Android Market has 400,000 active apps, according to Distimo report

The Android Market has crossed over the 400,000 available app milestone, according to app store analytics company Distimo. Breaking down the results shows that it took Google 40 months to reach the 400,000 available app mark. Going further back, the Android Market hit the 200,000 milestone in 31 months, 300.000 milestone in 35 months. Comparing to Apple’s App Store, the 200,000 available app milestone was achieved in 22 months, followed by the 300,000 app mark in 30 months, then reaching the 400,000 mark in 37 months. In addition, two-thirds of the apps are free and there’s almost 100,000 active publishers who each push out an average of 4.1 apps.

Google recently announced that 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the Android Market, with 700,000 Android devices activations every day.

Source: Distimo
Via: Twitter

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