Google now activating 700,000 Android devices a day


  • awesomeP

    How does google expect to keep up this rate? sooner or later its going to crash. it cant keep going like this.

    • Chris

      You know that people are always buying new phones right?

  • daveloft

    That article you pointed to just discusses mobile searchers it doesn’t say anything about in app ad revenue, or webpage ad revenue, or the 30% cut from apps, books, movies and music.

    It’s useless and irrelevant to this article and clearly a desperate attempt to rain on Google’s parade. I expect more from MobileSyrup.

  • zar

    Like how daveloft and I are being thumbed down. Did you even bother reading that app revenue articles people? Did you ever own an android phone to realize how the market ecosystem works?

    Best example is Angry birds, which despite being free, it’s making a lot of money – $1M/month on Android was last year, couldn’t find any numbers for this year (I do believe I recall reading about $50M to date, anyway less important).
    Now, the difference between iOS and Android is that once you pay for iOS that’s it – revenue ends for that customer. On Android it keeps on coming everytime the customer plays the game or uses the app.

  • JohnsonRod


  • Kenny

    More Android activations mean more for Google and even more for Microsoft.

  • BigGuy

    Poorly written article. Google makes money from Android. They charge for Google apps like Android Market, GMail, and Navigation. They get a cut from Market sales and they also make money from ad impressions via web browser and in app.

  • trevor

    hows that possible??? there’s only like 1 billion people in the entire world, 700,000 per day means every single human person in the entire world world all have an android phone in 20 days and then what everyone doesn’t buy a new phone anymore

  • to trevor

    learn math and there is 7 billion not 1 billion people on earth

    • daveloft

      So at that pace it should take just under 3 years for every single person on earth to get an Android device, that’s awesome.

  • paul

    like trevor says, it will take 20 days for 1 billion people to have an android phone, and 70 days for 7 billion people for the entire world to have an android phone, so which means after only 2 months the whole population in the entire world will have a android phone, which I hardly doubt.