Samsung Q4 2011 profits up, HTC down


  • Mark

    I think HTC make some great devices, and I still think they have the best looking and most solid design. But they don’t have the vision now that they had in 2009 and 2010. Losing the ‘Nexus’ relationship to Samsung hurt. Not upgrading the Desire to Gingerbread when the dev community had it working smoothly for a year was big blow to their credibility. And I think the beats audio thing was a misstep. Visuals are driving smartphone sales right now. Cameras, videos, HD displays – focusing on earphones didn’t wow consumers at all.

    In two years my next device might be an HTC, but they’re going to have win me back from Samsung.

    • rulerxy

      yup. I think you’re right on the money with this. losing the nexus name hurt a lot I think.

  • Mark

    time to launch nexus 2!!

  • mark2

    HTC needs to focus on 1 or 2 high end devices and a couple entry level devices per year, not release a new device every month.

  • edubarr

    Not having a nexus phone does impact sales, but not that much as most people don’t care/know about it. I still remember my htc magic and I have yet to come across another phone that gave me the same feel as my nexus one. The nexus s is a good phone but in many ways the nexus one still had much more impact. I just can’t find the same feel with other htc phones nowadays and in a way this makes me a bit sad.

  • Danny

    wow it dropped 2.49% take a chill pill they are not in trouble like blackberry is.

  • John

    I think the problem with HTC is the build quality. It feels nice at first due to the materials they use, but they have serious quality control problems. Dust under the screen, buttons stop working, screen issues, touch issues, squeaking body, back cover falling off, etc. Also, using laggy snapdragon doesn’t really help either. Sense being obsolete due to Holo on ICS and their lack of hardware innovation ability like samsung, I see them being second RIM.

  • Boojay

    I still feel HTC makes great phones. My 2-year old Desire feels more high quality than many of the flagship phones in circulation today.

  • Slype

    I think they need to overhaul their Sense UI. The Amaze 4G had terrible battery life as well and it was a deal breaker for me. Nice hardware design though.

  • Deli

    I used to swear by HTC phones, but I have completely converted to Samsung due to Samsung’s great aethestics with their devices,the light weight (yet durable, remember that drop test video?) and the superior screen and SoC.

    The terrible battery life even converted my gf to GS2 from Sensation. I heard the Amaze has an awesome camera but still an enhanced ‘Sensation” with little improvements and even worse battery life. Sorry HTC. You need to revamp.

  • Dimitri K.

    Funny thing is HTC makes great phones but barely anyone notices. I own the HTC Raider & i fully charge it & i use 4G on it & do heavy use on it & it lasts me more then 9 hours.. This is much better then what i used to get with any iPhone. Yes HTC needs to improve the HTC Sense but other then that they make amazing phones.

    Everyone is hyped with Samsung & Apple yet they never pay attention to HTC / Nokia & the rest.

  • Cody

    Hopefully htc will start to spit out quad core and gain some market. They have Quality, now they need to time their releases right.

  • Ivan

    HTC’s missteps are (imo) memory, battery life, and hype. They have been to conservative when it comes to memory, and only boosted it after others did. HTC needs to lead in an aspect of hardware (like memory) which is universally appreciated, rather than catch up. Smartphone battery life sucks universally, HTC more than most. Their biggest liability is probably their desire to be “quietly” great. They don’t need to throw around BS, but they need to do something to generate some excitement.

    I like my HTC phones more than my samsungs, but samsungs were easier to find community endorsed reasons to purchase. When I sold phones, more customers came into the store wanting to get a samsung because of hype, sometimes unaware HTCs existed.