Siri, does the iPhone 4S keep up with a $3000 Canon 5D Mark II? Answer points to yes

A lot of phones have made claim to the fact that their video quality is better than previous generations. Some even extol the virtues of their output by encouraging you to leave behind your point-and-shoot.

The iPhone 4S, however, has gone one step further: being compared to the high-end Canon 5D Mark II, in video quality anyway. A new video released by Robino Films attempts to make the comparison as fair as possible. He rigged together a contraption to seat the camera and the iPhone side-by-side, and walked around in both low- and high-light areas to see what each lens could produce. While the sheer variety of physical filters, lenses and settings will never match the Canon, the iPhone fares pretty darn well under normal circumstances. We see some distortion when capturing LCD billboards, and other than a bit of softness in the background the iPhone is nye indistinguishable from the $3000 monster.

What do you think of the results?

Source: TheNextWeb

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