Update: BlackBerry PlayBook reduced to $249 at Walmart Canada, $299 at Future Shop & Best Buy


  • Sean

    Ad now it begins…

    • F.A.C.T. F.I.N.D.E.R.

      F.A.C.T: This has no native email, no calendar, no task list, no contacts, no android apps.

      You will never stop me you nerds!

    • Charlie Sheen

      Research in Motion


    • stu

      Deadberry. R.I.P.

  • bummy

    oh… temptation! ><"

    • R****M

      I bought one for $249 and returned it. Doesn’t have email, calendar, or task list.

    • Dam near killed him

      No contacts either, rectum

    • Jody Brown

      What the hell? No contacts? no email? no android apps? no calendar? no task list? the hell?! That’s like selling a car without seat belts, a horn, and no gas pedal.

      RIM #FAIL

    • zed

      So I’m curious, when QNX2.0 is released what will you pathetic trolls have to complain about? I have yet to hear a single complaint about something that can’t be fixed with a single software update.

      Really though, you guys are doing great. Exact same comments for six months now. The originality is outstanding.

  • human

    Now only if that would happen to an iPad…

  • Brayden

    No thanks, I’ll stick with my $100 HP Touchpad running Android.

  • Sean

    So …
    HP -> Best buy said their not selling many
    RIM-> Says their not selling many

    HP ->Sells touchpads at $99
    RIM->Sells playbooks at $249

    HP ->Loses billions
    RIM-> …?

    HP -> Fires CEO
    Rim-> …?

    • BBA Brian

      You i***t.. they are still making billions as a company… at least get your comparisons correct before being a tool

    • Religious zealot

      BBA Brian you are an i***t. The company is dead.

    • human

      BBA Brian, “your speech is offensive!”

  • EMD

    I’m guessing this is the WiFi only model… right?

    • Sean

      They don’t have 3G/4G models so yea

    • BlackBerry Bridge

      They don’t need a 3G / 4G model as you bridge/connect it to your cell phone when you aren’t in a WiFi area.

  • EMD

    Ah ok. I thought they made a 3G model, but I guess not. Thanks!

  • skyline510

    still too high for some people second to that developers are eager to run android on HP TP..probably 99 might consider ….

  • Clint

    Hmm…just phoned the Walmart in Vernon, BC and there is no such blow out happening there. Walmart.ca also doesn’t mention this either…not sure how this guy pulled it off. Guildford Walmart must have a store only sale?

    • Justin

      I called New Westminster store and they said Squamish and Abbotsford has it. They do have it on sale.
      I just called Guildford and they said it was a hoax. wtf. ==

  • Lucas

    I live 20 minutes away from the same store that this blackberry playbook was purchased at. I phoned them and they said they are selling it for 498$ and that this deal is bogus. =(

  • Clint

    Nothing on Walmarts website when you make Guildford town centre your home location, says anything about a price change. maybe they just tagged one wrong? cause it’s not showing up for less than $500 on the site.

    Check the source again.

  • Jamma

    You think you would check the source before tweeting or putting it on your website.

  • Sean

    @BBA Brian
    Actually if you look at HP’s stock after the discontinued the touchpad their stocks took a massive drop causing the company to lost a lot of money

    • BBA Brian

      What the hell are you talking about. Stock price doesn’t affect the bottom line of a company. Jesus you are clueless….

  • brando

    Tempting but for.the extra amount I paid for the fly I get email calendar agenda and everything else that is missing but then again 2 for the price of one is a offer to think about

  • BBA Brian

    Everyone come on… running a site like this takes so much time… they can’t pick up phones and dial numbers!!

    You guys need to really start to appreciate how much time and effort it takes to post these pieces.

    This complaining is ridiculous.

    They cannot be expected to confirm information and still be able to get the information up quickly!

  • I wouldn’t buy this for $0.00

    Why does this device not have native email????

  • juanda

    I just called a Walmart store in Halifax, NS… and they told me that there wasn’t any price reduction… $499.99 here…

  • Frankie

    The PlayBook is the most underrated tablet on the market. Honestly.

  • melissa

    just got back from the guildford location, and picked up my 16gig model for 280! all you people saying its not true, guess again. I initially got the same reply too when i called but in store its a whole nothing thing! i love me playbook

    • Clint

      My Vernon store even scanned it and it came up $500…said there is no such sale close to me. Your lucky! I want one…$500 no…$250 yes.

