“The coolest Samsung smartphone will be coming to Canada soon”, we’re thinking it’s the Galaxy Nexus


  • nick

    Mmmm…. ice cream…

  • Stuntman

    I’m looking forward to this announcement even though I likely will not be getting this phone. My current one is serving me well and will probably do so for the next year at least.

  • W B

    I LOVE my Nexus S. But I have to admit, I can’t help but want the Nexus Prime when it is out.

    • Zubair

      On the same boat as you.

  • John

    Well…mobile city has a pre-order for a 1700 AWS variant of the galaxy nexus…so maybe videotron, Wind, Moblicity???

  • the_spaniard

    I am thinking that I will most definitely be getting this phone if it works on Wind. Which I am sure it will!! 🙂

  • AverageK

    I’ve been waiting forever for this phone! Wonder what networks it’ll work on, as I’m looking into severing all connections with Rogers, even if it means paying full price for this beast of a phone!

  • oOBubbles21

    Ugh!! How soon is soon?? Before christmas soon?? I almost bought the Nexus S before I heard about ‘the better phone’ so I’ve been patiently waiting… kinda

    • bummy

      I think this phone is scheduled to release on first week of November.

  • David

    No matter what kind of great products Google/Samsung puts out, they still don’t get fan boys like Apple. Its absurd how a phone with no design overhaul can sell 4 million units in less than a week.

    • Somebody

      david: they may sell a bunch at release date, but they won’t sell any more for the rest of the year. Android phones are destroying apple at a rate of about 3.5:1.

  • EmperumanV

    Mmm hello to Ice Cream Sandwich/Nexus Prime and goodbye to Siri and the iPhone 4S 🙂

  • Abe

    this is excellent news, theres rumours saying that Verizon in the states is getting it November the 10th, i hope we see it here around the same time. This is my next phone if it comes out before christmas.

  • markonparade

    I’m waiting for this to come out so I can get rid of my T-Mobile locked Nexus S -_- Mobilicity did not do it justice and Fido has no 3G for it!

  • ELNY

    You know, for a country that has the best economy on the planet, where the population, although small for its vast size, craves new tech and will easily adopt it, all of these companies have it completely wrong releasing phones a few weeks/months after it comes out in the poorer countries like USA and most of Europe. If anything, it should be Canada-> Europe -> USA.

    We all know Japan/Asia is in a league of its own, hence why I did not mention them.

    • Anthony

      lol…. US has about 10 times our population and Europe has about 30 times our population. Even if our economy is better, the amount of people using smartphones in either region is probably greater than our entire population. Why in the world would anyone ship ANYTHING in Canada before US and Europe?

    • Somebody

      ELNY: You really think that CANADA has the best economy on the planet? Wow. Funny. Canada’s economy is DWARFED by the US, even when the US is at its ABSOLUTE LOWEST.

      A little hint: look up the term “PER CAPITA”, and then look up the populations of the US and of CANADA.

    • gavins

      Canada is laggered when it come to adoption of new tech. everybody know this, we are behind constantly behind the curve.

  • Jota Efe

    I can’t wait to see how HTC responds to this device — one thing about the Android phone ecosystem, it encourages healthy competition!

  • Studystand

    The SGSII killer

  • AS

    I hope it’s the samsung note.

  • Phyxius


  • Alex

    The coolest Samsung phone.. pretty much like the best-selling Zune, dosen’t mean much.

    • Dan

      Sure it does. It means a device that’s going to be the benchmark for a smartphone should be until the Galaxy SIII comes out.

      But I’m guessing you are of the camp that likes buying a device released a few days ago that doesn’t come close to the SGS2 released 6 months ago.
      Enjoy your purchase, but leave real smartphones to the rest of us.

    • bob

      This phone will probably have the best display out there but I am not sure it will be the fastest. The SGS2 might still have a better SoC, especially on the GPU part. Some rumours talk about a 1.2 GHz TI OMAP with SGX540.

    • Somebody

      Dan: I wouldn’t go quite *THAT* far. IMO, the “nexus” phones have all been severely lacking. Specifically, a KEYBOARD. Tactile feedback works wonders, something you can never get on a VK.

  • Dino

    *Crosses fingers* Not Bell not Bell not Bell not Bell not Bell

    • Bossman74

      Sorry to disappoint you, but model GT-I9250M is a Bell phone model, like the GT-I9000M (Galaxy S) and GT-I9100M (Galaxy S2) before.

      Hey, just unlock it for free (ain’t android great?) and use it on your carrier of choice.

