WIND and Mobilicity both release the BlackBerry Curve 9360


  • Alex Perrier

    WIND probably released it today instead of tomorrow because Mobilicity released it today. Vidéotron is really behind. Their 9900 just came out today! But they have a TV option. 😐

  • choy

    Nobody is more behind than Fido. Rogers is screwing their sub-brand that people actually like more than their own brand.

    How will the WindTab+ work here? Is it still 10% of your monthly bill? Which means you need to rack up $100 a month to pay for this in 3 years?

    • Alex Perrier

      The WINDtab+ is kind of like combining the 3-year contract and the SuperTab contract into one. If the account is in good standing for 36 consecutive months, then at that point, the entire tab+ balance is cleared off. If you leave before then, you pay the non-subsidized portion of the phone cost.

    • Dave

      Are you born stupid or just pretend to be an i***t?

    • guyguy

      after 3 years wind pays off whatever is left on your tab as long as youkeep your account in good standing, so you could still get away with paying only $274 for a $560 phone. Which is less than half the cost of the phone, for those who are keeping count.

    • A. Carmine

      After 3 years your tab goes to zero, even if you haven’t paid off the device.

  • keiYUI

    $40 cheaper with moblicity.. Unlock for $15 – $20 you save yourself $20

    Is it worth it? You be the judge!

    • Al

      what about isn’t that free unlocking?

  • Tony

    As usual wind charges more to subsidy the tab, a big three move.

    • Terry

      I’m assuming you know how much this phone costs AT COST for carriers to purchase then?
      And that you have proof Wind is selling it at a profit and Mobiliticy is selling it at cost or at a loss..

    • chall2k5

      actually, $350 is the MSRP…..Mobi is offering it cheaper, because they are desperate for new subs….so Dave can secure more $ for 700Mhz auction….Wind already has theirs

    • chall2k5

      but after 3 months you pay $15 more per month (since mobi dont include BIS with any Data plans…) so if you plan on stay7ing with Wind, its cheaper in the long run

  • roman129

    Of all publications, I expected you were aware that competition in Canada is far from fierce.

    • cellcon

      true in general, but the competition amongst the new guys is pretty fierce. Wind and mobilicity have been bending over backwards to take new customers away from eachother.

      Unfortunately it’s a tactic that serves the main 3 telcos well. Once the new entrants canibalise eachother then there will be less competition in the long run

  • johnneh

    well wind isnt doing anything to compete with mobi anymore, they used to, but the subs for wind are higher and act per month are higher too, every time i pass by a wind kiosk (in ottawa) i see like 4-5 phones out being sold while mobi is dead more or less 90% of the time.

  • yeaaaaaa

    Why do people sub to wind so much? Is it because the tab? I am looking for a new carrier and my contract is finishing up also because rogers so so so so f’d up. I heard mobilicity isint so bad but did not hear much about wind. Any valid suggestions?

    Thank You

    • Jim Shorts

      It all depends on your area/city. Generally, WIND better coverage and Mob better quality (WIND quality is decent). It is more frustrating to be out of range than to have decent quality thus the shift to WIND.

    • doug

      id go with telus i never looked into wind mobilcity because they dont cover my province and telus is the most reasonable out of the big 3 but they dont have the largest selection of phone

  • hugh

    @yeaaaaaa Your better off going with KOODO mobile, Koodo has the best Canada Wide calling, and no long distance or roaming charges all across Canada. Wind sucks cause your stuck in a very very small zone, and their network isn’t that great yet. They have lots of dropped calls, low signal or no signal inside of buildings, slow data..Koodo is the best out of all cellphone companies In my opinion.