“GT-I9250M” Nexus Prime found in Wi-Fi Alliance Database, possibly heading to Canada


  • Sean

    Normally is there any Difference between the normal model and the M model ?

    • labrat

      The Nexus S had a different model number for Canada and AT&T. GT-I9020T – T-Mo frequency (Probably the one for Videotron)
      Model: GT-I9020A – ATT and Bell-Telus-Rogers

      There could be different versions with and without LTE for Canadian and ATT frequencies. Also some early rumors stated that there might be some versions with keyboards…

      We’ll see soon enough

  • Suhail

    IF this is true, I can’t wait. Been looking for a phone to replace this BlackBerry. Hope rogers has this.

  • Randy

    I believe both the previous “M” phones went to Bell.

  • Andy

    the m models generally denote North American bands. The last couple have included two north American bands and may or may not include any Asian hspa bands

  • Matt

    I hope I can pick up one of these babies before December.

  • Nitin

    Can’t wait! Time to replace the Galaxy S and this couldn’t be a better phone to replace it with, what does the M stand for though?

    • Nitin

      Never mind about the M. just checked android police site and

      “The “M” at the end of “GT-I9250M” means that this version is destined for Canada, just like the Canadian versions of the Galaxy S (GT-I9000M) and the Galaxy S II (I9100M).”

  • northy

    i just hope its unlocked world wide phone like my nexus one,, I want to buy it out right,,

  • Stevearino

    let’s go nexus, bring it on b4 xmas….

  • Cave Johnson

    Samsung/Google event can’t come fast enough

  • marrrio_

    this phone is obviously coming to canada. nexus one was sold in canada online through rogers, nexus s was sold in canada through carriers, nexus prime WILL be sold in canada. the question is, will it be released on the same day it’s released in the states.?? IT’S COMING TO CANADA. i hope it’s a worldwide release!!

  • ELNY

    PLEASE Samsung/Google, do a worldwide release!

  • Brad

    I hope it goes to all carriers. At least Bell.

  • BigC_13

    so excited for this, it’s definitely going to be my next phone

  • BigC_13

    If Google does a worldwide release for this… greatest Christmas present of the year.

  • Simon

    I just got off the phone with Bell, it’s upgrade time for my wife and she wants a white s2 so I thought I would see what kinda deal they could do for us. When she asked about me ( it’s upgrade time for me too) and I said that I wanted to wait to see what’s going on with the new nexus she very quickly said that the talk around there is that they are getting it in november. It’s funny cause she then started back tracking as if she was not supposed to say anything, but then brought it up again later in the conversation. Meh.

    hopefully this is true, but i would take it with a grain of salt as in my opion how would anyone at a call centre know anything about the release date for the prime.

    • Josh

      I worked for ATT call center in all departments of sales, we would get internal release docs, sometimes months ahead of time, we knew the infuse was coming well before it came out on the network, so im sure that the canadian call centres are the same so likely a november release date in canada if thats what the bell rep said is a very likely possibility.

  • Ben Dover

    Do you know if the Prime will be made available on Mobilicity or WIND?

  • Jason Elias

    It seems that bell will be getting this cause the “M” model of the GS2 is the only M Model in Canada. Just my opinion *shrugs*

  • JKL

    can’t wait! seriously

  • Terry

    Please no cheap glossy black plastic!!!

  • Nic

    What do you think of the chances virginmobile gets this phone?

  • Nitin

    Most likely if the Prime does come to Canada (looks like it will) all carriers will get it right away. Wind and Moblicity might be delayed but the big 3 will for sure get it at the same time when it does come to Canada. 2 more days until announcement can’t wait!

  • notoriouspk

    I cant tell u how i know this but my ” sources ” at rogers told me rogers is getting nexus prime in november 100% . Bell i can confirm tomorrow in da morning .

  • Mark

    Any confirmations whether the GT-i9250M will provide pentaband HSPA? thx