    • Andy

      But Nexus phones are already unlocked… unless you’re looking to sign a 3 year contract…

  • bob

    Given that previous Nexus devices arrived in Canada 6-9 months late this is very good news.

  • Billa

    where is the link to watch this show live ?

  • Nick

    Please Rogers… I will pay the hardware upgrade penalty on my aging Xperia to get this phone.

    • Somebody

      Why would you give ROBBERS even one thin time? There are much better options. Time for you to start looking for a new carrier (hint: not belus…. they’re also evil)

  • Nick

    debating selling my SGS2 and covering the difference..

  • trini

    Yessssss!!! Almost here in can taste the ics goodness!

  • John

    If I was Samsung. I’d release the galaxy nexus first with carriers who do not currently offer the SGS2 that way to minimize undercutting your own sales. That would mean maybe
    verizon in the US and canadian carriers other than the big 3… just my hunch.

  • Jon

    This phone better have all the bands we use in Canada. 850/1700/1900 + or bust!

  • kman

    I’ve been debating if I should swap out my bberry 9800 (replaced my SG Vibrant… what was I thinking????) for a 9900, but am holding off to see this phone. My only reservations would be 1) battery life and 2) size (is 4.5inch too big?). I sure like the idea of getting updates when they come out as opposed to 6+ months later.

  • Stu

    my 3 year contract with rogers is up november 11th – this couldn’t have come at a better time! i’m never going back to apple hardware on a contract again… my iPhone 3G has been all but bricked by the iOS updates for the newer generation devices.

    hello ice cream sandwich, get in my belly!

  • Cody

    I think I Will miss the 4 android buttons when they get phased out…. Actually I don’t think, I know I will.

  • Chris

    If Samsung was smart, they should make a push to get this to all the Canadian carriers at the same time, before the holidays. I’ve been waiting for the SGS2X rumoured to come out Wednesday with Telus, but if the prime comes out soon I’d hold for that.

  • JL

    Wonder if real edible Ice Cream Sandwich (the food) will sell even 4 million in a weekend.. Although I like both the OS and the real snack 🙂

  • max

    Just hoping it will be available for all Canadian carriers like Nexus S.

  • Phili

    *fingers crossed* TELUS PLEASE!!

  • baconeater

    Be interesting to see what chip sets are in this phone. Imagine what they’d have to put in this phone if they wanted to get high quadrant scores with a 720p screen?

  • Slype

    Things are looking up for the new entrants if this is announced for them (and released within an adequate timeframe). With the ability to use the SGII-Hercules/X and this phone, there are finally some really good choices for people to move over. The new entrants need the iPhone to be compatible with their networks. The apple fanatics may care more about aesthetics but they do have big numbers so if you can tap into them for their blind loyalty and willingness to buy any phone put out by Apple, that spells out good things for the profit margins.

  • Mike

    Please Rogers get this phone! I’m fed up waiting for the SGII LTE, I want the nexus prime now.

  • Tannis

    FIDO has the Nexus S…fingers and toes crossed that they, too will have this phone!

  • Nil

    David, Apple is a cult. They are unimaginative, and uneducated with regards to tech.

    I praised the lord the day my dad came to me with his iphone after watching me do laps around him with my N1 and told me to get rid of it and get him a real phone. Wait till he gets the prime in his stocking!!

  • when_i_was_18

    @ Anthony
    An estimated population of Europe for 2009 is 852.4 million.
    For 2009 USA was ~307 million.
    Canada was ~33.7 million.

    So, the US population is ~10x the Canadian population, and the population of Europe is ~2.7x The population of the US.

  • michael

    4.65″ screen size.

    You guys like that ?

    Damned huge if you ask me.

    • Emre

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  • Yves

    Telsu Cariier have make this phone pre order october 27 , the rumor say at 3004 on 2 year contract , make to me a good sources!

  • mike

    Was there any mention of it coming to Canada!

  • Dotdoug

    Can’t wait to see this phone here in Canada. Anyone have an idea what it will sell for?

  • Marc

    But what about the curved screen in a pocket? Is is going to bend under lets say table corner pressure? That’s what I fear…

  • Michael

    Here’s to hoping it will be on Koodo by late November/Early December; even though it’ll be hard to part with my beloved Nexus S!
    The deciding factor to upgrade will probably be based on just how well ICS will work on my Nexus S – fingers crossed!

  • ruddias

    I cant believe it will be $845 outright! 🙁 a little steep for me. maybe ill wait for other ice cream sandwhichs..

  • StarTAC

    Where did you get $845?

  • harry paul

    I will like to purchase your item,what is the condition of the item?