  • Charlie Sheen

    Offer this for $0.00 with a -$250.00 rebate and I’ll buy one!

  • Ross

    somehow that person who went to walmart got the price discount. Win for him/her, maybe a sale is coming soon

  • melissa

    the Guildford location is now sold out of playbooks!

  • disinvent

    I suspect the J code on the receipt has something to do with the discount. Argued price match perhaps?

    • Michelle

      The J on the receipt just means it’s a taxable item. The A next to the coffee below it means it’s non-taxable (ie food).

  • melissa

    how can a price match be done, are there ads on the internet for 249? because now i need one for my husband!

  • disinvent

    Price match to the Rogers EPP

  • iturds

    Why is everybody hating on the playbook? I actually like it! it is an awesome tablet and powerful! it does run flash not like the iPad lol i-PAAAAD! RIM is working on the apps right now and they will release an update to fix the major issues… I will support a Canadian company rather supporting the Apple trolls.. ohhhh lets buy the latest product and go to starbucks to show offf omggggg I need to buy the latest iPhone! where is my makeup!!!!!! Apple is just a show off and that has materialistic customers who line up for months to get a product..

    The more they insult their customers by letting them wait the more customer they get hahaha.. they use their own customers for their marketing campaigns..itrollls

    • Dan J

      I dunno man, this sounds an awful lot like Clearance pricing. Maybe not as much of a fire sale as the Touchpads, but I don’t see RIM supporting this device for much longer.

  • melissa

    i just called walmart and they said they dont accept rogers online offers??????
    maybe your confused with amazon they have it for 349

  • Duper

    My local Walmart in Ottawa said they are not aware of any price drop at present. I was at the store and they double checked the pricing for me and I spoke to the store manager. He did say a pricing change could happen at midnight and he is not informed prior to midnight.

    • Charlie Sheen

      Article was posted at 9:16 PM how did you go to your local store they were closed LOL

  • razkoe

    Just quoted 498 in store when I asked for a price check

  • terry-lynn

    gm at walmart in NY confirmed a midnight price change tonight! expect a lineup for tomorrow !

  • joe

    This is not true. Ottawa South Keys walmart isn’t supporting this

  • The Real Charlie Sheen

    I have a friend at Best Buy and he said their prices for the PB will be cut in half as of tomorrow.

  • booooozzzooo

    I called the store. There is no sale……Not sure how someone got it at that price but CONFIRMED from 3 stores that there is no sale today.

  • Confirmation

    I called the store and they CONFIRMED that the price will be dropped dramatically tomorrow.

    There you have it folks, it is CONFIRMED

  • aka

    to all those cheapskates, unlike HP, RIM isn’t abandoning QNX, so they’re not going to do a fire sale, just a price reduction. This is great news for people who are on the fence on getting one.

  • TeknoBug

    This is bogus, I’ve talked to a few Walmarts in Calgary and some in BC (Vancouver & Kelowna) and none know what the hell I’m talking about.

  • Ryan

    They’ve been trying to push them out the door again as of late, presumably for three reasons:
    1. They’re not selling that well. But more than that:
    2. Tablet OS 2.0 is coming within a month which will solve almost all of the missing software problems. Although I love my PlayBook and would still pay $250 for it even without knowing that was coming. This provides them with the potential for another big marketing push that – assuming they play their cards right – should get some more people’s attention.
    3. 4G models are coming soon so they’re going to need to decrease the amount of the WiFi-only models to make room.

    • Confirmation

      “Update coming within a month”

      OK so first it was within 60 days of launch, then it was end of the summer, now its within a month?

      More like never lol

  • Gmac

    Future shop has it for $399.99 on their website now. Still to much for my blood.

  • The Real Charlie Sheen

    The only way companies can beat Apple’s iPad is to under cut them in price. They should know this by now all they have to do is look back at the PC vs Mac when back when.

    Oh yeah, just got off the phone with a friend from Future Shop and they too will cut the PB price in half tomorrow.

  • tjl

    bought last 16 GB at 800 Matheson Rd. Mississauga ON. Paid full price. Will sort out discount later

    • Jamma

      Plus you qualify for the $100 master card from RIM because you bought it today.

