Update: Apple employees accused of impersonating San Francisco police officers to retrieve lost iPhone 5 prototype


  • David

    Surprised? Nope.

    • Yipper

      I have the phone and I flushed it down the toilet

    • Ron

      Sounds like Apple

  • northy

    wow,,, thats just nasty,,,

    Jobs and his henchmen,,,

    you know you have gone to far,, WHEN !!!!

    so is this now a respected practise,,

  • David Evans

    You didn’t hear? Apple thinks it’s above the law.

  • jigsaw

    once again, this is all just advertising crap

  • Chase

    If it’s true that’s hilarious

  • 0defaced

    well somebody’s out of a job…..

  • crunch204

    that is tooo funny

  • Jeremy

    I’m not surprised that Apple would do this, they are evil and have no morals. As the old saying goes, “water flows downstream”. One more reason Steve Jobs and Apple needs to go bankrupt and disappear from the face of the earth.

  • Superfly

    Apple will die just as rim is dieing. Apple’s goldness is no longer just like rim and people just are not going to continue to by the same phone year after year like a blackberry. It’s all over. Apple and RIM…..rest in peace!!!

  • Dustin

    Fucking Apple employees are just as rotten as their fearless leader. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Shit company.

  • Maes33

    UPDATE THE ARTICLE – police did help apple. In other news more bugs and malware found in Android phones.

  • Superfly

    It is so funny when the spirit of a company indwells an individual and possesses them to support and defend it like a member of there own family all costs. The forbidden fruit company will die. Fact. And the spirit behind it will die too.

  • skrutor

    I really hope this gets a full investigatin, rather than being swept under the rug. A lost prototype is no cause for misrepresenting the law.

  • Whitney

    Is TMZ writing this entire incident?

  • Andy C

    Was working for Jobs that terrible? his underlings love the sauce.

    in unrelated news every law official in San Francisco will be getting an iphone5

  • Nascar39

    C’mon Arnold it is time to for the Terminator!!!!

  • Dave

    OJ did a similar type thing.

  • cody

    The employees probably didn’t tell jobs and did all this to get it back before they got fired lol

  • skullan

    Move over Zod, Kneel before Jobs.

  • Max

    apparently south park was correct about apple tracking…

  • tbr

    This is nothing but a stupid publicity stunt. The whole thing is made up to get people talking about the new phone and stop buying the others.

    Ignore it and they will stop the BS.

  • herpderp

    Apple probably paid off the SFPD to say, “Oops, we WERE involved, sorry about that.”

  • Domingo

    Not the first time I’ve heard of this. When satellite was be pirated sat security would often accompany cops during raids as I recall. Still, doesn’t seem right that a private citizens (and that’s all Apple security is, even if they’re wearing cult robes) who clearly are not going to be objective should be allowed to go in to private homes.

  • replytonews

    So many here wants apple to go down.

    Did those read the update, and care to reply with different views?

    • Jay

      @replytonews : You honestly don’t think with all the billions that Apple has, they can’t buy off a department to backdate a police report and change history? Seriously, what world do you live in? Time for a reality check. Oh yea, and OJ was innocent too.

  • MiddlePath


    Really? You don’t find it the least bit shady the SF Police say there was no involvement by them, and then change their tune? Then give a statement that there were 3 or 4 officers. Well what was it? 3 or 4? If it’s documented, there shouldn’t be such an uncertain statement regarding the number of officers present. And on top of that, why would they go and not go into the house. Apple security doesn’t have the right to search anyone’s home. Something definitely smells and Apple has just become more rotten.

  • monsterduc1000

    The guy was an i***t if he let them in without a search warrant…

  • EmperumanV

    Doesn’t surprise me at all heh

  • jim

    After reading the comments on here I guess the one major requirement to buy and andriod phone is that you have to be a full blown moron.

    • Jay

      @Jim: I sell android phones, they’re beyond the comprehension of morons. The iPhone however, ease of use and zombie friendly are their two major selling bonuses. 😛

    • m1ndtr1p

      Funny how you call Android users morons, yet you can’t even type a single sentence without a bunch of grammatical errors… Who’s the moron now?

  • Andy

    Wow..i bet Apple paid the police department off…They probably threatened to stop donating money to the city or something or has the mayor in his back pocket…The government ran by corporations anyways so this does not surprise me at all…Apple is no better than the oil companies or the tobacco companies…It is all about money with them….nothing else

  • monsterduc1000

    Hey Jim,

    Learn how to spell Android, and learn the difference between “an” and “and”. Now that is moronic. I guess hypephones don’t have auto-correct…

  • Danny1983

    It’s apples property they have a right to get it back. Why do people keep thinking apple will go down the shitter? It just simply won’t

    • northy

      so if YOU LOST a item, and YOU THINK you know who has it, YOU BELIEVE that you should be able to go to that persons house and search,, IF SO,, that means someone could do that to YOU

      also if the police are involved, imagine if YOU were dumb enough to leave something at a bar,, and YOU called the cops,,think they would go with YOU to a random home to look for it

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t the same thing happen with the iPhone 4 last year? I think Apple is just starting a scene with the media

  • Adam

    Dear trolls, now THIS is stolen Apple tech 😉

  • NIX

    I’m all for them getting their phone back, don’t get me wrong man. I’m sure that what people are trying to get at is the shaddy @$$ way that they’re doing it.

    And yes they’ve gotten to the point that we can start comparing them to the mob.

  • JSmith

    Too many coincidences, like last time with phone getting left behind, and media coverage, its clearly Apple trying to get a rise out of people prior to launch. So sad thats their marketing strategy yet again. Im sure the iSheep will continue to do what they always do though. Sad.

  • Domingo

    @replytonews, nobody with a brain here wants apple to go down. Nobody with a brain would want any of these companies to go down. Only a complete morron doesn’t get tht it’s in our best interest that they ALL keep trying to one up each other. Most people here understand that apple is not their family name and don’t defend it when they behave like scum, which they often do. Yes, just like MS and other companies. Apple fanboys have some sort of perverse love affair with apple that can’t be eplained. They’re completely brainwashed morrons. NOT all iphone users mind you, but the apple fanboys are more vile than apple.

  • John Smith

    I dont want apple to die. Whenever apple unveiled a “new” product like video calling. That feature suddenly becomes importent for other company’s to have wich means android just gets that much better. And not everyone who ones an apple product is a ifanboy. I know people with iphones who are willing to be impressed with my xperia pro without getting angry that its not an iphone

    • m1ndtr1p

      Android phones had video calling and front facing cameras long before the iPhone 4 was released.

  • JustinCredible

    I hope both Apple/RIM including WindMobile/Mobilicity, just cults with HYPE/Propaganda and Fanboys supporting this garbage like mindless robots with programmed brains-nothing will eventually beat Android being open source and it’s good to see google fighting back. Apple/RIM users actually look like Moonies and it’s funny how some i****s can be so easily controlled.

  • mike

    I was tired of reading the conspiracy theories online about 9/11 and thought I would read these instead. Lol. Omg, who really giveaway a f**k if Apple planted the phone or not??

  • Ed

    Apple should take their iPhone 5 prototype(s) and cram them up their own asses.

  • Ed S

    A bit of a c**k up by Apple in the way it’s handled the situation. Apple security employees breaking into private property under false pretenses even if they had the collaboration of SFPD? No mention of a warrant; eerily similar to Gestapo methods.
    It’s clear that corporations run economies to their own interests and governments simply follow their mandates but this is getting ridiculous.