Rumour: 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook canceled, RIM working on a “Superphone” with a 1.2GHz processor?


  • halo

    okay it will come out in 1-2yr term from the announcement, (just like playbook)

  • Luqman

    They said they were canceling the 10″ version not the Playbook 2.

  • Andy

    goodluck RIM hopefully this phone is what you guys need but it would help the phone if it had a dual core processor imo.

  • Kenypowa

    Sigh, so RIM’s 2012 superphone still runs on a single core processor? This is supposed to be the phone that wows everyone, not to reinforce RIM’s image as an outdated hardware provider. If RIM’s superphone does ship with a single core processor, both co-CEOS have to go or it is really game over.

    • ivo

      qnx requires dual core processor smartphone

  • jack

    lol, these specs are for phones that are ALREADY coming out. this superphone is going to be like a year behind. once again, blackberry is still behind the curve, no matter how hard they seem to “try”.

  • beavertail2

    Just hardware is not good enough. where is the software, apps etc. Google Android is blowing every other consumer device competitor out of the water.

    Consumer always pay more for the enterprise feature using BB even though they might not need/use it.

    Much better if RIM just stick with the enterprise market. Splitting out to try to capture the consumer market is a bad move. Half cooked is not 50% successful but a 100% failure!

    • RealDeal

      That would basically be like backing themselves into a corner. Plus with the enterprise and consumer markets blending more and more each day, you have to appeal to both crowds.

  • Shane

    I really enjoyed the Playbook when I had it. The OS was really nice, but obviously it was lacking in apps and services. They should really focus on catching up in those features.

    Also, single-core 1.2Ghz phone is not a “Superphone” anymore. Even if that phone came out today, it would be far behind phones like Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation, both of which have dual-core processors.

    RIM is way too late in the game for making a media and feature-heavy “Superphone” like the iPhone 4 and other Android phones. Including an Android emulator isn’t going to help either.

    They really have to catch up with games and apps, somehow, or they should just join up with Windows Phone 7 like Nokia.

  • MXM4K

    Smart move by RIM. They can’t win the multimedia war against other platforms, but they can certainly find their niche with smartphones and stick with it.

    They have a decently steep hill to climb, but I’m sure they’re up for the challenge.

    Also, the people snubbing single core phones. Who cares how many cores it has? If the end result is a smooth performing and fast device with tons of useful features, then the technical details become meaningless. This is exactly why Apple focuses on the features when marketing, not the specs.

  • TheTigerTek

    I’ve had the PlayBook since launch and I love it. The hardware is great, it feels nice in the hand and its very powerful. The form factor is great, its not a stay at home device I take it everywhere with me. It fits in my pocket. I don’t see the need for 3G/4G version since I tether mine to my Atrix using wifi hotspot, no need to pay extra for data. The capabilities of the PlayBook are endless when I ever I need a larger screen I hook it up my TV and sync my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. It works like a computer. Your able to access data from the PlayBook using a PC/Mac wireless.. can drag and drop files, movies etc.

    There are some value added apps that comes pre-loaded like the Office To Go suites Excel, Word and Power Point for free no need to spend that $14.99 for each app. Not mention Need For Speed which also comes for free. I’ve had since launch has never once froze on me. QNX is a solid OS it just needs some Apps that are coming… Native email App should be coming sometimes next month mid summer for now I’m using aMail which works fine. PlayBook’s browser is probably the best in the industry way better than the iPad’s browser… Multi tasking is amazing it never slows down. I had 10 applications running simultaneously this not app switching works fluidly. RIM has been doing their best to send out updates over the air to fix some of the issues. I received an OTA update yesterday it’s a bit faster now, uses less memory and some tweaks to the os like quick access control to the power options which is sweet. Every time there is a update its like Christmas all over again…lol ohh yeh Flash works Great!!

    • Just readin’

      If you’re a plant hired by RIM to write good comments about the Playbook, at least do it in 2-3 separate posts under 2-3 separate names. This is too much from one person, all fakey-good, and it doesn’t sound real at all.

    • GrapeApe

      LOL! I love how someone thinks you’re a RIM plant when you’re effusive about anything other than an Apple (in which case you might be an Apple Fanb0i but not an Apple plant).
      The people who are harsh critics of the Playbook haven’t really used one, or at least not one properly setup.
      iPhone sucked at launch (no apps meant nothing special there), and it grew. No wide selection of games/apps on the Blackberrys doesn’t really compel me in another direction. I’d rather they focus on bringing QNX to a phone than worry about getting a selection of 50+ fart apps and 100,000 games worse than online flash content to market. If it was all about the apps a device could run then the Windows 7 tablets would be #1 with their millions of compatible apps.
      And it’s unlikely the Superphone would be single core, as the article mentions the 9900 they are about to launch is already 1.2Ghz single core, so it’s unlikely QNX alone is the missing ingredient, although it’s a step in the right direction. Looks like lotsa competition for this fall/winter. Bring on LTE !!

    • MAM

      I completely agree with your comments. My PlayBook works just as you describe. QNX is a great OS and the gestures used to operate the PlayBook become second nature to the degree that I find myself trying to operate anything with a screen the same way.
      My wife loved her iPad until she started using my PlayBook. Now she owns a PlayBook too and the iPad is collecting dust, soon to be sold.

