Mobilicity HTC “Panache” to retail for $499.99, launch imminent


  • Arber

    sad how mobilicity are getting these phones and wind is not getting s**t

    • nexxus

      i know eh. this has an htc sense so if someone try to steal your phone youll able to locate who took it and where they brought it =) .. oh well oh well.. you might be surprise cause a good friend might take it

  • Cody

    My Touch?

  • Andy

    good job mobilicity!

  • Rich

    This is one of those release-it-and-forget-it Android phones. Stick with the Nexus S.

    • Amar

      Actually this phone otherwise known as the Mytouch 4G, is better than the Samsung Nexus S, it has more ram and a better processor. It has beaten the Nexus One, G2, Galaxy S and so much more in speed tests and specs. Don’t forget this has amazing build, has a lot of metal and I have this phone. Not the HTC Panache variant but the original one.

    • mike

      Is has a bit more RAM (768 vs 512) but the processor is not better. They are both 45nm 1GHz ARMv7 CPU (very similar). The main difference is the Adreno 205 GPU which is worse than the PowerVR SGX540.

      This phone is very similar to the Desire HD and Inspire S. But I think it’s the worst of the three since the screen is smaller.

  • Faruk

    Given that this is priced equivalently to the Nexus S, is there anybody who would actually buy this phone instead? Might have been more useful if it was priced in the $400-450 range… Otherwise the Nexus S is a way better buy.

    • TCom

      This is the mytouch 4G. Actually a better phone than the Nexus S. Way better design, better camera, SD card and actually has a decent email client out of the box that you can search. Nexus S is cool, but too bare bones.

  • Marky Mark

    Re-badged MyTouch for $500? No thanks…

    Bring then HTC Sensation for $500 and then we’re talking.

  • asdgkj

    i want an htc desire (or even better:desire s) with koodo!

    • Sean

      Then go buy one … they offer the Nexus S

  • Blaise

    pan-ache? Not to sure about the name, or the price

    • asdkg

      dash: distinctive and stylish elegance; “he wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer”

      is it pronounced “panash” or “panachee”

  • Duncan

    Isn’t the MyTouch $420 at

  • someone

    Why doesn’t someone just pay an extra $50 for the HTC Incredible S (buy it at P-mall, they have the Euro/Asian versions which support AWS, but make sure you make them check if it works first).

  • Kamino

    Hmm… I bought the tmobile version on ebay for 300 :). Best deal ever.

  • Amar

    I bought mine off Ebay for 280 :). It has been the best deal for a phone that I’ve ever gotten. This phone is fast and everything. I’m surprised Mobilicity is pushing to get all these good phones and WIND does nothing. What is their problem? Mobilicity literally pushed HTC to make them a special variant of the Tmobile flagship and now using it for their own purpose. Look at Moblicity’s premium phone lineup. It beats WIND, which is really saddening me to see. Seriously look at how Mobilicity pushes strong devices all the time. WInd has been doing nothing, and don’t get me wrong I’m with WIND right now on an amazing plan but I had to go out of my way to get a good phone.

    • Faruk

      WOW now that is a nice deal!!

    • Radar

      Buy it and bring it to Wind. The same you can do with the Wind phones.

  • Big 3

    mobi, you are getting great smartphones and obviously they are usually around $500. Give us some agreement options so we can pay less up front!

  • Pissed off Windy

    Does Mobi offer coverage in Burlington?? Can there signal penetrate buildings better then Wind?? How about there data speeds?? It can’t be any worse then Wind, it’s like EDGE+ on my T-mobile G2!! 🙁

    If it works in Burlington, then I’m switching tomorrow!!!

  • littlebabywawa

    Good to see Mobilicity wiping Wind’s azz like crazy!

    Go Mobi.

  • Apollo

    Mobilicity is a joke. They have very poor coverage and bad customer service. It doesn’t matter what phones they release. I predict they will be out of business by the end of the year.

  • Radar

    Mobi is useless – they don`t have normal stores and the coverage area is very small.

    • Natureca

      Mobilicity is not useless, they have tons of normal stores and although the coverage area is smaller then Winds they are not trying to be a national carrier. They are trying to be city wide, in all the major cities.

      I’ve used mobilicity for about 4 months now and for my general use (always in the GTA for about 95% of my usage) its more then fine. I lived off its internet for 2 weeks while my cable was being installed, it streamed for my boxee box just fine and having the unlimited was fantastic. (The 12GB usage bill would of been insane on telus)

      Wind / Mobilicity aren’t fighting each other they are trying to be different things. Wind is more of a traditional carrier, trying to be one of the big “four”, where mobilicity again just wants to be city by city.

  • crunch204

    @Big 3 – agreement options so you can pay less up front? Sounds like your looking for a term 🙂

  • littlebabywawa

    Ahhh…listen to the Fanboys…pretty disturbed Mobi is doing better and none of them are probably with the provider…bottom line that’s not what the Subs say after leaving Wind Mobile which is plain garbage.

  • boris

    i transfered to wind from rogers, and im still using a temporary number, wtf, its been more than 6 hours as they guaranteed me to be the max amount of time i should wait, did any one else experience this problem