  • Dimitri K.

    If you guys are real & not trolling i might call tomorrow morning & go get one. I have a ipad 2 just need a playbook for work. If i can get one for 249 tomorrow i would be happy. I do not care about the email not available yet. That is not a issue for me.

  • chop_sticks

    I called the walmart in edmonton and they said theyve got it for 500 too

  • Jamma

    Just bought one from best buy for full price and will qualify for the $100 rebate from RIM because its’s before midnight. If price drops tomorrow best buy will give back the difference. Wow a Playbook for $149

  • Jay Z

    BOGUS – Nothing in the flyer and bought one at a store – 64g – $698

  • steve o

    here in mount pearl NL i just checked the walmart and they stoped selling them all together but staples and future shop have the for $399 for the 16 gb $499 for the 32 gb and $599 for the 64 gb



  • CKennedy

    I was just at the Walmart on Queensway in Toronto this morning @ 7:15am and spoke to the electronics manager. I even showed him the article on my BB and he pulled out his 9900 to also check. He said he has no clue about any sale, if it was on it would be highly advertised and he would have been the first in line for one…….hmmm im guessing bogus!

  • KC

    fake, just went into walmart in St. Johns, NL and bought it for $498. If the price doesn’t drop I’ll return it

  • Kris

    Guys if you buy a playbook online from Future Shop you get it for 299$ , the price is 399$ but you get a 100$ future shop gift card and when you buy online you don’t get the card you get the extra 100$ off, go check it out!! (YOU NEED TO ADD IT TO YOUR CART TO SEE THE 299$ PRICE)

  • Pc

    Just confirmed at walmart this am 16gb Pb still 498$

  • Jonesy1966

    Called 2 stores in Scarborough area this morning, both answered their phone righr @ 8:00. Neither store had heard of such a deal but went to check if anything was on the horizon, both said no. Both the paper and electronic flyers show all PB at regular prices.

    Shame, I’m on the waiting list for an HP, would much rather have a PB TBH.

  • Pc

    It’s not coffee

    It’s the bc Eco fee on electronics

    Look closer

  • Jamma

    I thought this site was good…will have to remove them from twitter and bookmarks just like Boy Gennie Ass (BGR)

  • Dimitri K.

    Best buy & future shop both have the 16gb playbook for 299 each. I might go get it.

  • Trekk

    it is for $299 check the best buy website add it to the cart and you will see it is $299

  • Steve

    I just checked all 3 Canadian resellers. FutureShop and BestBuy are still $100 below list ($399, $499, $599) and WalMart is still list on their website.

    Seriously, verify things before posting.

    • Dimitri K.

      Maybe you should go on the Future shop & best buy website & see it for your self its 299..

      It will tell you its 399 but then put it into a cart & then it will tell you 299. Unless you do not understand how to do that..

      I called the future shop here in Toronto & they told me 299 also.

    • Andy

      Add to cart to see it for $299 on FS.ca

  • KidCanada

    Got off work at Walmart on Mcphillips (Winnipeg North location) this morning at 7am went over to the electronics section and spoke to the manager and he said he had no clue what I was talking about. I already have a 32GB Playbook but just asked to see if this is true but its not and judging from what others have said as well, MS you have just lost credibility and have become just another untrusted tech site. Sad but it is what it is. Next time make sure what you say is legit not just post it and turns out untrue..

  • Customer

    This is a scam and i have notified the RCMP’s fraud unit. I hope the Police issue significant charges for this. Goes to show you the level of integrity these people have. Shame on you!

    • macmuller

      your so g*y! seriously stfu

  • Ron Mexico

    Best-Buy/Future Shop are selling at $399 for the16gb with$100 Gift card, not sure where that screen shot came from. Price is $299 WITH the gift card.

  • W B

    And with price match guarantee, that would be $249 at all three. Great deal for anyone without a Tab, who has a Blackberry, and isn’t picky about OS or functionality. But the same thing happened with the HP Touchpad, and that was a train wreck trying to get one.

  • Great Deal

    Bought a 32G from Staples two weeks ago for $599.

    Walked in this morning with the FutureShop printout at $499 plus $100 online ordering discount.

    Staples matched the $399 and beat it by 10% – Got $236 back.

