Swiftkey X updated, while Swype prepares Galaxy Nexus-compatible beta for late January


  • Jon B.

    love using swiftkey x

  • Mark

    The ICS keyboard is great, but I’ve gotten hooked on swiftkey since the 10cent app promo. Eager to try swipe too. Nice that there is so many good alternatives.

  • zor

    I am currently using Swype on my android 4.0.3 Nexus S. Not sure why this says it will not be out until late Jan.

    • Dimitri K.

      Swype does NOT work on the Galaxy Nexus. The only way it will work is if you Root it. This is why they said its coming out late jan. Google / Samsung knows about this & they are trying to fix it.

      You’re Nexus S has different hardware in which will allow it. Read the article a bit more clear next time since it does say Galaxy Nexus NOT Nexus s.

    • KingHippo

      How are you running 4.0.3 on Nexus S? Is it stable?

  • zor

    Says galaxy nexus now it’s been updated. It did say android 4.0.

  • Deli

    Swiftkey is pretty good but lacks customization i want. Thumb Keyboard is my #1 choice as it works great in landscape and portrait modes and the customizable row of keys.
    But the best to type on is still the now-gone Better Keyboard

  • alex

    I flip flop between Swype and Swiftkey on my EVO 3D. Swiftkey seems to outdo Swype. I wish for a merger of the 2…

  • MER1978

    ICS on Nexus S is pretty stable IMHO… though I have noticed a bit of lag here + there… and I’ve had a couple apps close on me a handful of times… overall I love it… a bit surprised that they haven’t fixed the issues + pushed out a new update already.

  • sharkhark

    i am using swiftkey and swype and both still suffer the issue well known on my GS2 from samsung…which is the backspace jumping cursor issue.
    you are typing or swyping and you backspace to correct a word and when you try to start typing again it jumps the cursor down to the bottom of the page into your signature and randomly starts typing gibberish that when you try to fix it by putting cursor back into sentence to continue at top….will jump down again. nobody knows if it is a samsung…or android…or swype or swiftkey issue…it is a royal pain in the a*s.

  • zor

    I am running a custom rom called pixel rom, with a custom kernel called simple kernel. Both can be found at xda developer nexus s website in the development section.

    Very stable combo, and you get flashing notification lights… Great enhancement over stock.