Rogers Xperia Play dropping to $0.00 for the final Best Buy “Free Phone Friday” (on 3-year)


  • Jeff

    sounds safe

  • andy c

    so if i’m with Rogers and have a contract that expires June 2012 could i get the contract price of zero if i paid the early HUP penalty?

    • chall2k5

      isn’t it cheaper to buy the phone outright than pay the EDUF plus the new activation fee?

    • andy c


      if i get a new phone through rogers hup today it will cost me the price of the new phone + $35 activation + $130 for early upgrade + tax

      if the phone is zero i’m only paying 130+35+tax. i can make back that money by selling my existing phone

  • Billy

    “INQ chat with Koodo with a $0 TAB”

    Free phone with $0 TAB, am I missing something? I can just go in and grab it?

    • Alex Perrier

      No. There’s still a credit check and some paper work required. Minimum $15 plan. Friday only. So there you go. 🙂

    • R

      Except with Koodo, you do pay for the phone afterwards, techinically, you don’t own it.

  • Terry

    WOW! Oh wait, 3 year contract.

    • t

      Three year contract model is a fail. This is so fail that everybody who has a cell phone are forced to lock-in or simply renewing on a 3 year.

      The consequence is, no one is signing a new activation contract.

      This is a vicious cycle.

      (When iPhone 4S comes out, every one will line up again for upgrade)

  • Colin

    They guy in the picture holding the Sony Ericcsson Play must be a giant! The phone looks small.

  • JigSaw

    so is this for new activation only? or does it also apply to existing Rogers customer?

  • Tom@BBM

    If your an existing Rogers customer you dont get the Best Buy price, you get Rogers’ price. However, if you have an account with Rogers with only one line, what you can do is try to get someone to take over that line and simply add on to your account. Then you get the Best Buy price.

    PS: Terry & t: Your welcome to buy the phone outright for 500$ and still pay the same monthly fee for about the same amount of time. Just take the free phone and stop whining.

  • Prenz T.

    Just as I thought!

    Got the Xperia Play 2 weeks back.Oh well.

  • Tom@BBM

    You have a whole month to return it hassle free.

  • Amanda

    Tom@BBM, it’s a 14 day return period at best buy.

    And the free phone Fridays excludes renewals and upgrades.

  • Tom@BBM

    I know, i work there; i was referring to his comment with the idea in mind that he’d purchased it @ a Rogers store.