RIM reportedly set to show off BlackBerry 10 OS at the upcoming Mobile World Congress


  • Kevin

    Probably won’t see any new device but who knows, maybe a Playbook 2 surprise with a 10″ screen or a Milan prototype? One can dream.

    • Dwyane

      Does the playbook have native email, calendar, contacts, task list, bbm, android apps yet?

      No? Great. More of this “you just wait” BS from Balsillie

    • sp

      @Kevin – absolutely!!! i hope this will change RIMs fortunes for the better in 2012. i dont have a BB, but i used to use every model of BB before and i loved the experience. i have the playbook now and i am so happy with it. its what i thought it would be and more. here’s to Blackberry 10

      @Dwayne – as I had said before in previous posts about this, what good is native email and such to a unit that is not connected to the internet 24/7. so your point has no merit at all. you can jailbreak your PB to run Android already so again your point has no merit. go use the Playbook before you bash it with your pointless babble. ^_^ thanks

  • JustMeAndMe

    Nothing more to say.
    They cannot learn their lesson and just continue with their practice “show long before it’s ready” which failed in the past.

    • Luc

      @justMeAndMe, I’m with you on this.. I’m a huge RIM suporter and I love my blackberry’s and my playbook but I have said over and over again STOP SHOWING OFF YOUR NEW STUFF A YEAR BEFORE IT LAUNCHES!!!! I have no doubt that BB10 is going to be awesome, BUT KEEP YOUR COOL NEW S##T SECRET UNTIL ITS READY TO LAUNCH OR YOUR COMPETITORS ARE JUST GOING TO COPY IT AND MEET OR BEAT YOU TO MARKET WITH IT!!!!!

      I really hope we don’t see even a glimpse of the BB10 OS’s or devices until a week before they hit the market in the fall. If your showing them off in february, I sure hope your reay to start selling them by March, but even then.. for my wallets sake.. please no.. I just bought a BB7 device a few months ago!

    • RIM


      No one is copying RIM lol

    • Luc

      @i***t calling himself RIM

      That just goes to show you have no idea what your talking about..

  • wewewi

    They sure got to show SOMETHING; no matter what it is!!!

  • shaggyskunk

    Uh, I was expecting to read that RIM was also releasing the Nexus….

  • Ralph

    NO point showing off what doesn’t exist.

    RIM = RIP

  • ELNY

    WTF? This company still exists??

  • EvanK

    I REALLY want RIM to succeed, but they really need a new CEO, their strategies suck! I have no doubt that BB10 sill be awesome, but they need a new company strategy.

  • Theblob

    Looking forward to seeing what BB 10 is all about.

  • roy

    It is a shame to see comments saying RIM is dying, with 75 million customers.

  • Jamma

    They were going to show it at DevCon in October and it would leap frog the competition…LMAO
    Then release in Q1 2012, well we know what happened there…the new OS 2 for playbook was to come out in Feb./12 but it seems that will be delayed.
    RIM is done folks this is all delay tactics before takeover or belly up…remember Palm, I had one of those and move to BB.
    This company has turned into a joke with the two clowns running it.
    I left BB and now own a Galaxy Nexus