Here’s the complete pricing for the upcoming Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Glide


  • Barry


  • TriedItandLikedIt

    Looks awesome, def. In the running for what phone I will pick up.

  • Dylan K

    Was considering waiting for this phone for a long time but the RAZR amazed me XD. A Mid-High end Android with a full keyboard? Count me in!

  • Sean

    Other then the Droid line up this seems like the only real effort into a QWERT high end phone (I know Desire Z but that’s not high end)

  • toaster

    Does the Glide have Samsung’s proprietary Exynos processor? I’m assuming it does because of the clock speed. If so, ironically it’s more powerful than the LTE Galaxy S II. 😀 That SoC is just incredible. I’m excited for this and can’t wait to check it out, between this and the Galaxy Nexus…

    • leobg

      If it is like the AT&T Glide, it would be a Tegra2 chip. Interestingly though, AT&T’s is repordedly 1GHz, not 1.2GHz. But I still doubt it will be the Exynos..

    • toaster

      I was thinking that as well. I didn’t know that the Tegra 2 could be overclocked stable to 1.2GHz, hence my comment, nor could it support 1080p video capture. It’s not like Samsung to use Qualcomm’s MSM8x60 processor either, which is native 1.2GHz. It may be an OMAP 4340 but again, not like Samsung, although that would be a sign that it would get ICS. The only alternative is the Exynos.

      However, I’m willing to bet the stated clock speed is a clerical error, much like how Rogers reported the LTE SGS2 to have a 1.2GHz processor until a month before it’s release when it was bumped up to 1.5.

  • leobg

    Only if screen was AMOLED PLUS! (not regular AMOLED no plus one)… Other than that, seems not that bad. Keyboard could be better though (I am spoiled from Motorola XT860’s near perfect qwerty).

  • Marc

    Super AMOLED is good enough in this case because the screens smaller, therefore the resolution will be better than the SG2LTE. I might consider this because i’m a heavy texter 🙂 this or the SG2LTE, ill have to try both

    • bob

      just hold the SG2LTE farther away from your eyes if you want to increase the perceived resolution…

  • Noah

    I don’t want anything that’ll remind me of my LG Rumor

  • ant6n

    Well, what will the 45$ monthly fee get you on Rogers?

  • mike

    Can anyone explain why it says device price is 549.99 but no term is 499.99? Thanks

    • crimsona

      Likely no term in their case requires activation and one month’s service, versus $549 for no activation, outright purchase?

      Just a guess

  • Ion

    yesssssssssssssss, now we wait for the reviews and those of us waiting for a new phone can decide. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for being awesome Mobilesyrup

  • keiYUI

    Or it’s a typo and we should all save this image, go to Rogers and get the phone for $50.00 less 🙂

  • MC

    I just went to a Rogers store today and I browsed their holiday flyer… This was on their list already!!!

    • lola

      i would like to see a picture of this flyer …please…i can then post it on ATT forum and point out lack of information on their version of this phone

  • saffant


    The Atrix, which sports a Tegra 2 SOC, is capable of 1080p recording.

  • xraycat

    The Motorola Milestone XT860 (Droid 3) has a better keyboard and better resolution. Would there be a reason to pick the S Glide over the XT860?

    • Ion

      An excellent question. rogers doesn’t not have the new Droids -aside from RAZR- and I don’t want to shell out tons more $$$ I don’t have so Glide it is