Update: Rogers and Fido launching the Galaxy Nexus on January 13th


  • Dan Levy

    I wonder if Fido will bring back the 6GB/$30 plan for this.

    • Ellen

      Rogers actually still has the 6gb for $30 plan. It goes on until Feb, I believe.

  • SAM


  • Beso

    now ppl can easily get one from their provider (roger/fido) instead of trying to buy it else wehre!

  • Alex

    So its not lte?

    • zorxd

      There is no GSM/HSPA/LTE Galaxy Nexus available.

  • G


  • Tania N

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever! But regardless, yay!! 🙂

  • Milpool

    As nice as this device is, its just too big. The decision to go with a 4.65″ display is detrimental because smaller hands just won’t be able to do much with it — that includes smaller male hands (like mine) and many female hands. The 4″ display on my Nexus S is perfect, and I can hold it comfortably. I held the Galaxy Nexus at a Virgin Mobile kiosk and it was just a whole lot of phone.

    • G

      You know what they say about people who can’t handle a whole lot of phone..?

  • northy

    bought mine at bell as soon as it came out,, put my rogers sim in right at the bell store,,, sorry rogers couldnt wait for you,,,

    • Rob

      it wasn’t locked to bell?

    • northy

      google nexus phones are not locked,, this is the 3rd in the nexus series, they are not sim locked,,,

  • Louis

    and now the wait for telus begins 🙁

    • Norman Moll

      TELUS releasing their’s Jan 13 – price unkmown

    • Dave

      It really isn’t that long. 🙂

  • haXadecimal

    Now… do I pick it up on the 10th or wait for the new ECF policy to kick in on the 22nd and pick it up then? Could I pick it up on the 10th and then cancel and resign the contract on the 22nd under some 30 return policy?

    • yolks

      Nope. You’re better off waiting until the new policy kicks in. You won’t be able to exchange it for the same model. You can exchange it for a different phone within 15 days and under 30 minutes of airtime usage on the phone. The 30 day policy is only for defective phones, in which case they’ll replace the phone for you, but you keep the same contract you signed earlier. I’m waiting for the 22nd as well. I work at Rogers Plus.

    • dineshabe

      hi can u please tell me what are the changes in the new ecf ?

    • dineshabe

      got it thanks !!!

  • Dave D

    I was number 142 on the waiting list. It might not mean much but WHO CARES? ITS ABOUT TIME! See ya later blackberry 8900!
    I can’t wait to fire up my new sim card.

  • PJ

    No LTE model for Canada? I have the GSM version and it ROCKS.

  • Phil

    Dear Telus,


  • Kyle E

    I hope Rogers goes with the LTE version… any word on if its same version as Bell or LTE?

    • Louis

      Not gonna be LTE Nexus in canada.

    • northy

      if you read the problems they are having in the US with the LTE version,,, GSM is just fine,,,

      all LTE phones and LTE itself still has some growing pains to go through

  • Alex Perrier

    That’s fast. They still missed the Christmas season last year, but this will end exclusivity with VirBell and hopefully, prices will go down. Service at a lower cost would be better than small, additional hardware discounts.

    Aside: no Galaxy Nexus at Solo is great evidence that Bell wants to phase out that brand.

    Now, i’d like to see Telus, Koodo, WIND and others get the Galaxy Nexus! 🙂

    • Dave D

      Alex, I want to know if this is a small world or not. Is this is the Alex I know from BJJ?

    • Alex Perrier

      Dave D (Dobbin?):

      i’ve done less than a year of martial arts, and just for fun. 🙂

    • Dave D

      not Dobbin. I just met an A. Perrier when competing againist him at Copa Ontario 2010

  • Sean

    Come on Telus I’m waiting… hopefully this will be liek the Nexus S where they have it at different price points with some being cheaper (no contract)

  • Alex

    If not lte …price should be less than brell for coming in later…I hope 99.99

  • me

    @Alex Perrier: Price to go down? This is the Big 3 we are talking about here.

  • Ribbys

    Good news as I have a pre order, but also just put Cyanogenmod ICS alpha version on my Captivate so perhaps I can wait a bit until prices drop.

    Or am I crazy to think the full price version will drop in 3-4 months?

    FYI the performance of ICS on the Captivate is very impressive. Camera is much faster and overall speed is great.

    • maizein

      are you using the hacksung one?

  • Shoe

    Telus… 32GB…. 32GB….

  • JanuarysVeryOwn

    Should just be the 16gb variant no LTE. It seems google has given the states the 32gb lte version as a exclusive to verizon while everyone else has to deal with the 16gb hspa version. Shame there’s no option for a 32gb hspa one.

