Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin, Fido and Videotron confirm that Carrier IQ is not present on their devices


  • Mark

    Too bad, I kind of liked the idea of CarrierIQ.

    I’m on Wind, maybe there’s still a chance?

  • jsahas

    bell? or virgin? better not have it either!

  • Big Dog

    I changed my Rogers rom on my Arc to the international rom to get rid of the Rogers bloatware. I wonder if the Int version I put on has it on there????

  • Alex Perrier

    LG Optimus Chic seems CIQ-clean to me. 😀

    • Sanjay

      lol there’s no way for you to know unless if you are pretty experienced with this kinda thing. but im sure u the chic doesn’t have it

    • Alex Perrier

      There’s an app that lets you check for CIQ, eh?

  • Terry

    I’m sure it’s something similar but just not CarrierIQ.

    I wouldn’t put it past Rogers or Telus to have spyware on their devices.

  • armdrive in

    here is the thing, even if it was on the phones (and it probably is) do you really think ROGERS, TELUS or Bell would actually admit it and create and privacy and PR firestorm?

    • Fury

      Yes. Because if they say no, then are found to actually install the software, the shitstorm would be of epic proportions.. well, for the 500 people in canada who KNOW what Carrier IQ is.. 🙂

      Or until some politician takes it and runs with the rage it can generate.

      “Elect me as PM and I will lance this wound that is Carrier IQ in Canada…” or some such drivel…

    • tbr

      But then the company donates to the politician and it gets removed from the election promises.

  • daguy

    Carrier IQ seems to be used by only Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, and it’s included in the iPhone as well so it’s not limited to Android at all. Outside of the US it doesn’t seem to be used… or at least no one has found it yet.

    Is anyone even sure what this software actually tracks though? For now this seems like nothing more than the newest tech witch-hunt.

  • RichieRich

    Hmmm I would like to see some outside information on weather or not its installed on my Telus device. Seriously wouldnt believe Robelus on their word alone.

  • Guile

    Trevor Eckhart made an application to verify if you are “infected”. Check on XDADevelopper to download it. So it don’t matter if Rogers or Bell lie… you still can find out by yourself.

    • RichieRich

      @Guile Yes you can find out but you need a rooted device to do so.

  • Bill

    Carrier IQ recently stated last week that they did not record keystrokes, did not record sms, etc… but it seems like they were lying through their false teeth just to save face. So what exactly is preventing our Cdn carriers from doing the same? Trust them – I think not. If we do not have a tool to independently validate this, then we need to have these hackers have a look at our Cdn devices. I don’t trust the big 3 for a second.

  • Carson Brown

    I find it hard to believe that CarrierIQ isn’t on any of their devices, as it’s been shown to be present in iOS…which Rogers and Telus both sell.

    • Geekom

      It’a not on iOS 5 and in the older versions, it was only tracking crash datas and was opted-out by default, so it really isn’t invasive.

  • Ben Douglas

    I don’t have to worry about this if I have Cyanogenmod 7 on my SGS2, right?

  • travis

    Yeah okay bs, maybe that’s what the higher ups want the public to think. They’re all in this game for money, if they get offered enough they’ll make sure its on there.

  • choy

    Makes sense. Anyone who wants Rogers to be their carrier has a low IQ.

  • Davlu

    Oh bell, you are soooo f****d!!!

  • someone

    Not surprising Bell hasn’t commented. They gave up their customer info to the company trying to sue people for downloading The Hurt Locker. While technically it was a court order, they were the only company that hadn’t tried to fight for their customers rights during the music download battles. Rogers/Shaw/Telus actually did go to court to protect their clients.
    And there was that recent article on Mobile Syrup that showed bell to have about double the complaints (per customer) of the other major carriers.
    Bell really doesn’t give a s**t about their customers!

  • someone

    Although I don’t trust Bell, it also wouldn’t surprise me if Rogers and Telus do have carrierIQ on their phones just under a different name. For example “we don’t have carrierIQ. The CANADIAN version is Stealyour infoIQ.”

    Get them to say publicly that they don’t have ANY data logging software/spyware similar to carrierIQ under any name and maybe that will count for something.

  • tbr

    The important question is does any carrier have a product that does the same thing as Carrier IQ.

    Let’s have feedback from all the Canadian carriers. them on that question

  • ercousin

    Bell just tweeted: “… We don’t install or support CarrierIQ or similar programs. Thanks!” I’m not how official that is since Bell only started using twitter yesterday…

  • noprivacyanymore

    ok so Canadian providers don’t use CarrierIQ….. You can bet that they call it something else though.
    Just checked my HTC desire ans ohhh lookie here an app that wont be force stopped and ohhh look at its permissions its tied into EVERYTHING and can even take pictures if it was instructed to do so, read text messages and the list goes on.
    If you think there is not a Canadian version to this, pull your head out of the sand!

