed instead.

  • Kid.Canada

    Wait a sec, Microsoft and Android? What does Microsoft have to do with Android? Am I missing something that went down between Microsoft and Google?

  • XER

    MSFT is another bunch of greedy bastards!

  • Tommy

    Cant wait to see how many Fandroid will get mad about this haha

    • Brad F

      Android violates Microsoft’s patents, but that’s okay because they’re doing it in an open way.

  • outsider

    Who ever said M$ doesn’t innovate? They do, they just wait for someone else to make it and c$sh in! Now M$ stop all this WP7 Mango Tango crap and just use what the people want, more Android!

  • Rio

    Lol android fans getting so mad. They expect everyone to let google use their ideas for free.

    • ToniCipriani

      Like how Apple does all the time?

    • Rio

      Where’d apple come from? thats all you guys no? 😛

      Either way, last I heard I don’t think Apple pays any one royalties.

  • Francois

    I have no problem with that. I prefer see companies sing mutual agreement on patent use over sueing other companies trying to destroy them just to be sure to stay on top.

  • dbzero

    I am *no* fan of Microsoft, rather I am an Android fan. However Android has indeed ‘lifted’ patented code/ideas from MS and Sun/Oracle(alleged still but seems very likely). You can’t accuse MS of not innovating if they created the technology in which case they deserve compensation.

    • hd1

      Granted, everything MS is doing is in line with current patent law. The problem is patent law itself. As it stands now, it’s impossible to develop an OS without automatically infringing tons of MS patents.

  • Adam

    Being an Android guy, i have no problem with it. Just because the os is free doesn’t mean you can freely distribute patented concepts. Id rather pay ms for their work than have them require google to remove functionality from their os

  • pasuljko

    As @hd1 already said, MS is operating under current patent law so don’t blame MS for taking advantage of the bad law.

    BTW, “…receiving coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio”, definitely sounds like mafia racket and extortion.

  • emsee

    Oh c’mon this is obviously MS leveraging Windows Phone to make LG pay these ridiculous licensing fees. Silly that people can’t see that. Samsung, HTC, LG… all pay licensing… Moto, Sony, don’t. Why? They don’t care about windows phone, so MS has no leverage.

    BN “outed” some of the patents in question, laughable at best. Wouldn’t hold up in court, but MS doesn’t need them to.

    Think people, think.

    • Adam

      LMAO!!! Leveraging WP7 to make them pay Android licensing fees? Hardly. If Moto wanted to make WP7 phones, do you really think MS would say no? They need all the help they can get. If anything, it woudl be the other way around.

      M$: “LG, you’re going to pay us $30/droid phone you sell”
      LG: “If you want us to even think of making a device that supports your abysmally selling operating system, you’re dropping that to $5/device”
      M$: “$15 or we sue your a$ses for IP infringement”
      LG: “$10”
      M$: “deal”

  • Slype

    Yup nothing wrong with this. This is how it should work.

    Apple, take notes on how to play nice with others.
    Competition is good as you are painfully finding out. Again.

    • Brad F

      I think Apple’s already made their point that they’re not interested in playing nice with others who they feel have wronged them.

      Apple didn’t like Psystar using OS X on Mac clones, and they weren’t going to start asking for a licensing fee for something they don’t want anyone else using at all. Instead they went for the kill.