BBM Music officially launching today, available in BlackBerry App World


  • jb

    Very cool app. Blackberry is turning a corner.

  • jb

    Very nice app, blackberry is turning a corner.

  • Voice of Reason

    More like turning around and going backwards.

  • HAHA


  • thegeekpost

    does anyone really even care anymore what these guys release?

    • Terry


      I’m sure you do too so you can line up to make no so original comments about them.

  • JustMeAndMe

    Another desperate project destined to fail. Anyone want to bet how soon?

  • ELNY

    Ok….so what exactly is the point of this useless app? I see it as a way to squeeze some money out of the poor souls that are still stuck in the stone ages with their blackberry.

  • ggal

    @ elny i dont understand how they are squeezing money.. if its a paid app its ur choice to buy it not.. and beside if ur talking about squeezing money, that should be apple they have ipad, itouch, iphone, and diferent series in each have little upgrades…

  • Guest

    Any business-model that “necessitates that you make as many friends as possible” is absurd…