    Add in the RIM $100 back to school deal – got a 32G for half price!

  • Sean

    The $100 gift card from Best Buy is also being honored during an in-store transaction. All you have to do is tell them you don’t have a credit card and therefore can’t purchase it online. Didn’t even have to go to the manager. The sales guy on the floor had no issues with it when I explained it to him….just don’t try to PAY for it with a credit card, LOL.

    $299 – $100 gift card = $199. Great deal, and I got a $100 gift card to give my wife for Xmas 🙂

    • Jamma

      Did you mean $399-$100 rebate = $299?

    • marco

      i don’t know how you managed that – must have got some lazy a*s sales rep. online the details on this are quite clear for instore vs. online.

    • aka

      sounds like someone didn’t know what they were doing at the terminal..

  • Duper

    This is some crazy thread. Tons of rumours. I purchased a 16G online this morning from Futureshop with instore pickup. It is waiting for me at the local store. At $299.00 I don’t know how anyone is getting a $100.00 gift card. The price is $399.00 instore with a gift card and $299.00 online with no gift card. The Futureshop site explicitly states no gift cards with the online transaction so that is how they can reduce the price to $299.00. Good luck trying to get it at the online price and a gift card. It seems the Walmart $249.00 price point was either an error or a bogus post, but keep checking. Ya never know??

    • KC

      I went in today, ordered the playbook for $299 with in-store pickup, and they still gave me the $100 gift card

  • Justin

    Went to Walmart. They were unaware of any price drop…

  • Jamma

    Futureshop and Bestbuy sold out of 16GB online.

  • marco

    futureshop and bestbuy sold out at $299 – now on backorder…

    i just hope 2.0 gets out quickly

  • Chris

    What a steal of a price. In October the android player, native email will be released for playbook (“OS 2.0”). Hp’s demise will benefit Playbook sales.

  • aka

    I can confirm that BestBuy’s online pricing is $299.99 when you add to cart. But it appears it’s pickup only, online store out of stock for now.

  • DealHuntingInTdot

    Sears has it for $399 for 16gb plus bonus $100 Sears gc…$499 for 32gb and $599 for 64 gb..

  • anandoc

    I ordered my Playbook 16GB online at Futureshop.ca and when I went to pick it up, not only did I get the playbook for $299, but I also got a $100 gift-card. So in essence, I got mine for $199 (plus taxes). I couldn’t believe it!

  • Jonesy1966

    Just got one of these after ordering on Future Shope. $299 plus a $100 FS card making it the bargain of the century!! Glad I waited!

  • Jonesy1966

    P.S. More than an HP but so much worth the extra money!

  • chrisk

    I just purchased a playbook for 299 online the total came to 337 and they still gave me a 100 gift card. I’d say thats a good deal. best buy in abbotsford bc

    • pasuljko

      Same here, 299 online and gift card when picked up in store. Toronto Downsview Best Buy.

  • boupierre

    They sell computers in Canada? Who knew!

  • Damon

    To the person complaining about it not having calender, tasks or email. Do you know anything about the playbook at all? That’s the entire point, any info that is sensitive stays on your blackberry and you use bridsge to access it. That way if you lose your playbook, its not a huge deal other than money. Since bb targets corps and busoiness, that was a smart move.

  • buyer

    Weird, i went there and despite on order sheet it said 299, they charged me 399 and gave a gift card. so no, it wasn’t 299. Now returning. This from bestbuy, cambie

  • shaftedguy

    seems like i giot shafted buying it as soon as it was released… damn.. well…

  • juanda

    Got back from Futureshop after getting my email confirmation for my web order. After paying $299.99 + tax ($332.41), I also got a $100 Futureshop giftcard. $232.41 for the Playbook seems like a great deal… If only they release the big update for the Playbook… I have 14 days to decide if I want to keep it… :/

  • Pout


    Question for you.

    You order it online and go pick up on store.

    On the website it saying 399.99 +100$ so it mean 299.99+tax

    How did you get it for 232$ +-?

  • juanda

    I know what the website says… If my reading comprehension was right… you either get $399 + gift card or $100 online credit… becoming the $299 + tax price… but I read some people were getting the $299.99 + tax price plus the gift card, so I thought… what the heck… and at the end I was charged $332.41 and I got a $100 Futureshop gift card. At the end, my Playbook cost me $232.41…

  • Dean

    on Sept 15 RIM disclosed they would discount the PB

  • Brandon

    It was a managers error at guildford mall. none will be sold at that price!

