Rogers starts shipping “a very limited number” of Samsung Galaxy S II LTE to customers

In the race for LTE dominance, Rogers has once again claimed to be the first in Canada to launch a product. Keeping up with the trend, they were first to launch LTE and data sticks, first to launch a tablet (HTC Jetstream), and now first to ship the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE. The keyword is ship as this is not currently available in stores or online. Rogers has received “a very limited number” of devices which they have started shipping to the customers who pre-ordered through their online Reservation system. John Boynton, Rogers EVP and CMO, stated that “more than a thousand people have signed up for it and we look forward to fulfilling all of their orders in the coming days”.

We posted the price points a few weeks ago, the GSII LTE will run you between $199.99 on a 3-year to $649.99 no-term. In addition, Rogers also has a 10GB data plan for $50/month. Rogers also noted in their company blog that they’ll start shipping the remainder of the Galaxy S II LTE pre-order list “as early as next week”.

(The above pic is Brian, he’s was the first one in Canada to get his hands on the GSII LTE)

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