Video: Galaxy Nexus shows a set of keys who’s boss


  • martin

    Like a Baus!

  • Celestial

    Sweet!! 🙂

  • MikeMike

    no need to get a screen protector i suppose…

    thank goodness, cuz i always mess up when trying to put one on

  • Nightcrawler

    Wow!!! Try that in iPhone 4 S**t..

  • Dylan K

    Holyf**k. Props to whoever had the balls to figure that out on their own.

  • Andy

    Boom goes the dynamite.

  • Kid_Canada

    This phone might be the one that convinces me to jump ship to Android. Kudos to Samsung from saving us the hassle of putting on a screen protector. And good thing its sold unlocked so I can buy one anywhere!

  • Jake

    Very impressive! No screen protector means no compromise to the graphics. I think it’s great!

    How about the rest of the body though? Is it durable enough?

  • HwyXingFrog

    I’m still waiting to hear what they are actually using for a screen. Is it Dragontrail, is it Corning’s Lotus Glass. The only thing we know is it is “fortified” glass, and not Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

    Anything mentioned anywhere is just speculation, it seems this is one Secret that Samsung hasn’t told us about yet.

  • phoneguy

    wow bug deal I was doing this on my galaxy over a year ago… not new

  • Etienne

    Isn’t the Galaxy Nexus sporting a 4.65 inch screen? I know it doesn’t change anything to the posted video, I just want to make sure…

  • AP

    @Etienne you are correct it is 4.65, just a mistake in the post.

  • rlowes

    A key doesn’t necessarily have a sharp or fine enough edge to cause a scratch on this type of surface IMO. Rub some sand or pebble with rough/sharp surface or something on it. I find these screens tend to get really fine scratches rather than big ones. It would be interesting to know what type of glass it is for sure – someone will surely discover this at some point.

    • hd1

      I agree that the key is a terrible test, but can any glass currently used on phones stand up to having sand rubbed on it? Sand can have some extremely hard particulates in it.

    • ady

      I understand your concern with it not being able to withstand the sand test however, you can always put the smartphone in the other pocket. You know, the one which has keys and not the one filled with sand.

      Just saying.

    • letsnotgothere

      If u got sand in ur pocket that’s ur problem. most people have keys, because u know, they have a brain and are cool like that. (even tho i never put keys and phone in the same pocket i can see how that can be a problem)

      I live right beside a beach and i don’t ever get sand on my phone, u should consider upgrading ur brain. that might solve ur issue.

  • dc

    Bye bye screen protector

  • Amir

    ok, ok.. I need to make one point clear here a a materials engineer 🙂 If you do this test with any type of glass (mineral glass, and not plastic), you will get the exact same result. You can try a wine glass, or a window glass in your house! From materials point of view, a metal can never, ever scratch a glass. So what is shown here is no big deal, either for this or gorilla glass. Glass however, maybe scratched by soil or even some types of dust, but this test does not speak for that. What is impressive about gorilla glass is its outstanding tension resistance… you can bend a sheet of gorilla glass (look up the gorilla glass video on youtube), and it takes a lot more for it to break or to chip. That is the real deal, and I am really interested to see how well this new glass does when it is dropped.

    • ADCS

      Is this a joke?
      How about you try your own suggestion…Metal will EASILY scratch glass. I work with glass and LCD’s everyday, applying a metal object (ferrous or non-ferrous) will definitely scratch glass. Especially if it has a sharp edge…

    • Sigh

      The point is, Nexus is not competing against a wine glass or a window, it’s competing against other phones with glass screen. The question you should be asking is whether or not other phones with glass screen can withstand this test without a scratch? I don’t know the answer. I’m just asking the question. I assumed this was a worthwhile test to undertake because glass screen being scratched was a common occurrence, hence the need to buy a screen protector. If that’s not the case, I just wasted couple of minutes of my life watch the video and posting a comment.

  • Gilbert

    now try doing that with your iPhone you apple fanboys

  • Mark

    I will still use a screen protector. If you buy the right ones, the clarity loss is miniscule and it doesn’t affect the touch sensitiveness of the screen. Try Clarivue Ultra-Clear and then you will see what I mean as people always tell me you can’t tell a screen protector is on the phone.

    I think using a screen protector gives you a peace of mind knowing if you accidentally scratch the screen surface it should be OK and it gives you an added protection “JUST IN CASE” it does happen.

  • Galaxy_nexus

    Love it!! Can’t wait to have this phone in the palm of my hands <3

  • DontGetIt

    When I had my Samsung Galaxy Captivate I didn’t even put a screen protector on for the year and so I had it. Dropped it may times – screen never scratched. (and when I say dropped – i’m a klutz so.. lol)

    • NIX

      That’s cause the Captivate was made with Gorilla Glass.

  • Huh

    Lets see what happens when you constantly brush sand over it.

  • crimsona

    The one test I want to see is the screen face down drop test. You know, where the iPhone 4S shattered and the GS2 didn’t.

  • Amir

    @ADCS: if what you call glass gets scratched by metal, it is not real glass. It is either hard plastic, or glass with some sort of coating (for anti-glare etc). But real glass will never be scratched by metal, no matter how sharp it is (unless you try hitting the surface with an object). Most LCDs are plastic, and that is why in marketing sheets they explicitly mention if it is glass (or scratch resistant).

  • Bri

    This is magnificent… Unbelievable

  • Omis

    Honestly sand? What are you guys doing with your phones that you are worried about sand constantly rubbing against it? Do you keep them in your vaginas?

  • Kalo

    Things is once that things in your pocket some kind of sand is gonna f**k it up either way.

  • EmperumanV

    Do this with iPhone 4S and you got scratches 😛

  • doug

    The last time I had sand in my pocket I was in elementary school. So are all you guys little kids if so you sure are spoiled getting high tech phones like this. All I care about is, will the glass survive keys, coins, and a hard drop on a sidewalk if so the screen is strong enough for me.

  • Lost in London

    You’ve got to hit it with more than that! Bring out the hammer! Wimp!