This weeks Best Buy “Free Phone Fridays” is all Android: Nexus S, Atrix, Desire HD


  • JTe

    They say Nexus S from Rogers/Fido. What about Nexus S from Telus?

    • BT

      Doesn’t look like it.

  • taro

    optimus one is already ‘free’ with tab lol

    • sdklgjas

      i don’t get why koodo is listed here either lol. they don’t even have contracts…

  • Dan J

    Seems like EVERYONE is bracing for the release of the GS2. Why would anyone bother with anything else?

    • jayjay

      Because you need a phone now… you dont need that much of power…. if you always wait for the new iphone killer you will never get a phone in your entire life… they are already talking about a sg3 and the 2 is not realese here…. would you wait for the sg3???

    • monsterduc1000

      Man I hope so. I have been itching for something new for a while now. I have even been looking at unlocked Atrixes on Kijiji, but my past experience with Moto’s laziness on updates and this aging, undersupported Milestone has made me very hesitant.

      SGS2 or HTC dual core here I come!!! Get here SOON!!!

  • Jerry

    The Atrix sounds like a good deal, Too bad it’s exclusive to Bell.

  • Prenz T.

    awww wanted Xperia Play 🙁

  • mdonalds72

    Does this only apply to NEW 3-year contracts? Or, would it also apply if I am interested in doing an early HUP?

    • JPTN

      Says right in the graphic… TWICE.
      “… 3-year NEW activation.”

  • Xer

    Let’s be more specific. It is free but you need to be on a 3 year term!

  • Rich

    Agreed on SG S2. If Best Buy puts that on Free Friday, I’m all over it.

  • Max

    iPhone 4 please!!!

  • kyle

    phones are not free. will never be free, basically the phone is only financed over a 3 year term. like getting a car. you leave the dealership paying $0 but pay a monthly fee each and every month until the term is done, just like cellphones. the phone is $0 at the store but you pay a fee every month until the 3 years is over , but instead of paying the full price like $499.99 you pay over $1,000 for that $0 phone you thought it was free. why sign a contract when you can buy it by credit card and pay that off monthly would still be way way cheaper. but go with mobilicity or wind which have voice and data plans way way cheaper half that price cause they don’t charge the phone subsidize price since you buy the phones.

    • Vansfield

      What’s the point of going to Wind or Mobi if they do not have any coverage where I am?

  • Tom@BBM

    Kyle, your perfectly welcome spend 500$ and buy the phone outright and STILL pay roughly the same monthly fee…so youll pay 2500 over 3 years rather than 2000. And your equally free to go to Mobilcity or chatr or Wind…and stay in their pathetic zones.

    • kyle

      Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido, Koodo, all have the same zones as well, if you leave your calling area your charged long distance the same as wind and mobilicity theres no difference at all. but mobilicity and wind are much much better cause if you go into any major city across Canada you get to use the unlimited services cause all major cities are all zones which the big 3 dont let you do

  • Raz

    @Kyle, let’s just say that the new entrants are not necessarily in all areas, like in MTL where I live. I’d love to pay 40$ or so and have unl data + voice + txt since I like to buy my phones outright, but that won’t happen anytime soon.