Videotron set to release the HTC Glacier (Mobilicity HTC Panache)?


  • Birthday Boy

    Kind of like when Wind had the HTC Maple and Mobilicity had the HTC Snap… both are the exact same phones.

  • wewewi

    That’s a “Desire S”, no more, no less.

  • artstate

    Their store is awesome to look at from both inside and outside..

  • Jean

    Amazing looking store.

  • Halo

    Amazing store their plans suck

    • Amadeus1958

      Why do you say their plans suck?

      I’m planning to go with Videotron, so I would like to know.

  • asdkljgas

    if you go on videotron’s site, they spell telephone “telephony” prob cause of french ver: telephonie…… lol fail.

    • JFrosty

      You do realize that “telephony” is a valid word, right?

  • Dre

    Lol all the new entrants are doing pretty well except for public mobile. But why is it wind can’t get any good android phones..

  • LEKO

    The question is: Is the bootloader locked or unlocked?

  • Anonymus

    I can confirm that it will be called panache and it’s for the 26th of may 😉