Confirmed: TELUS to release the all-touch BlackBerry Curve 9380


  • Ryan

    So what’s the difference between this and the Torch 9850/60? I’m so confused by the BlackBerry branding – I thought all-touch devices were supposed to be Torches now (previously Storms), and the other Curves don’t have touch at all.

    • saffant

      Think this is smaller and has a far worse “high” resolution. Also, the screen size and proc. speed are different.

      I think the curves are a more “youth-friendly” device ie more portable and possibly cheaper. I could be wrong tho.

    • Simon Sage

      From what I’ve understood from RIM, they’re branding based on pricing tiers now. Curve is entry-level, Torch is mid-upper, Bold is top tier. Who knows where that leaves the Pearl brand.

  • Kendo master

    Telus is becoming more and more irrelevant each day.

  • Kendo master

    Whoops, meant to say BlackBerry. Sorry Telus :O

  • Hooray

    Blackberry? What is this ?

  • TimeSend

    Yeah you’re right saffant,the curve has always been seen as an entry level phone to smartphone users especially the with the younger people, but regardless the Bold still pulls through in regards choosing between Bold and the Curve

  • Sean

    Ohhh a high resolution display what is it qHD, HD? Ohh 360×480 that’s about the resolution of the iPhone very high resolution. Oh wait apple implemented a new display that is 4x the resolution, and android phones are at leasr 480×800 ven on some budget devices… guess this isn’t very high resolution after all

  • anon

    Blackberry seems to be offering customers the option to go with an all touch phone, customers that do not give a rats a*s about BBX. Perhaps the last Hoorah! before RIM’s new line of products. On a side note, that is a waste of R&D moolah, this output clearly cuts into the bottom line of RIM’s financial stability and market share.

  • Spear

    looks like a nice entry touch screen phone to compete with budget androids.

  • mad1982

    nice done