Fido launches the Samsung Galaxy Q


  • Garfield

    Fido (Rogers) Could you please offer us the big boy toys such as the Samsung Galaxy SII or HTC EVO 3D. I’m getting really tired of Rogers giving Fido customers some smartphones really not worth looking at. Thanks!

  • mda

    WHAT? I’d rather get the GS2 for 100$ and have a three year contract.

  • Sean

    Well i doubt many of us here would buy a phone like this were all into the high end but this shows a step in the right direction. 2 Year contracts sure it’s a mid range device but it’s still a pretty decent phone

  • Skrutor

    Galaxy Q?!? I just learned samsungs handy dandy labeling system, comprised of m, y, w, and s, and sometimes r, and now they have another letter? What is an ignorant consumer to do??? What does Q stand for anyway? Quaint? Queer? Qute? I like you Sammy, but your marketing departmen really needs to work on localizing it’s efforts. Maybe in Korea, English letters are hip and avant garde, but here they’re already overdone.

    • YO

      English doesn’t have lettering, Latin does though.

  • jb

    U dont need a data plan for this for phone

  • LeanNSupreme

    More high end Android phones Fido PLEASE!

  • ruddias

    HA! is that actually the price?


    I have this phone and it is a really awesome phone! So don’t be hatin’ on it.

  • vanc ctitty

    haha u guys mad that i got 0$ 15$ a month 2 year contract?

    ya u mad

  • Budha

    I got this phone.

    So far negative things noticed:
    (1)Creating playlists is really a mind boggling work. You have to add one by one song into a playlist – an annoying and time consuming activity. Even you cannot change the name of MP3 file if you dragged once into a playlist.
    (2) When calling your friends by using aux. cable in the car speakers, your friends hear an annoying echo of themselves.
    (3)No FM Radio
    (4)Most of the feature work on the data plan, e.g. Maps, Direction navigation, GPS etc.

    Positive things:
    (1) Browsing fast
    (2) Camera and Camcorders easy to use
    (3) wi-fi works very fine.
    (4) light weight

    I give 2 points out of 5 to this product.

  • Me

    I have this phone and for no data plan 2 year contract and free with Fido dollars.. can’t beat the unit!