RIM invested $1.4 billion on R&D in 2010, leads all Canadian companies


  • Really?

    If that’s true, they need another $10 Billion MORE!

    1.4B and they can’t release a native app for the playbook in 2011?

    1.4B and they release a Porsche 9900?

    1.4B and they have no new products for the holidays??

    1.4B and They can’t produce QNX and change it to BBX?

    1.4B and they (not us) have to wait for Feb 2012?? Call me naive but I would be MAD if I invested that $$ and get those results…. RIM stock at $19.2 and dropping!
    That number is from 2010, maybe they invested $500 in 2011, hence the slow results.

    RIM ran out of “good things” to write about to feed the press and its digging into 2010 numbers to keep the stock from drilling a hole in the floor.

  • nauman

    While I agree with a lot of your points.

    They bought QNX and within a year got an OS out that has its flaws but is very stable.

    They underestimated how hard it would be to tie in new software with old software. They can give you native email for the PlayBook but it has to be as integrated and secure as their other solutions. So that is not an easy feat. But still they hyped everyone up just to let them down.

    They definitely need the QNX BB to drop at BB world in May and release shortly thereafter. There are no and ifs or butts about it. If they don’t have it ready by then, its all over.

  • kenypowa

    What RIM needs is new management. Without new vision, all these R&D might as well be wasted.

  • Woot

    Then where the f**k are the good results? Fire the enginers!

    • RandD

      Maybe the Engineers had Playbooks and are waiting for the email app to start sending emails to each other??

  • RandD

    You nailed it: “There are no ifs or buts…” they spent $1.4B in 2010 and some more in 2011 and the bottom line is: They can’t make people/corporations/governments to want their products. That is a poor Return on Investment. No other CEO(s) could survive this, and with ZERO Accountability. its hard to believe that they can’t replace them. The rest of the top management is jumping ship and the media just stopped publishing their PR spins. Stock at $18 and dropping and who knows what will be on Dec 15 (Q3 Earnings release) at this rate they could be under $10 by the end of the year:BBX or not, Playbook or not, R&D or not!

    • RealDeal83

      The stock price cannot drop below $10, their patent portfolio is worth at least $10/share, so unless they start taking on huge debt I can’t see how a sub-$10 stock price is possible.

  • RandD

    Time for the official Tshirt:
    “I spent 1.4B in R&D and all I got is a Playbook”
    “I spent 1.4B in R&D and all I got is a white 9360”
    “I spent 1.4B in R&D and all I got is a Porsche 9900”
    “I spent 1.4B in R&D and I can’t play Angry Birds”
    “I spent 1.4B in R&D and all I give you $100 in apps”
    ..And my Fav:

    “I spent 1.4B in R&D and I can’t change my CEO’s”
    Stock at $18.7 and Market Cap at 9.8B Ouch!!


    And they have nothing to show for it…

  • ELNY

    Can this company just die already pls? This is like watching a drug addict slowly ruin their life when you already know what the outcome will be.

  • ghost

    i really get the feeling that rim will go down in history as that great example of a company that got too comfortable, didnt innovate and change direction, and then tanked miserably

    i can totally see textbooks in the future books having rim in those sections where it has those little company profiles/real world examples about big company that failed and things to learn from them

  • F ELNY

    ^ They put more money into the economy via R&D than the next two combined, yet you want it to die? Eff off you t**t

  • Kman

    Gotta agree that it’s time for a leadership change. But at least we don’t hear about B running around spending a lot of effort trying to buy NHL teams anymore.

  • GMan

    Money well spent. /sarcasm

  • Kendo master

    Into what exactly… the PORSCHE?!

  • Peters~

    spend all you want on R&D. Means nothing if your products stink big! Go ahead throw away more money. I didn’t think much of RIM and I didn’t think much of Nortel as well. Glad I didn’t buy even one share in Nortel…..besides the point, this article means nothing.

  • hurrdurr

    Hmm is Apple put in half as much as this in their own products maybe the battery would last longer then 2 minutes