Corning to introduce Gorilla Glass 2 at CES


  • Milpool

    They want it where you can pitch your phone at 100 kph without damage.

  • Alessandro James

    Another improvement? They just announced Lotus glass! I thought that was supposed to be Gorilla Glass 2?

  • hah

    gorilla glass, now MADE with 30% MORE SAND!

    • Karen

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  • wow

    They should call it King Kong glass…can only break if the phone falls from the top of the Empire Building…

  • rkx

    Hopefully the next iphone has this…apple needs to stop being cheap on their glass

    • aka

      iPhones come with Gorilla Glass..people need to stop abusing their phones.

    • Adam

      Apple needs to design a phone not designed to self-destruct. Yeah, it’s gorilla glass, but it’s easily the most broken phone out there just due to the design of the device. Every single other company has the common sense to cover the edges of the glass. Apple puts looks ahead of practicality.

  • Zack

    sure gorilla glass is probably the best out there, but i think there’s still allot of room to improve.

  • Jacquio

    Adam raises a great point. Tempered glass is nearly impossible to break from head-on impacts. It is also extremely fragile when the impact occurs on the edge of the glass. Covering the edges is just common sense.