  • Bob Chan


    • Nathan


  • Marc

    Can’t wait for this phone to come out! I’m #28 for my phone and #97 for my GFs phone in the reservation system!

  • halfasleep

    I’m still very dissapointed that the Galaxy Nexus will only have a 5mp camera. For those of you who haveone, how’s the camera compared to the Nuxus S ?

    • aka

      greater MP’s alone do not make good pictures, sensor size and person behind he camera does.

  • Andrew

    Now to see how many Rogers get and how quickly they get to me… #155 or 156 in the reservation system

    • aka

      Did you guys notice the document in the photo states that some stores may have them earlier in stock before launch? Hmm….

  • EmperumanV

    Hopefully the private ads for the GN from Bell/Virgin go down in price so I can get one for my gf heh. $650 is a hefty price 😛

  • ld

    If the Nexus is $150 then I hope they will knock down the price of the S2 LTE!

  • Alex

    Nope dave….don’t even know what bjj is…

    • Dave D

      bjj = brazilian jiu jitsu

  • Anthony

    No. 23 on the waitlist, can’t friggin wait. About time too.

  • skware89

    Pricing for fido are $160 on a 3year and 600 outright. The motorola razr will have an amazing price though , 525 outright.

  • Russ

    #7 on the list. Bring it on baby!

  • aka

    All indication points to all carriers launching the same 21Mbps version in Canada. Makes sense since the HSPA+ network coverage is there, in comparison to the smaller LTE market coverage.

    Telus will probably launch near and around the same time as Rogers. They just can’t announce anything publicly on their website yet due to Bell’s 1-months exclusive, was it from Dec 8th, 2011?

    So you probably won’t hear anything announced by any other company until after Jan 8th at the earliest, which means at earliest next business day. Jan 9th/10th/11th/12th is open. I would seriously doubt any product launches for Friday the 13th, lol.

  • aka

    You know, thanks for the leak, but nothing bothers me more than someone trying to take a photo of fireworks at night with their camera flash ON, except someone trying to take a photo of a computer screen, which in itself is a light source, with their flash ON. 😀

  • dougj182

    what is an EFC policy and what is new about it?

  • JanuarysVeryOwn

    #1 on the list, hahaa. Perks.

  • flashmaster

    Someone needs to turn the flash off…

    • Jiya

      My sweet friend, renidag your story brought tears to my eyes every child is a blessing, yours is simply divine .May God bless you and continue to bless your beautiful family!love ya, Marirosa

  • Warren

    Here’s to the Galaxy S2 LTE price drop when the Google Nexus comes out! lol

  • Ca4nalKnowledge

    283rd! I can’t wait. Anyone know of good cases for the GSM version? Hope it doesn’t have a Rogers logo on it anywhere.

    • Eluder

      There won’t be any carrier branding, it’s a Nexus phone, at least in Canada, they’re always unlocked, unbranded and no carrier customization on the software either.

  • test

    can we use fido dollars for this phone

  • dineshabe

    “certain stores may already have stock available before launch date”

    1)Available for selling it to customers ?
    2)So all stores may not get the device on launch date.

    Going to my retail shop now 😀

  • Slype

    As someone who owns this phone, I have nothing but GOOD things to say about it. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

  • evilamurf

    Telus mobility galaxy nexus release date Jan.13 2012



  • TDI78

    @aka: i hope you’re right. i ordered a Galaxy Nexus case from PDAir and it arrived today from Hong Kong. i’m salivating for the phone to be released on Videotron’s network here in quebec – they have better city-unlimited and data rates than Virgin. would love to pick one up next week.

  • saffant

    @aka Yes, but the Galaxy Nexus’ 5MP snapper still gets bested by the likes of the GS2s, iPhone 4S, Amaze etc

  • Shoaib

    I am buying it outright at Rogers, as am already in contract.
    Does anyone know, will they make me pay full at front or can be add up to bill.

    • KnightFire

      Depends on where you buy it from, a Rogers store can add it to your bill, like a HUp.

  • DSchragg

    Isn’t it wonderful how we here the news from Samsung and not Rogers themselves…..I’ve lost all faith in Rogers over the last couple years.

    As soon as my contracts are up I’ll be moving over to the lesser evil in my eyes right now….Bell!

  • KnightFire

    Hmm… what of Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE phone?
    Note that I said Sprint not Verizon.

  • me

    what the heck. Rogers didn’t release the galaxy nexus today (13th). At least not in Vancouver. I want to get off this contract with Rogers as soon as possible. They change the 24 month upgrade policy to a prolonged 30 month one without any notification. They charge an extra $60 extra for the same phone and have the worst customer service I’ve encountered. If you’re planning to sign a contract with Rogers, don’t.