Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab to be upgraded to Android OS 2.3


  • Alex Perrier

    Not too bad for a budget device. But what are the minimum system requirements for 3.0?

    Also, at $400 outright or $150-$200 contract, it may be better to pay less for a budget tablet, or pay more for a better one.

  • Marlow

    I think they should rename the power saving money on the Internet release. Ondemand governor is the only cpu governor that currently works so expect greater battery drain. It is smoother but battery consumption alittle bit of higher.

    In my opinion this is how it should be shipped but if you’ve had gps issues it won’t fix it off the bat without tweaking.

  • Marlow

    I meant power saving in 2.3 release isn’t really expect greater battery drain when using.

    *autocorrect still sucks*

  • zorxd

    It’s already released in Nordic countries (JVH). Nice to see that North America is next after Europe. Last time (2.2) North America was last.

  • Bob

    update will probally take forever to get here,, be interesting to see battery life is like,,

    my battery life is good now as the phone just sits in a drawer

  • JSKershaw

    I have a Samsung Captivate already running 2.3.3.

    It’s so easy to root and flash a new ROM. I have been flashing Roms on my phone since January when I took the plunge and rooted my phone. It’s super easy all you need to do is read the XDA forums. No need to wait for “Official” releases if you want the latest update today.

  • Matt

    Has any one heard anything about 3.0? I would much rather have that on my tablet than a simple upgrade to 2.3. I do remember Samsung saying somewhere they would upgrade to 3.0

  • Cody

    so i could download the android 2.3 now????

  • Alex Perrier

    FYI, love the Galaxy Tab, but the price is more or less the same than the (refurbished, original) iPad.

    IMHO $300 to $350 would be a better price range for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Also Honeycomb would be nice, if possible.

  • tweak_four17

    So will we have to wait for bell to get around to making their version of the gingerbread rom? my wife won’t root her tab, just curious if I’m looking at more months after it comes to Canada.

  • Grenovic

    If I were to throw out an estimated guess as to when North America will see the upgrade in relation to the “mid-May” for the UK and Nordic countries, then I’d have to say July or August which would mean Q3. But I wouldn’t be shocked if we didn’t see anything until mid-September. I only say that because I think we all know how the big 3 like to make us sweat.

  • Jagators

    galaxy tab 10 inch will get 3.1 but not 7 inch tab, sorry.

  • OMG Ponies!

    Likely will have SGS2 before 2.3 launches for SGS.

  • OMG Ponies!

    *because the carriers will sit on the update, “testing”.