Swiftkey X updated, while Swype prepares Galaxy Nexus-compatible beta for late January

The third-party Android keyboard market hasn’t slowed down at all since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, nor should it. In my findings, the Android 4.0 keyboard is significantly better than previous stock iterations, but is bested by the likes of Swiftkey X and Swype, especially for fast typers.

To whit, we have news from both companies. Swiftkey has updated its keyboard with a few important bug fixes:

1. Improved handling of low memory situations
2. XKDPI icons and key-press popup fix
3. Voice input improvement for Droid Bionic
4. Fixed some force close issues

The $3.99 keyboard is one of the best in the business, with predictive algorithms that learn as you type.

Swype, my other Android input method of choice, put out a tweet today saying they are looking at a late-January beta release for its first Galaxy Nexus-compatible version. “Good news! Official ICS support is near. Final tweaks and testing should be done in time for an anticipated end-of-month beta update.”

For now, you can check out the current Swype beta, or an unofficial version that is compatible with the Galaxy Nexus (via Google+)

Source: Android Central (2)

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