eBay Canada expecting a record number of mobile purchases this season, approximately eight items every minute


  • Kenny

    And I’m one of them. I just bought a Dell Venue Pro off eBay yesterday, it may be a year old but I want to expose someone to Windows Phone, it’s also the only one that works on AWS and has a physical keyboard.

    I also bought a Garmin Asus A50 phone 2 months ago, but that got lost in transit 🙁 still waiting on dispute resolution on that.

  • Rich

    I’ve purchased an iPhone 3G / 3GS / Nokia E71 / 2 Blackberry Bold 9000’s. All great deals, although I did have an issue with one of the BB sellers.

  • droidacolyte

    I have been thinking about selling smartphones on ebay. But I hear that when it comes to ebay/paypal, buyers tend to get the benefit of the doubt in dispute resolution and lots of sellers get defrauded on eBay. Kijiji and craigslist are probably the best places to sell things like smartphones (but there are still risks. ie. You can hand over the phone to the buyer to take a look at it before paying and then they can just run off with it). I will probably put my unwanted used videogames up on eBay though since there’s little risk involved (video games are much cheaper, especially older ones). GameStop/EB Games trade-in values are awful.