Complete pricing of Rogers upcoming LTE devices (Jetstream, Galaxy S II)


  • Dimitri K.

    Not going to lie but the HTC Jetstream is way expensive just to buy it outright. I will just wait & find it for cheaper. Not going to spend almost $849 with taxes just for a tablet..

    No one in the right mind would spend that much for a tablet unless they want to show off & or have the money to do so. The average Joe would not spend that kinda money just for a LTE version.

    • Sean

      Agreed for the price of a jetsream you can buy two transformers. As awesome as it is it has no development community and is way overpriced

  • JG

    Do you have to subscribe to an LTE plan in order to get the Galaxy S2 LTE? even though the phone supports the other bands

    • Adam

      According to Rogers redboard, no. You can buy the phone outright, and I’m not sure if regular HSPA plans can get you the 3-year discount, but I’d imagine they will.

    • JG

      Thanks Adam…best to inquire with Rogers obviously then

    • Raj

      I don’t personally have an Android phone but an arniodd phone is a phone made by a company (common ones are HTC, Motorola, etc.) but they run Google’s mobile phone operating system, which is called Android. It depends. The Android phones have a big connection to Google, so if you use google applications (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Reader, etc.) then it would probably be good for you but if you don’t use Gmail or other google products, and you don’t want to, then you might not want to. I believe they are classified as smartphones so they are pretty advanced so if you just want a simple phone that’s easy to use for just calling and text messaging, then it probably isn’t the phone for you. Go to a store and test them out to see how you like them in comparison to other phones. The good thing about arniodd phones is that there are many different phones running the operating system with different features so you will most likely find one that you like. Good luck with your search!

  • dbzero

    Wow. Big upfront cost and then a car payment sized monthly bill. I will pass!

  • Adam

    One thing I”m curious about is will the SGSII have compatability for LTE700?

    Verizon uses 700, AT&T is rolling out AWS and 700, Rogers will eventually be using 700 as well. Will these devices be obsolete once the 700 becomes the norm, or is there compatability?

  • Abe

    i just want to know when the GS2 is comin out, either that or the GS Slide.

    • Ion

      @Abe, If the GS2 LTE is this pricey I imagine the new nexus phone might not be that far off with it’s massive screen. 4inch GSii with keyboard coming out soon? yes please

  • WirelessBoy

    Still waiting for the Hoarding comments from the Wind fanboys…it looks like Rogers is going to be using the AWS spectrum they bought for their LTE offering after all.

    Nice phones, a bit pricey but I would love to try out that Galaxy S II on the LTE network.

  • Chittral

    It would be nice to have a $20 unlimited data plan for your tablet.

  • Big 3

    even if you were using lte device on the rogers network, im guessing most of the time ull end up using their gsm network.

    btw, wuts their frequency for rogers and bell lte network? is lte still using 3g frequencies or is it really 4g?

    • bob

      Rogers has 3 networks:

      GSM (with EDGE for faster data) 850 and 1900 MHz
      UMTS (with HSPA+ for faster data) 850 and 1900 MHz
      LTE 1700 MHz (and I bet in the future 700 MHz)

      It’s not because UMTS and GSM are on the same bands that they are the same network. They could have deployed LTE on the 850 and 1900 MHz bands if they wanted too, but it’s probably too crowded already.

  • MikeMike

    when would i ever use LTE speeds?… i can wait the extra second or two for my stuff to load

  • Bum Phillips

    I have a 7″ LTE in my pants

  • OMG Ponies!

    WTF!? $800???? $500 on a 3 year contract!?!?!? You can go to hell in a hand-basket Rogers

  • Big Red Angry Bird

    @OMG Ponies! : The same tablet is $850 in the US no contract. It’s actually cheaper in Canada. Don’t blame Rogers on this one.

  • replaytonews

    I like this pricing.

  • Jay Jay

    Really, the HTC scribe pen is sold separately? For $799, it should come personally engraved

  • patrickm

    I just don’t understand how rogers bell and telus can have such a big mark up in tablet price $645 for Samsung and $799 for htc that’s crazy you can buy a galaxy 10.1 from future shop or best buy for 499 I love htc products but 800 for a tablet never

  • Tommy

    Damn, I better take out a second mortgage, stat!

  • muchski

    Wtf gs2 550 on two Year? My contract is up in December I might as well buy HTC amaze from T-Mobile outright and pay under thiety unlimited everything and still be ahead!

  • Jay Jay

    Does anyone know if the Jetstream will have the ability to turn into a WiFi hotspot? I know the AT&T version does not and am hoping Rogers won’t block this feature

  • Toysandme

    Three-year contracts have to become illegal in Canada.

  • Jusfin

    I just want to know when galaxy s2 is coming out because the iPhone 4S is just stupid.

  • Justin

    The htc jet stream lte wasn’t released yesterday like u said it would be-___- d i s s a p o i n t m e n t