Video Review: G-Form Extreme Sleeve for the iPad 2 (takes on a car)


  • Luqman

    Wait till you pull it out of the sleeve and drop it lol

  • djFreed

    Awesome… Awesome…. Awesome.

  • Highdefiniasian

    If only it didnt look so hideous

  • ben

    id hardly call the toyota matrix a car @_@

  • aka

    This product is great for transporting the iPad (or any tablet that fits inside the case). So it fits a niche market.

    Most people that owns the tablets are using it at home anyway, unless you have kids at home that throws your iPad 5 feet up in the air, I don’t see any benefits for home use.

    • Jake

      You’re right, most of the time you are just going to look like an iDouche-bag carrying the iPad around anywhere out of the house. 7″ tablets are much more inconspicuous, and truly “portable”. Do they make this case in a smaller version?

  • t

    Accidents always happens when the pad is outside the sleeve.

  • Dill


    How much money did G-form pay you to make the commercial lol. Try hitting it with a hammer, if it works ill buy one.


  • Ben

    Try dropping it on one of its four corners.

  • ipad case

    Is this the same case which was thrown out from a helicopter? This is awesome!

  • Honda


  • Fenrir767

    Unfortunately when it comes to this case it’s not very practical your looking at spending at least 105$ to get a functional case as you need the Extreme sleeve and the smart cover since the case can’t be folded to make a keyboard. Amazing case. it simply as little to no practical use.

  • Simon Sage

    Hah, that must have been a nerve-wracking couple of seconds once the music had stopped.