Android Market has 400,000 active apps, according to Distimo report


  • shaggyskunk

    While there are many fantastic apps on the market… it would be much better if the focus was on Quality, rather than numbers!! Apple does a much better job of vetting their apps than Android.

  • shaggyskunk

    I’m not sure what the deal is with the thumbs Down? If anyone can tell me why apps that you get from the market need to know your location, access your email etc… when all that particular app does is change the color of something…. let me know.

    • Alpha

      You can blame it on Glu and their steaming piles of crap. Most of their apps will read your contacts, request superuser status and turn wifi on/off at will. Your contacts and email addresses are worth far more than the $0.99 that their games would sell for.

      That’s the primary reason why I have most of my games installed on my tablet with NO email and NO contacts for anyone to steal.

  • jeremy

    At least the market tells you how an app might invade your privacy. The apple app store will distribute the same thing and not tell you at all.

    Also, the quality seems about equivalent between the two. The only thing apple vets for is removing competition and making sure they get a cut of in-app purchases.