  • Sloppy

    first, you need a blackberry to make a playbook make sense. With a blackberry its great. No BB, forget it

    Walmarts in ontario as of Sept 26 have no idea about this price. They are still listed at 498 for the 16gb unit.

  • becca

    When I try to place order at Future Shop, it does *not* take an extra $100 (in lieu of gift card) off the price.

    • Jonathan

      Some guy blogged about how he wished this ran Android. Who wants an Android tablet? QNX is way better. Android tablets suck. The only other real competitor is iPad.

      I think most people bought the iPad because it was the first opportunity to own an Apple computer for $499! People are obsessed with Apple, but their computers are ridiculously priced.

      Perhaps RIM and the other tablets haven’t failed. They simply just don’t have the same leverage that Apple had, given their reputation and price points on PCs. I think that’s why. Perhaps if RIM sold a $500 laptop for $1400, then RIM’s PlayBook would sell 19 million units. But unfortunately that value perception just isn’t there.

    • Sloppy

      I bought one a futureshop for 299.

      i ordered it online, and it said the price was 399 but I was entitled to a 100 gift card which could be applied to the price, making it 299. So I ordered it

      However, it showed out of stock. So I called alocal futureshop and they said they had stock. I took my online order to the store and was told that, I could buy it for 399 and they would give me a $100 gift card. I told them, no, I want it for 299 like it said on the web site. Store guy said no, we can’t do that inthe store.

      So I said I want to talk to the manager. He came out and i told him what the web site said and just what kind of shell game are they trying to play here.

      Well, he went away for, oh, i bet 5 minutes, and then came back and said they would sell it to me for 399 and then they would take the $100 gift card, cash it and give me $100 cash back!. I looked at him like he was from Mars and said why the goofy deal?

      He said that the only way i can do it. So i said, ok, payed $383 for it (in order to make the tax the same as a 299 purchase) and then they gave me 2 $50 dollar bills.

      Go figger!, but i got it for $299

  • Mobius

    I called Walmart Corporate Headquarters and they are not selling it for $250.

  • Jonathan

    How many more people would have ordered the PlayBook at $299 had you not said Walmart was selling them at $249.. wait to make everyone research this for nothing!

    Checked alot stores in Ontario. $498. I highly doubt RIM is going to bend over for Walmart and turn its nose at BestBuy FutureShop. BB/FS sells way more phones and tablets.

  • Ziggy

    What a crock. Futureshop no longer sells the 16 gb for $299 plus the $100 gift card. Now it is actually $399 and you can use the $100 gift card to bring the tablet down to $299. Obviously they buggered up and realized the deal was too good. I just checked this morning and it was $299 and now this afternoon it is $399.

    • Sloppy

      yes, i see this morning that the futureshop.ca site is now showing the 16gb playbook for 399 with no $100 discount of any kind

      man, glad i bought one when I did

  • Mel

    the playbook is outstanding, and if you have a blackberry you can bridge to it. makes it work same as 3G “without the costs like “Ipad”. I’ve bridged mine and get emails, contact list (over 1000+ contacts) BBM messages. The 1080p pictures are outstanding.
    the only thing I wish it had more of was apps, but it’s new and I think they’ll come. So if you’re lucky enough to get this thing for 50% off, all I can say is “lucky you!”
    oh yea, did i mention it has flash, IPAD “NOT”, big mistake Apple, as I had one, but now use my Playbook!!!

  • John Doe

    Playbook sale partly publicity scam, partly milking off overstock. I heard they have 800,000 units in a warehouse but you can’t find them anywhere. What the heck? I bet they are doing the “sale” on 100,000 units to drum up excitement and see demand, and the other 700,000 still holding back and selling at higher prices later on for everyone that wasn’t able to pick one up. Also, most of the in-store stock is bought up by employees who then re-sell it on eBay to make some cash to supplement their crappy hourly wages. How many of the $199 Playbooks are now available on eBay for $250? $300? $350? Still a big savings versus $499. Same thing happened to HP Touchpad, you can find them on eBay too but when the sale came they were nowhere to be found.