OS 2.3 Gingerbread now running 31.3% of Android devices





    Still major fragmentation.

    • bob

      The API has stabilized a lot. It’s really not hard to write programs working for versions 2.1 and later.

    • zed

      @APLE4LIFE I’m willing to bet you don’t even know what that word means, you just saw another fanboy use it in a different article today and decided to follow along. Typical Apple culture.

      If you really do know what it means, I’m really curious as to what you consider “major fragmentation”.

    • Stuntman

      I think it’s a good trade off to get a variety of form factors to choose from.

  • Shawn

    Dammit when are you going to give me a free Android phone that works on Wind Mobile. Whats going on with the September contest.

    • Nascar39

      Get a JOB instead of expecting a freebie!

    • mda

      i dont agree with anything u just said except that wind should get more androids, i mean the optimus and nexus s are great and all, but i want to see some htc’s and samsung galaxy s 2. Not for free but at least have them as an option.

  • Tom

    It would be nice if they came out with Gingerbread for the Fascinate 4G!!

    • Nascar39

      Yes it would!!! I am waiting too! It really erks me that the 3g models have 2.3 and use 4g users don’t, the phones aren’t really that different, 4g has the 4g radio, and front facing camera, so what gives???

  • Alex

    And how much fot the latest version? Exactly.

    • daveloft

      31% of phones running the latest version of Android and 35% of tablets running the latest version of Honeycomb.

  • sean

    Now i wonder how many are on gingerbread because of rooting

  • Rob

    … and the small percentage that run 2.3.6 …. screwed!

    • monsterduc1000

      2.3.6 was just the voice search bug fix for the nexus s so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • John Smith

    It’s nice to be part of the 31% running 2.3.3 and getting 2.3.4 in October. But personally im dying to see what ice cream sandwich does for android. From what I have heard that update could be a huge improvement.

  • khota

    I am still waiting for my Samsung Galaxy Gio to by updated to 2.3 🙁


      Gio is already on 2.3, noob.

  • FuzzyLogic

    It is suprising to observe how slow the Gingerbread progression is.
    There seems to be a very important inertia from several OEMs that simply don’t want devices to update and prefer to release new ones on the market. Sad I say.
    Also, I wonder how many consumers don’t take the time to actually update their devices.
    Considering the time Gingerbread has been out, 31% is still a fairly weak number.

  • purdy

    My Rogers Samsung Captivate is not part of that 31% yet 🙁

  • Sean

    Glad to be a part of the .5% =D