HTC Flyer gets early Honeycomb leak, our dreams come true


  • Frank

    does anyone own a Flyer?

  • patrick m

    Ok love htc products ,so when is the jetststream coming to Canada because I’m really looking at the Samsung tab 10.1

  • brando

    Was planning on owning one but the jetstream seems way better to wait for

  • Superfly

    Oh great. Honeycomb! The OS that does NOT do skype! Ooohhhh wow

    • Sined

      It’s not the OS that can’t do Skype. The word on XDA developpers is that the nVidia Tegra 2 is missing an instructions set that is found of most other chipsets.

  • Superfly

    Ok. So then any honeycomb tablet not running tegra 2 can run skype? Not!

    • Sined

      There aren’t any non-nVidia Tegra 2 Honeycomb Tablets out there yet…

  • jim

    I am glad I did the smart thing and got the iPad. The original tablet with all the best apps and smoothest touch screen.

  • captain67

    @Jim original tablet? There were many before it. Of course Apple and their marketing have convinced you otherwise.

  • Mattprime86

    Ya.. I literally asked for a tablet 15 years ago for Christmas

  • saffant

    Galaxy Tab 7.7 > HTC Puccini (Jetstream) > Galaxy Tab 10.1 > iPad 2 > HTC Flyer > HP Touchpad.

  • K. C.

    I have a Flyer and it has become an extension of my arm, I take it with me everywhere and can say that I use it so much that I have started forgetting to take my phone with me. I bought my GF an iPad2 and I am wholely unimpressed. It’s slimmer, bigger and unhelpful. Its a frisbee compared to the flyer.

  • aostl

    Agreed. Flyer owners love these devices. Mine comes everywhere in my cargo/coat pocket in my case that holds the scribe pen. It’s not a device to win hardware races, its a cool innovative note tablet thingy that works excellent for what it for.

  • ML

    For those waiting on the Jetstream, you guys *have* seen the price, right?

    • Number Zero

      I like HTC products and all but $700 for a 4G tablet on contract is way too much money.

  • mooka

    I have my own and I love it I can do any thing but can I turn this into a phone ?

    • gs199

      I use “groove ip” to make Google voice calls over WiFi with my flyer all day. Canceled my cell phone.