Samsung, Apple poised to surpass Nokia as largest Smartphone manufacturer


  • crunch204

    not surprising. nokia’s phones are looking more and more ancient with every new smartphone released by other manufacturers.

  • ray

    they need beter markething

    • bob

      Which phone do they need to market better? Which one is their Galaxy S2 competitor?
      They don’t need better marketing, they need better phones.

  • Patrice

    this phone pic looks like an exact clone of iphone 4. way to fail samsung.

    • Stuntman

      I have never seen an iPhone 4 with widgets like the ones on this Samsung phone.

    • Zomby

      To a troll, everything looks like an iPhone. I’d like for you to point me to a 4.3″ iPhone 4 with all-black borders that can sport widgets. It’s rectangular and has a glass front… just like pretty much every new smart phone out there. Get out of your iBubble and take a look at the world.

  • James

    Tell my Patrice, how do you differentiate a cell phone from a competitor when essentially the entire front is glass? Based on your statement everyone is copying the LG Prada which was released before the iPhone in 2006. They only method of differentiating a product is to customize your software.

  • Ryan

    Considering Iphone only makes one type of phone (various size of hard drives) – that is quite impressive. More companies should focus on one type of phone rather than making a bunch of random useless phones. Only thing Apple has going for them is that they focus on one phone all year and get all the 3rd party support. Here I was buying a stupid palm pre that was a lemon and fell of the face of the planet within months.

  • Jesse

    People forget that Nokia is HUGE in third world countries, so it will pleasantly surprise me if they happen to actually be surpassed.

  • Stuntman

    The N97 started their downfall from which Nokia has yet to recover. I put up with it for 8 months because it had a good GPS app which worked well during my vacation. Everything else on it sucked. The browser can’t even open half of the sites I want to visit. The phone keeps crashing. It can’t even play the proper ring tone sometimes. It just did not work too many times. When it did work, it was just so sluggish. It was painful even when things work.

    I eventually switched to the HTC Desire Z. I could not believe how much of a difference it made. Practically everything worked and worked better than the N97. I no longer have any frustration with things not quite working well any more.

    I don’t know how Nokia is going to recover. The N8 was Nokia’s attempt. It had a good camera. Other than that, it seemed like a less buggy version of the N97 with a few improvements. I personally was looking to get the E7. I didn’t like what I found out about the N8 and that generation of phones, so I decided against getting another Symbian phone.

    I do think that Windows Phone is better than Symbian. The transition is taking time and with Android and iOS gaining so much momentum, I don’t know if Nokia can catch up. Samsung and other manufacturers have made Windows phones, but have not been able to make any great gains as of yet.

  • Sap

    I really hope Nokia can revamp their phone lineup in the coming years and I’d be glad to switch to Nokia again in a heartbeat. Nobody, in my opinion, has yet been able to beat their hardware and phone quality – so sad they weren’t able to capture the smartphone market.

    C’mon Nokia, get your act together!

  • Bri

    I think it’s definitely the OS problem.
    Symbian seems so outdated compared to iOS, Android, and WP7.
    All I liked about Nokia was the strong connectivity of the phone, and the build quality. My mom’s 0 dollar phone with the contract lasted 3 years without any problem. I don’t see many phones lasting that long without any problems.
    I do hope Nokia bring themselves back up and become one of the competitors.
    More competitors the better.

    But for now, I’m loving the android and I am very disappointed by how uninnovative Apple is with iOS5… Seriously, before I thought Apple was the most innovative.

    • astudent

      I always thought Apple got way too much credit for their innovations. They have their blockbusters and I do commend them hits but as a whole, there are plenty of other companies that are more innovative than Apple its just Apple often can easily grab the limelight.

    • Rio

      I agree, apple started this revolution but is failing to keep up. I wish they put more effort into adding new stuff to iOS.

      @astudent i agree, Apple should be put in the books for their marketing strategies, no other company is able to generate so much hype and interest over some of the things they come out with.

  • Dave

    Samsung should stop selling parts to Apple, and Nokia should
    sue Apple for copy right. Now the fair games begin. LOL