RIM releases root-blocking Playbook update


  • Big 3

    Why would anyone want to get this?that’s like Apple patching their product to prevent them from being jailbroken.

    Rooting will give u the chance of customizing your device

  • Brian

    They are patching the one and only reason to buy a PlayBook and the one way to make it not suck.

    Move along, nothing to see here smart people. Ignore the patch.

  • emc

    Hope it fixes the wifi issue caused by the last patch they pushed, but somehow I doubt it.

  • Stewie

    Blackberry is shooting itself in the foot time and time again. If people wanna root their Playbooks, its THEIR RIGHT. They bought the damn product with their own money, who does blackberry think they are not allowing people to do what they want with BB’s overly priced, mini tab. Android all the way man, Screw all the companies who dont allow individuality..

  • RootCEOs

    Where is the app to root RIM CEOs?

    Or the PATCH for them?

  • iTards

    I wont update! maybe someone will tell us how to put Android on it lol..I am gonna wait until Feb ( if they don’t change the date again) and then decide if I will update or keep Android on it lol

  • InfinitiGuy

    If you’ve rooted it already, will this patch lock it again?

  • Alan Yau

    RIM has to block the root to appease the Enterprise market. If they want these to be adopted by the corporate types, they have to plug any potential security holes. Their reputation of top security is all they really have going for them right now.

    • Sydney

      Are you sure this USB port is working (does the iTunes pop up?) If not, try gahncing the port. My iPad was plugged up since the beginning, so close Xcode, plug your iPad and then open Xcode, after you’ve done that wait, because sometimes the Organizer window will open automatically, if it doesn’t try to open it manually. If you do that it’ll probably work.

  • roman129

    That’s right take away the most exciting thing to ever happen to the Playbook.

  • Remi

    Ok while I agree this can be a bad thing for some people I can’t agree with people saying the playbook is not worth getting unless you can jailbreak it.. I want to start by saying that I am not on any sides (apple vs blackberry). But I will say that I have bought the playbook and I really enjoy it a lot, I haven’t used it for work yet, just multimedia and some apps and I must say it does it all very good! I haven’t tried the Ipad so I can’t compare but I’ve read some reviews of some people who played with both and I have to say that a very big % of people who played with both all agree that the playbook is superior then the Ipad.
    So far I have used mine for HD video recording (works very nice, clear image) and a few apps and games, some browsing and movie watching, it does all of that extremely well! The selection of apps is more then what I need and newer ones are added daily! I don’t understand the big deal about the ipad having way more apps, you get maybe 25 different apps doing the same thing. I for myself prefer the smaller size for portability but that is a personal opinion. All I am saying is that this table is worth as much as the Ipad and probably more and you get it for less.
    I could be wrong and this is only from a few reviews I read but here is what I have read that the playbook is better then the Ipad for (correct me if I’m wrong as I could very well be)
    1. You can plug it on a flat screen TV with an HDMI cable
    2. Much easier to put songs and movies on it, copy paste from your PC and thats it (no need to go trough Itunes)
    3. CPU is better then Ipad, comes with more RAM too
    4. Can do multitasking
    5. Supports Flash and HTML5 for true web experience, loading web pages is also faster (unless the site has a lot of flash content then the ipad will load the webpage faster obvioulsy but with cheap looking website)
    6. The PlayBook has two 1080p HD cameras
    7. The Ipad cannot be thetered, the Playbook can with a blackberry
    8. Supports Air and Adobe Reader!

    Ok I should have specified that before making the purchase I had no preferences between apple or blackberry except for the size of the playbook but the more I look at it the more I prefer the playbook over the Ipad.

    This is all based on what I have read as Ihave not experienced the Ipad yet but one can’t deny that the Playbook does a lot of things that the Ipad doesn’t, so my question is, why are people so horny about the Ipad? Is it just the additional apps available? Seriously?

