HTC Desire HD gets next-gen Sense 3.5 port via custom ROM


  • alskdjfaskl

    nice, i’m loving the way sense 3.5 looks.

  • Tom

    Screw you htc I have sense 3.0 on my desire hd and it runs like butter. Stop lying to your customers and also stop putting cameras in your phones that protrude from the back.

  • optimusprimemx1

    I’m running sense 3.5 at the moment and it runs fantastic. There are things that I don’t like about sense 3.5 like the lockscreen , the ring looks awful, but sense 3.5 is more organized and you get the notes app like in the flyer, evernote for HTC sense, and there a few new things and Widgets 🙂 I’ll stick with it for a while until something new comes out.

  • Jim

    Used it for a few hours then went back to 3.0. I need the bluetooth to work. It was real smooth and had some nice features.

  • saffant

    Must. Get. That. Wallpaper.

  • makesh

    I am loving it.The way the lock screen opens up with a twirl is fantastic.The home screen is a refreshing change from the 2.1(very boring and stale).Feels like a different phone.Will give 6 on 5 stars.Makesh

  • Trevor

    Can’t say I’m a fan of Sense 3.5 though i love 3.0 and have huge respect for the always amazing work of the RCMix team! everyone has a preferred launcher or UI, this one just isn’t for me (like a black app drawer with a solid launcher – 3.0 and stock Android are my favs).

    Sticking with RCMix_234_v2.7 🙂

  • David

    Great effort by RCMIx team, great rom only bugs I have founf so far is the Bluetooth is not working (no great loss, can pull over and answer the phone :-), and appears that the FM radio will not turn on. Give it a few days I am sure the team will address these, other than that works great on DHD.

  • simian

    I sort of like the lock screen and the muted color tones… Wonder if HTC will back port this to any of their existing line…

  • Nitin

    Hi People,

    I have HTC desire HD how can I update Next GEN Sense3.5 on my phone.

    please let me know thanks in advance


    • David

      This can only be done if your phone is rooted? If yours is rooted then it is straight forward, just look at the forums to flash a rom.

  • 0defaced

    I’ll be violating my desire hd tonight, hopefully it’s worth it 🙂

  • David

    Interesting how everyone is just taking capychimps work and adding to thier “own” roms with no changes and asking if they look the work to donate….

    Maybe if they want to standout maybe they should actually fix what is broken on this rom, other than just adding thier own boot animation to a perfectly good base provided by someone else..

    RCMix team member did all the hardwork, support them !!!!!

  • David

    BTW, while the inbuilt FM Radio is not working under this ROM build suggest you download “TuneIn radio” from market, this works perfectly on my HD 🙂

  • David

    Sorry the first line should read


  • badri

    just want to know..what kernel to use?

  • mohd

    i have htc desire hd, how can i update htc sense 3.0 or 3.5 on my phone