Bell releasing the LG Eclypse December 2nd


  • Sean

    I’m so glad to see they are starting to come with 1ghz processors in budget phones

  • jaylen

    how do you know it’s budget? don’t see a price.

  • Norm

    The screen capture shows Mobilicity.

    • schultzter

      Damn! I meant to -1 that comment: it shows Mobility – as in Bell Mobility!!!

  • Lazed

    Yuck, it’s a souped up LG Neon…keyboard of nightmares.

  • JazzyJazz

    why anything from LG is LG Neon from now on.. how about it’s a budget version of Xperia Arc (5mpx/flash, 1GHZ Snapdragon, 4G) 🙂

  • Zeake

    Garbage! Well for my standards at least.

  • Zeake

    I should add that it’s not their fault there is absolutely NO good sliders that will work on their freq. I’ve been looking since mobi came to market.

  • Qwerty

    There are some good sliders out there for Bell… I’m using one of them right now: Motorola XT860. Let’s not forget the Blackberry Torch either…

  • LouisR

    Any news on an updated release date?
    It’s now December 4th and no mention of the Eclipse on the Bell website that I could find.

    Confusion between this and the Optimus Net perhaps?

  • TheMan

    Can someone please tell me:

    1) Does the LG Eclypse have an illuminated keyboard, i.e. the keyboard can light up to be visible in the dark?

    2) Does the LG Eclypse have an optional virtual on-screen keyboard so that the user can use a virtual touchscreen keypad rather than the physical keyboard?


    • Lavoisier

      Yes, the Eclypse does have a virtual keyboard. I don’t think the actual QWERTY keyboard is illuminated, though.