  • Will Robertson

    @bell_mobility and Virgin Mobile Canada both tweeted they don’t use it either. Guess Canada is safe.

  • notsofastthere

    @Will – Not quite. They confirmed that they don’t use “CarrierIQ”, but I’m quite certain that they have a Canadian firm doing something similar as CarrierIQ.

    • Zomby

      Bell, at least, stated that “Bell doesn’t install or support Carrier IQ OR SIMILAR PROGRAMS.” So I think we’re safe, for the moment. I’m guessing it’s a similar scenario from the other carriers.

  • Accophox

    I can confirm that bell isn’t lying, at least with regards to their xt860. Tested with the app on XDA.

  • KnightFire

    I really hope our privacy is being protected.

    By-the-way has anyone read that wee piece of paper Toys R Us “makes” you sign in order to return a product for refund? It’s nasty! 🙁

  • KnightFire

    Just wanted to say: Thank You, for this article.

  • PatrickBay

    Keep it together, people. These little computers we’re all running have the same rules as our desktops, more or less. Any Android user worth their salt should have a task / process manager app installed and flip through it every once in a while. That’s how Carrier IQ was found (the video on YouTube displays it in the standard Android task list even). There are also traffic managers that will show how much traffic comes into and goes out of your phone (sometimes even down to what is being sent, and where). A little knowledge will go a long way.

  • John

    Just waiting for the official word from the carriers. Sure, Rogers, Telus said they don’t use it, but what of their offspring, Chatr, Koodoo?

    I’m not letting this slide until an official word is released.

  • tbr

    I am no lawyer but you signed a contract saying you are accepting the terms of use. Somewhere it says something about collecting personal information.

  • james

    I agree with Someone
    Let’s see these spies actually state they do not have ANY spyware on their phones

  • aka

    Why aren’t we hearing confirmation from the new entrants?

  • AA

    Yea…I wonder why wind & mobilicity has responded yet. Maybe it’s cause they have something to hide.

  • ReDz

    I can confirm on the Telus SGS2X, CIQ was present but wasn’t turning on for logging.

    • Valb

      ReDz, you posted ‘I can confirm on the Telus SGS2X, CIQ was present but wasn’t turning on for logging’.
      How did you confirm this?

  • Ryan B

    I did find Carrier IQ on a Rogers branded android smartphone (LG Phoenix to be exact). Sporting the Carrier IQ logo, I found com.carrieriq.iqagent

  • JPTN

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and arc on Rogers are Carrier IQ-free.

  • Steve Phillips

    Everyone is talking about CarrierIQ but where one such tool exists so do others. What other companies make the same kind of tool and/or what in-house built tools does Telus/Rogers/Bell/etc. have on our phones that do the same thing?

  • Jerry

    Carrier IQ detected and running on my Nexus S. Koodo carrier. BASTARDS.

  • Peter

    I can confirm carrier iq is on my telus samsung galaxy fascinate 4g.

  • Philip

    CarrierIQ is installed… and active on both mine and my wifes Samsung Infuse through Rogers…

  • ALC

    The question that Canadian carriers should answer is whether they are using any logger, not just CIQ. They could have their own version. I better stop using my iPhone for online banking until this is answered.

  • ZZaR

    Quote, “TELUS also confirmed that they have not installed Carrier IQ on any of their devices.”, unquote. Maybe that TELUS is aware of at this point or what they want their customers to believe. On my wife’s phone, a TELUS Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G+, CIQ is detected in the following locations in the root of the phone, ROM Binaries and Daemons: /system/xbin/iqbridged and Suspicious Classes: com.carrieriq.iqagent.service.receivers.bootcompletedreceiver. Detected using Voodoo CarrierIQ Detector v.2.0.5. TELUS will be getting a call tomorrow… from a landline!

  • Sean

    Seems like some carriers say “We have confirmed that we have not installed Carrier IQ”, and some say “It’s not present on our handsets”. Big difference here, seeing as the OEM’s of phones are customers of Carrier IQ and that they could put it on before hand.


  • Jeb

    Looks like its installed on my optimus lte, but not running.

  • Bob

    [citation needed]

    I appreciate the link to @RogersMary, but where are the original sources for the other carriers?

  • Trysh

    Just ran the carrier iq checking software and my LG Optimus One from Telus HAS Carrier IQ on it, tested positive! HAve emailed Telus waiting on a reply.

  • Brian

    I have a Samsung Infuse on Rogers. I used 2 different apps (Voodoo Carrier IQ detector and Lockout Carrier IQ detector) and both found that CIQ was on my phone. I don’t trust or like rogers but damn it they have the best signal.

  • chall2k5

    Wind has confirmed

    Update: WIND Mobile doesn’t request/activate Carrier IQ on devices. Providers confirmed no WIND handsets have this software pre-installed.

  • Muppets

    I have an LG Phoenix with Rogers and it is on my phone…Im going to Rogers to prove them wrong..