Angry Birds sees 6.5 million downloads on Christmas Day, promises “exciting new releases lined up for 2012”


  • JustMeAndMe

    Why do people get so excited over this game?
    This concept has been here for years and just because someone makes birds from cannonballs and pigs from castle walls people get crazy over it? omg.

  • Mattprime86

    Agreed. Downloaded last year (free) over the hype and un-installed after two rounds

  • Steven

    Angry Birds is incredibly whored out. Plushies, games, ugh. It’s so incredibly overrated.

  • Jill

    I have two BlackBerry PlayBooks and was more than happy to buy the full game on both tablets – I wouldn’t trade my PlayBook for any other tablet and I’d be more than happy to buy all kinds of other apps that get ported to the PlayBook or have been built specifically for it. I wouldn’t knock the PlayBook until you’ve tried it. It’s much more usable for multitasking than any other tablet.

  • Luc

    +1 Jill, The playbook is by far the best tablet on the market and anyone who has actually used one for more then the 5 minutes at a store display knows it to be true! 2012 is going to be our year!

    I really didn’t appreciate the “kidding” remark in post, it just shows the anit rim bias in the writter.

  • peter

    Jokes about the PlayBook aside, the version of Angry Birds for that device seems to be outselling everything else on RIM’s app world … even apps for the phones which are much more common.