Samsung Galaxy Q now available at Rogers


  • Preacher

    doesn’t the black notification bar on top mean it is 2.3?

  • Josh

    Give me a break. Rogers needs to quit ripping people off like this… The galaxy q, 249??? Hell no. On virgin the galaxy gio is 150 outright. And it’s also running 2.3. 49.99 on a three year contract is stealing…. I’m sorry but it is. Especially in this day and age of entry level androids

  • BM

    gio is better deal as stated above. although if you have to have a keyboard i guess you will have to pay more

    • Cadet

      if you don’t mind the screen, get the SEX mini pro instead
      it would feel better and snappier with similar pricing
      with gingerbread already there except the screen is a bit smailler

  • CP

    I’m glad I jumped shipped from Fido for the Galaxy S2.

    I was holding out to see what Rogers/Fido would bring to the table………but just as I suspected they’ve got nothing.

    The grass actually is greener……

    • Jhansen

      How are you finding the reception on Bell’s network? I’ve heard some pretty disparaging remarks about it, but not from anyone who is still on Bell.

  • dan

    The gio is a better deal. Zellers is selling them $69.99 outright right now. There is always a deal somewhere on entry level devices without signing a stupid contract.

  • Jon

    I dont get how Rogers or any other provider for that matter is “ripping” anyone off? As a consumer you have the option to buy or not to buy. Think of it as movie popcorn, if you want the popcorn you buy. You think there might be a little mark up there?

  • AJ

    This is OUT NOW on Rogers. Does anyone know when it will be released of FIDO?

  • AJ

    This is OUT NOW on Rogers. Does anyone know when it will be released on FIDO?

  • patty

    Fido has this for $50, just got one =)