Samsung Galaxy S Glide slides into Rogers


  • Shiko Timo Bimo

    I would rather get the Nexus!

    • Psor

      You can’t compare it to the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus don’t have a QWERTY keyboard.

  • Josh

    A nice device but I never trust sliders based on the my previous experiences

  • bd

    @shiko – this is for those beloved blackberry users that “NEED” a full qwerty physical keyboard.
    @josh – Best slider Ive used was my previous 9800 Torch, never had a problem at all with the slider and jumped on board to the GS2 LTE.

  • Clockwork

    FINALLY. Since Rogers Gave the Xperia Pro to Fido, I can’t wait to grab this device and upgrade my x10.

  • Psor

    In the press release, they are mentioning a 1.0Ghz dual-core, not a 1.2Ghz.

  • hfx_nixk

    My store already has the dummy model so we should be getting it soon. Not a fan of slides but it’s actually not too thick or clunky at all.

    • Evans

      Do you work at rogers or in future shop/best buy phone department?

  • Allex

    I have the Desire Z right now, so this might be my next phone. A physical keyboard to me is super important.

  • David

    Those Morons At Rogers, I Bought An Xperia Pro Out Right And Then Used My Upgrade To Get An HTC EVO 3D, Then They Come Out With This Phone, Well I Guess I’ll Just Save More Money To Get It Next Year.

    • ruddias

      How is that Rogers fault? Please don’t blame your ignorance and bad decisions on them…

  • Tom

    Thanks for mentioning that there is no word on ICS yet – very pertinent info.

    And it makes me wonder – does it come with an unlocked bootloader? I read somewhere the Galaxy S II series is well supported by Cyanogenmod, and I wonder if that extends to this phone.

  • leobg

    So on with the hopes of Exynos SoC with Mali-400 graphics. This will be exactly the same phone as AT&T’s Glide recently announced. 1Ghz Tegra2 – not necessarily bad, but definitely worse than its Galaxy S2 cousins. Screen too.. I wish the phone was SGS2 with a keyboard. And keyboard could have been 5 row too.

  • Jordan

    It is on the Rogers site now! Didn’t make it to the top with the other new phones. It is in the scroll bar at the bottom

  • Evans

    Just called rogers and they said they do not have it yet..

    • Clockwork

      I just called Rogers Customer Service.
      Got it and it’s being sent to me.

  • choy

    Great phone! Wait, Rogers? No thanks!

    • KATHY

      This phone is a BIG MISTAKE. Rogers have not been any help i this situation. Custoner service has really let me down.

  • Dennis Forbes

    It is disappointing if this isn’t the “Tegra 2 3D”. The standard Tegra 2 is old and has terrible video codec support.

  • ejmears

    Just picked up……HOT and totally worth the wait

  • Max

    If I buy this phone from Rogers, will it work on the Telus network?

    • Jesser

      it can work on telus but only if you pay for an unlock code and unlock it so it isn’t tied to rogers. if you aren’t attached to the actual keyboard look at the S2X from telus or the HTC amaze. both really nice phones

  • Jer

    Same, I think this is way better and overall more practical then the Huge a*s Galaxy Nexus.

    I would actually buy this if it worked on Mobi-Wind.

    4” screens is the perfect size.

  • Mike

    Pretty sloppy report. Actual specs are:
    1.3 Megapixel Front Facing Camera not 1.2
    720p Video recording, not 1080p
    1.0GHz Dual-Core processor, not 1.2GHz