    • Jonesy1966

      Agree 100%

    • kameko

      i have both an ipad 2 and the playbook. trust me, the playbook is nowhere near what the ipad is.

      judging from your comment you don’t seem very knowledgeable in tablets and you haven’t even used an ipad before your comparison is pretty silly.

      spec-wise, the playbook is decent. SOFTWARE-wise, its absolutely pitiful.

      you don’t know what smooth scrolling is until you’ve used an ipad.
      you don’t know how crappy adobe reader is (for both ipad and playbook) until you’ve used goodreader on the ipad.

      you don’t know how bad the playbook keyboard is (no autocorrect, doesn’t pop up consistently when needed, shoddy copy and pasting that only randomly works) until you’ve tried an ipad.

      you don’t know actual functionality until you’ve tried the ipad.

      you don’t know a good browser that doesn’t screw up loading gmail/can’t load soundcloud.com/etc until you’ve browsed on the ipad.

      and i assume you’re also completely out of the tech loop or else you’d know adobe has completely cancelled flash for mobile devices.

      you also are not aware of how sluggish adobe air apps are on the playbook.

      so yes, for someone whos never used any other tablet and do not know what an actual tablet can do, the playbook seems like a pretty cool device. for the rest of us, we all know its a giant failure.

    • Remi

      To kameko: If you had read my post carefully you would see that I did state that I had not played with the Ipad and I have not claimed to be an expert either, I did specify that the differences I listed was from reviews I read.

      Maybe Flash is being dropped yes but is still of good use right now, it is being replaced with HTML5 which is both supported on the Ipad 2 and Playbook, performances in both devices is about the same as far as benchmarking goes in regards to HTML5. No clear winner here! Except that for now Flash is still supported and works good on the playbook and simply doesn’t work for the Ipad or Ipad 2.

      You say that the Ipad 2 is smoother when scrolling? Maybe it is but the playbook does it extremely good for me so nothing else to be added here.

      Yes the goodreader is better then Adobe reader, its just a matter of time before they get an application similar to that one for the playbook, for now adobe reader does the job. Unless you are constantly reading PDF documents on your tablet I can’t see that really being an issue at all. But yes I do agree that the Playbook needs a better PDF reader, one to come soon I’m sure!

      The auto-correct feature on the keyboard is a good thing, I haven’t noticed it much because I don’t do a whole lot of typing on the tablet, just simple searches or website addresses, I can’t see myself typing a letter on a tablet, I will use my PC or my blackberry for that!

      Please give examples of “functionality”..

      So all you brought up really is that the Ipad 2 has a better PDF reader, scrolls a little better (mind you the Playbook does it very well) and for those reasons the the Playbook is a giant failure???

      And you say that I am clearly not up to date and don’t know much about tablets? Yep, your the expert!

      Hey if you want to trow your money for the Ipad 2 go ahead, I’m not saying its not a good tablet I’m sure it is, but you clearly don’t know anything about tablets yourself if you say that the playbook is a failure! Aside from a few missing applications (that keeps growing everyday) the playbook does everything the Ipad 2 does and even more! Your comments are not credible at all as you are clearly just another Apple fan boy. Have a good day! 🙂

    • abc123

      I would choose playbook over ipad any day of the week. However, I would recommend the ipad to the same people that I buy ” for dummies” books for. Sometimes, having anything other than a grid of icons is just too complicated for most people… add in swipe up/down/left/right/diagonal, usb mass storage capability, bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and most ipad users will look like a person trying to read the Rosetta stone.

  • hawk

    the guy who wants to run android over qnx…is a moron. wow just wow.

  • master

    whats with the rim bashing…..i refuse to drink this kool aid. this tabletbis excellent, anyone who has used it knows its great.

  • playbookuser

    Playbook is a great product. Runs flash=don’t need as many apps.

    • kameko

      newsflash: flash for mobile is dead. ask adobe.

    • Jonesy1966

      Kameko, I assume youre completely out of the tech loop if you didn’t know that Adobe is going to continue developing Flash for the PlayBook, the only mobile device it has commited to doing so.

  • Sandy

    I have nothing but good things to say about the playbook. It does everything and more that I could possibly want or need. Paired with my Torch it is the perfect tool for work! I use it to read and even to watch movies once in awhile. Ipads and Iphones are great toys for those who want only to play, Blackberry is also a great toy but what sets it apart, in my mind, is it’s by far the best and most secure business communication device period. I am looking forward to the update,there are a few android apps I’d like to use on my Playbook asap.

  • mhind

    i can’t believe how much i’m enjoying my playbook. when i show it to my tech friends, they are blown away but the apple marketing is so ubiquitous, people simply have become brainwashed. teenagers won’t be cool with a playbook…they must have an ipad. note to the fashion-conscious: the truly cool know what they’re buying and why, they go for quality even if they’re bucking a trend. the playbook is better.

  • Aimawale

    Great review I am not a fan of Blackberrys I am a apple fan I got the iPad 32gb I love it and worth the money got for Xmas and have in my view I would not buy one but I think it is good value for money and brkcabelry fans will love it