Yes, the HTC Sensation is coming to Canada


  • brendan


  • Cody

    Oh my god Bell. Seriously? …

  • Jerry

    Hopefully not as an exclusive but great news, Glad to see Bell being proactive in getting the latest handsets.

  • Luqman

    So many great devices hard to keep up with, that’s what sucks about signing 3 year contracts :/

    • Reg

      You can buy phones outright at anytime regardless of if you’re on a contract or not. As long as you look after your device, trading/selling old ones and getting a newer one is still cost effective.

  • Jeff Goebel

    So this is a third release version with a different frequency set I guess, because the current t-Mobile one is suited for WIND/Mobilicity unlocked.

  • B

    GAh, Not telus!?

  • EmperumanV

    Ah looking forward to this.

    @Jeff Goebel The HTC Sensation 4G is the AWS one for T-Mobile/Wind/Mobilicity. The HTC Sensation is for the Big 3.

    • bob

      It’s still the same phone, different bands. Call it 4G if you wish, it’s HSPA (14.4 Mbps I think)


    Will virgin get this? The incredible S was suposed to be exclusive to bell too… But virgin has it

    • Adam

      You realize Bell owns Virgin Mobile in Canada right?

    • GMan

      @Adam you realize they operate as different brands right? You realize Bell exclusive doesn’t necessarily mean Virgin gets it too, just like phone on Rogers don’t always make it to Fido right?

  • asdjkgh

    now for the desire s 😉

  • EmperumanV


    If Bell gets a phone, Virgin will most likely get it. Just verify with them if you’re unsure.

  • snax

    Hmm encrypted bootloader but HTC promises to stop this silly practice. I guess this was sent to manufacturer before they could unlock it, lets hope HTC releases an unlock tool in the near future. I will buy this phone if I can install Cyanogen.

    • DocB

      Totally agree. If I can’t root it then its an absolute no go. No way will I wait for an update from the carrier. Too bad HTC won’t sell these direct and unbranded.

    • Apollo

      I hope HTC unlocks the bootloader. If they don’t im waiting for Nexus 3.

    • daveloft

      A locked bootloader doesn’t mean it can’t be rooted, just that installing a custom kernel is very difficult which means no good custom Rom support.

      But if you don’t like Sense just install Launcher Pro and skin it to look like Gingerbread.

      If your all about custom firmware and custom Rom’s wait for the Galaxy S II.

  • Wooot

    This is sooooo a Source store screenshot (can tell by the product number ) electronic stuff accesories at the sources always start by 171

  • EmperumanV

    I have a noob question regarding HTC phones and rooting. I know the Legend, Desire Z, myTouch, Desire HD and Nexus One were able to have root access. So let me get this straight, with the Sensation, one can’t root?

    • DocB

      All of the new generation HTCs (ie the 2011 models)shipped with a locked boot partition, so its going to be very difficult, if not impossible to root the phone (check out the XDA forums). HTC recently changed this policy, and future phones will ship with an unlocked bootloader.
      Now, if they go the route that Motorola is taking, and send a software update that unlocks the bootloader, you’ll be able to root.
      But as of right now, no you can’t root it.

  • Paul Q

    Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cares!

  • Wia

    I’m buying it from Bell with no contact. Screw it, I’ll give them the cash, now give me that HTC SENSATION!!! NOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!

  • Twigss

    It’s good to see it’s coming to bell, but when will the upate 2.3 for the htc incredible s come to bell and virigin? have been waiting for awhile now.

  • gavin

    GSII please!

  • GMan

    I might be concerned about the “Death Grip” if the grip was a natural one, like with the iPhone 4.
    But the HTC death grip is such an unnatural grip…discovered by someone who clearly has too much free time on his hands. With every phone you can probably find a “death grip” if you waste enough time on it. As long as the phone functions properly under a normal grip, it’s fine.

  • saffant


    Perhaps not so much during vertical/portrait orientation.. but flip it into landscape mode (watching a movie/game or what have u) and the wifi connection gets affected significantly.

  • Phil

    Looking forward to this phone and can’t wait to trade up from my galaxy s vibrant. I’ll never buy another samsung phone till they get rid of Kies and go to ota. As a mac user, Kies sucks! Long live HTC!