HTC Amaze 4G lands at Mobilicity for $549.99


  • Alex Perrier

    Sweet, but why not merge the Curve 9380 with this post? It just seems like there’s “lots of articles” just for Mobilicity. Simply one article would have been more appropriate.

    • TCom

      What’s your problem with Mobi? Why do you care how many articles they have and whether the curve will sell?

    • Alex Perrier

      What i meant was that the Curve 9380 hasn’t really “shocked” anyone, and there’s so many BlackBerry articles. That’s jut my opinion. The Amaze 4G actually sounds amazing. 😀

    • Alex Perrier

      Mobilicity is the least expensive wireless provider in Canada, and my sister’s a happy customer, thanks for asking. 😀 The 5230’s not that great, however. 🙁

  • TestMe

    Mobilicity is my favourite 🙂

  • TCom

    I can’t take someone seriously who’s named after sparkling water

  • roman129

    4.3″ screen and thick bezel, this thing must be massive

    • Stimulator

      It’s not really that massive; it’s tall, but not any wider than most phones. Although it is a bit heavy, but it has a quality feel, not some cheap plastic phone, it’s all aluminum.

  • Jeff Goebel

    Is an unlocked version of this phone BOX-READY for Telus AND Wind/Mobilicity, or are there two different versions, like the Sensation? I’d love a phone I could SIM CARD for the Telus/Bell/Rogers Network that would also work on Wind?mobilcity.

    • Stimulator

      They’re the same version. Just need to unlock it.

  • jules

    Buy it now and good luck selling it in Q1 when they go bankrupt

    • Stimulator

      This phone also works on the big 3’s networks, no worries!

    • Alex Perrier

      As in, pentaband?

  • Beso

    this phone is indeed pentaband

  • tech raider

    it is penta band gsm not aws

    • Stimulator

      Straight from the HTC Canada website: GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS1700/2100/AWS, UMTS2100, 1900, 850

  • Alex Perrier

    i like the devices that support:
    * HSPA+ with Big 3 (850/1800 MHz)
    * HSPA+ with AWS (1700/2100 MHz)
    * GSM with RoFi

    They’re great, they end the point of carrier exclusivity while allowing more competition for services. A wonderful move to separate devices from wireless services. 😀

  • Billy Valentine

    Please also give us the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Mobilicity. 🙂

    • kickstart

      also a pentaband phone that will work on all carriers, so even if Mobi doesn’t carry, you can purchase from anywhere else and unlock.

  • theonlyone

    So this phone and the Galaxy Nexus are both Pentaband? AWESOME

  • Rocaix

    The HTC Amaze is not quite pentaband 3G it’s missing UTMS 900, but seeing as how no one in North America uses that band it’s not big deal unless you plan on roaming internationally.

  • Peter

    I called virtually every Mobilicity store within the GTA, and none of the stores had the HTC Amaze 4G in stock. Nobody could give me an answer on availability. WTF?!?

  • Pahech

    I am pleased that Mobi has a flagship Android. The Nexus S and Panache were both respectable high-end phones when they came out on Mobi, but they were not proper flagships considering they were released for half a year already.

    The Amaze will be great alongside the Bold 9900 for a reasonable flagship selection. If Galaxy Nexus and Lumia 800 also comes around, then it will certainly round out the selection wonderfully.

  • Drivel

    Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus take this easily; not only the thickness @11.8mm but the weight, 173g, for a phone? Are you kidding?

    Bring on the Edge.

  • Yaguang

    Is this unlocked? How easily can this phone be unlocked?

  • Ph3nix

    What no one seems to be talking about here is how slow mobilicity’s data really is. I was with them with my blackberry 9700, and it was almost impossible to stream video. Tethering was just as bad. I switched over to wind, and I am thoroughly amazed at the difference. However in terms of call coverage mobilicity is pretty good, maybe better then wind even in the GTA.

    That being said if you’re going to purchase a high end android device, you’d expect to have a decent data connection..

  • sam

    my 9900 tether wifi hotspot on 7.1 os i was gettng data speeds at 1.7mbps i think thats pretty good

  • OG

    As i write this comment, mobility’s having network problem, i know this because i use there phone.