Rogers will give you a free Galaxy Tab 10.1 when you sign up 2 new lines, promo starts November 8th

Rogers is getting ready to announce a new couples/family plan promo. We mentioned this a few days ago but the doc is now above and it starts on November 8th. The details are that when you activate 2 new lines on either a couples plan or a family voice & data plan Rogers will throw in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for free. In addition, when you activate the tablet on a 1-year term with a $20/month data flex plan, Rogers will up the deal by giving you 2-months free service plus waive the activation fee. The promo is also good for those who just activate 1 new line, but then the Tab 10.1 will cost you $149.99 (which is still a solid deal). In total we’re hearing there are about 30,000 Tabs set aside for this offer.

Source: TechnoBuffalo