Google+ for iOS adds mobile Hangouts and new look for photos


  • Peacenik

    I don’t know anyone that is actively using Google Plus

  • Phil

    People still use Google+ ?

  • Dave

    I use Google+. And this gives me reason to use it even more. Just a hangout between me (on Android) and two others (iPhone and desktop). Killer feature.

  • Slype

    @Peacenik & Phil

    60 million people would like to answer you but cannot find the address of your bridge where you live.

    • trolling

      60 million people ?
      How many ACTIVE users in that amount of people ?
      I made an account myself when it started but now, i don’t use it.
      I guess you now have 59 999 999 users.

  • I forgot my meds

    Typical goggle number reporting. 60 million shipped, but only 1 or 2 sold. 59,999,999 closed due to inactivity.

  • mzo

    My friends and I use google+ for messenger and hangouts.
    One bug that has hung around for a while now on the IOS version is that you cannot click links from within Google+ messenger.
    I hope that this is finally corrected with the new version.