Future Shop launching ConnectPro “Smartphone Services” this Friday

Future Shop has a service called “ConnectPro” and these employees currently can help educate you on your electronics purchase and then install/repair your home stereos, computers, iPods, car stereos etc… but on Friday Future Shop will be launching “Smartphone Services” to the list. This will officially be announced tomorrow and this service will be available in 146 stores across the country. We’ve been informed that they’ll be offering basic “Smartphone set-up and personalization”; “Smartphone set-up with security” and “Smartphone setup with security and protection”. All these will come in at different price points that range from $49.99 – $129.99 and you can either go to the store or for and extra $49.99 a ConnectPro rep will come to your home. This sounds like it’s a crash course on cellphone education.

Straight from the doc we received here are the details of each:

Smartphone set-up and personalization, $49.99, includes:

– Initial setup. ConnectPro experts will take care of all initial set-ups on the smartphone, including voicemail password, email, transfer of prior phone data to the new device, Bluetooth set-up and demonstrate the powers the device carries.

– Personalization. ConnectPro ensures the smartphone user account is configured properly, default apps, software setup and updates, eliminate dead pixels, perform a network test and ensures the audio and input are working optimally.

– Wireless printer setup. Today’s smartphones are “smart” enough to do more than just call, text and surf the web. Canadians with printers offering web or e-print capabilities, ConnectPro will set up the smartphone to print at the touch of the screen.

– ConnectPro tutorial. Once the smartphone is set-up professionally by ConnectPro, a demo will be provided of how to maximize the device. Included in the demo are the following: how to connect the device to a computer for updates and media transfer, navigate built-in apps, download new apps, adjust settings, browse the web, save favourites and use the device as a GPS.

Smartphone set-up with security, $79.99, includes all of the above, plus:
– Security installation. Smartphones are much like handheld computers. With that come similar threats that can compromise the functions of the smartphone and information contained within it. In addition to the above set-up and personalization, ConnectPro will install security software to block viruses, malware, harmful websites and apps to keep the smartphone running error-free.

Smartphone set-up with protection, $79.99, includes all of the smartphone set-up, personalization, plus:

– Zagg Invisible Shield with install. Smartphones deserve to be protected from their daily grind. Included in this service is set-up, personalization and the installation of an award-winning Zagg Invisible Shield, bubble-free and perfectly placed to protect the smartphone from unexpected spills and scratches.

– Smartphone setup with security and protection, $119.99, and includes all of the above.

(Thanks tipster!)

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