    • rim user

      i also use the playbook and coudn’t agree more. superb product.

    • Keri

      Even though I do not own a Playbook, I really liked it when I tried it in Bestbuy. The OS was amazingly responsive, and the resolution was great. I liked it way more than the iPad. At least I don’t need to deal with iTune, which I really dislike (one of the main reasons why I am not getting an Apple product, other than my ancient iPod that was a gift).

      I will look forward to future BB products…too bad my contract has expired for a few months and I am in desperate need of a new phone, since my current one is breaking =(

    • Hardened

      Sorry but using a Super smartphone to do Super STupid things is NOT good enough to be competitive, hold your current target market, or even win back defectors.

      The Browser in the PlayBook – although incredibly easy to use and a great Flash displaying piece of webkit based code – it STILL CANNOT properly display Microsoft Exchange OWA without “Light” mode so to me that is useless (I cannot switch to other mailboxes/calendars) that I have access to.

      These rumors are just that RUMORS and thus weak based on based on hardware waiting to ship in the coming months.

      Right now NOBODY knows what RIM is up to nor 80% really care.

  • Mr. Pierre

    this device could be a bit weeeeird

  • Reggie Noble

    The phones overall look better look drastically different from their other devices.

  • brando

    Make it a quad core 1.2ghz processor, Android market able to be dloaded from the bb app store, qhd high res. Display, waaayyyyy better battery life like a 1550 battery, 16g internal memory plus a 8g SD card of external memory expandable to 32g, 1.5 g rom/ram, micro hdmi port and a launch date in Q2 2012, then I might consider picking it up not being picky Hahaha, go rim nice to see that ur not going down with out a strong fight good luck

  • bummy

    Did everybody forget that QNX will run Android Apps?

    Blackberry’s solid hardware (with keyboard?)
    + Android Market
    + QNX UI
    = Win

    • user

      @bummy oh ya? Does playbook support Android apps and Market already? They said that just to lure people in…and that was the best cards in their hands.

    • rim user

      i think its time to buy rim stocks

  • northy

    do you people know there is hardly any apps if any that utilize the dual core,,,dual core is all marketing like mega pixels in cameras,, gotta have more no one knows why,, just so they can say they have it i guess,, sometimes more is not better,,

    when QNX arrives on BBs i will certianly have a look

  • sookster54

    Playbook 2? Don’t you mean the 10″ PB?

    And IMO, dual cores aren’t needed in phones yet, most 1-1.2 GHz single core phones do fine, I have a couple 600-720MHz devices that still zip by. Dual core matters if you game on it lots…

    • aka

      Yeah, it’s the same PlayBook, just with 10″ screen, same internals, not PlayBook 2 by definition, as that would signify a generational upgrade in hardware specs.

      I agree with this announcement and am happy to hear they listen to what people are suggesting, to push forward with QNX based smartphones. They need a new flagship product, as the current ones aren’t staying afloat very long.

      RIM should concentrate more of their R&D into their core handset business, especially for North America. Their international sales has been phenomenal, it increased 86% YoY while their domestic North America sales have been seen little growth in comparison (according to analysts at Macquarie Capital Markets). If ever there was a good time to buy into RIM stocks, it would be soon.

  • astudent

    I’ll stick with my android and windows phone 7s 🙂

  • aka

    “a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a high res display that’s over 900+ pixels”

    According to my math that’s only 30×30 pixels. So that can’t be pixel count. It’s also highly unlikely to be pixel density, as that would signify close to 4K resolution (4096 x 3072) on a 4.3″ screen.

    The article should state 900+ vertical pixel resolution. Most current phones have 800 vertical pixel resolution. That would make more sense.

  • Nick

    RIM is frustrating me. Their OS is solid, and what they’re lacking seems the simplest of all solutions: get people (in-house if you have to!) to write apps to fill in the holes covered in other OSes, and put out ONE FREAKIN PHONE with absolutely rockin’ specs.

    Idea: dual-core 1GHz phone otherwise identical to the BB 9900. Maybe an 8MP camera just for giggles. Then give a bunch of nerds a free developers license provided they submit an app that does [insert anything that iOS/Android has that RIM doesn’t).

    It’s their failure to understand the simplicity of their problem that led to me buying a Nexus S while still hoping that they put out a good enough phone for my next one to be a Blackberry.

  • N

    in terms of processor i thought QNX requires a dual core processor hence why the 9900 will be a stranded device once the QNX based phones come out as it is only single core…

    food for thought…

    • sookster54

      QNX requires dual core? QNX has been around for decades, I used to run QNX off a 1.44″ floppy disk, QNX is a very versatile OS.

  • Anthony

    Honestly, if RIM is to survive, they should partner up with Android and make a cool Touchscreen phone with an OS7/Android 2.3 hybrid OS.

  • harryman

    BB caters to smaller market its life line is short. They shot them selfs in the foot.Market is tuff you have to be more felexiable to get the to buy you provide service that can attract mass = more market more buyers = more sells make things all people like get out a bit of small market think like google the cost of running is not cheap