Rogers releasing the Motorola RAZR “in time for the holidays”, $149.99 on a 3-year


  • Brendon

    Looks awesome, but I don’t like how motorola updates their phones

    • Tharan

      Agreed, also would like to know if it will have an unlocked bootloader. Don’t know why this isn’t coming with Ice Cream though because it will have been released by then. I don’t trust you, Motorola.

    • Tim

      Now that they are owned by Google the updates should be the best in the business.

    • bob

      Motorola always update its high end phones:
      Droid 1/2/3/X

      They do not update their crappy phones such as:

      So it’s easy to tell when you buy if the phone will be updated. This one will be.

  • jonh_10

    Good it’s going to Rogers..
    I guess Prime will be coming to Bell Now..

    • Gab

      yes, but if it was like the nexus S, it will be unlocked.

    • lulz

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Galaxy Nexus went the all carrier root. They did it with the Nexus S but that’s just what I think so don’t hold me to it.

  • Gab

    no one will want this… no ice cream 🙁

    Unless this is a lot cheaper…

    I guess it was the bullet proof kevlar that saved the couple of mm’s. I bet they didn’t measure the thickness of the bump at the top though…

  • EmperumanV

    Funny how Mr. Jha made few comments saying that the phone is faster than the 4S in terms of photos or something like that.

  • Eddy

    I didn’t expect Rogers to be getting this phone. Now it’s between this and the Galaxy Nexus.

  • seant

    I wonder if it is thick enough to stop a bullet? Oh well, moto has burned me on updates in the past, going samsung, ice cream or x?? hmmmmm.

  • Rimm


    this device is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!! (in a good way)


    (picks jaw off the floor)

  • Lobe D.A.

    Not Dual Core?? hmm what about my front camera?? where is it?,,, I had high hopes, I hope this ain’t all of it..

    • Lobe D.A.

      Nevermind,.. went to website, it looks awesome, Im getting this then

    • Rimm

      yes. it is dual core.

    • Brad

      Its dual core AND has a 720p front facing camera…

  • Gab

    This is just the answer to anyone who wants a dual core android not from bell.

  • Alex Davies

    Sadly the RAZR is NOT LTE in Canada – just LTE on Verizon’s CDMA/LTE network. Probably something to do with the a chipset with HSPA/LTE not being available for this phone yet.

    • emma

      I am glad this is not LTE, the coverage is too limited at the moment and is probably spotty!

  • Alex

    Right now, no Android phone should be released without ICE. Why would someone want 2.3 when you can have the Nexus Prime!

  • leobg

    Huh Rogers!? I least expected that! pre-order button doesn’t really do anything beside pointing non-functional (yet) link on Rogers site. Hope it is LTE for Rogers too!! Can’t seem to see specs anywhere. Some screenshots have “H+” ohters “4G LTE”…

    • Alex Davies

      Not it is NOT LTE in Canada. This has been confirmed by Canadian journalists at the event

    • Gab

      its funny. I expected this to come to rogers because most of the colors where red in the teaser image. I can feel the atrix being bell because the background they used was blue for most atrix pictures…

  • Therm0

    They’re also releasing a new lapdock called the Lapdock 100 for this phone (see moto’s website, click on accessories for the RAZR) as well as something called a Smart Controller. Interesting!

  • kenypowa

    Motorola makes the best smartphone, at least for the next 9 hours.

  • Corks

    Why can’t Telus do anything right….

  • Lightningrod

    I have a bad feeling about this..I’m on on Rogers and watched as they screwed up and didn’t get any decent phones while Bell got the good dual cores. Now with Rogers announcing this phone I wonder if it means they’re passing on the nexus (the phone everyone is looking forward to) the same way they passed on the galaxy sII at launch in favour of the Infuse nobody really wanted. I really hope I’m wrong…..

  • Rio

    But what is the thickness of the bump at the top?

  • Joe

    does it work with mobilicity?

  • Josh15

    The reason it was on bell/virgin first was because bell fought hard for exclusivity rights for the first 3 months…. Rogers didnt want the infuse. no one wants that s**t phone.. they just needed to tie customers over til the rights ended. im sure rogers will continue to get a decent line up for sure. And im almost positive they will get the nexus

  • Han

    World’s thinnest phone? Sadly, I’m guessing it’s at the expense of battery life. All of the new BB’s are thinner, but battery life is now atrocious.

    • aka

      According to their press conference this morning that you seemed to have over looked, they announced a comparison between HTC Thunderbolt (9.2 hrs talk, 6.3 hrs video), Droid Charge (6.5 hrs talk, 7.5 hrs video), and Droid Razr (12.5 hrs talk, 8.9 hrs video).

  • James

    Love it , great it will be on the ROGERS network we get to use more features . Cant wait to get his in my hands. In a related news WIND announced they will be releasing the original moto razr 2004 model . Reality sucks to be a Wind customer. You can start dislike button.

  • SharpTrungler

    The verizon version has a locked boot loader, so if the rogers one does too … not worth buying at all.

  • Mark

    Rogers? *Sigh*

  • Dan

    Anybody found out what kind of processor they are using? I don’t follow Moto phones that often (this one is amazing though). I’m just interested in seeing whether they have a Cortex A8 or A9? The current gen Snapdragons just don’t compare to the Exynos or OMAP4s

  • Bo Hica

    Just a reminder, Motorola did not update their operating system on these two devices XT720 and XT300, when, during their marketing and sell through, they kept implying to everyone that they were upgrading the software and keeping it current.
    They didn’t.
    So, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
    No thank you Motorola, keep trying…but not a customer any more…

  • Mark

    3 yr iPhone 3G user. LOVED it. 4S MAJOR disappointment. Former RAZR/Motorola fan. Now returning to the fold. This phone has great stats and looks awesome. Waited 3yrs for Motorola to get back in the game. Worth the wait.

    • NoMail

      I was waiting for someone to smack talk the iphone even tho this story has nothing to do with Apple.

  • Adi

    I repeat : how in the world is this the thinnest phone in the world with that huge hump ??! Are you all drinking the motocoolaid ??


    • emma

      no where have they claimed that this is the “thinnest phone in the world”. they are just promoting that it is really really thin. learn to read

  • Shawn B

    Looks like Rogers will have it for $149.99 on a 3 Year term.

    • emma

      where did you find that out?

  • Berto

    Sweet! Second on the list for pre-order! Woot! Loved the Razr before and looks like Motorola may have nailed the nostalgia factor with this one. Here’s hoping that the CyanogenMOD team goes to town with this once it’s released!

  • T1MB1T

    OK! why is it not coming to WIND?! How much did rogers bribe them not to make a AWS version?! I think we should all write the prime minister and have him shut them all down! I m tired of Rogers BLOCKING the Wind signal! yes they are! Tony said it today that he knows for a fact that wind is bloking the signal. he said he can hold his blackberry from rogers and it has way more signal and that PROVES it!

  • Matt

    This is probably the first good phone I hve seen Rogers crry. Too bad its with Rogers. Theyre probbly the worst of the big three.

    • T1MB1T

      Matt they are the devil! They are BLOCKING winds signal! I know it for a fact! They should be shut down! Fire them all! Wind all the way!

  • Edward

    Neat phone OK, but “Thinnest” at 7.1mm? Maybe this year, but not in July 2007. At 5.91mm, for 4 years the Samsung Ultra Edition II SGH-U100 in my pocket has always been thinner. No typo. You can look it up. Of course mine doesn’t sing dance and do many tricks it’s just a phone.