Staples ramping up tablets… will sell the ASUS 10.1-inch Android Eee Pad Transformer and the Acer Iconia 10-inch


  • Skrutor

    If I didn’t still need to buy odd types of paper products I’d never set foot in a staples again. Thier tech is always grossly overpriced compared to electronics stores. I weep for little old ladies buying ram there.

    • ad

      I’m sorry to tell you that it’s totally false what you say. First Staples price match our competitors if they all have the same item.

      be patient we have already received the Acer inconia in store and the warehouse in Montreal, Quebec 112 asus tabs with the dock station sales separatly, they are expects to be delivered in store soon.

      i worked here as a part time technician

  • user

    phantom stocks again???

  • Rory

    out of stock online, wonder if its in retail locations. they should have a coming soon instead of out of stock and new if thats the case.

  • SomeGuy

    The Asus transformer is out of stock everywhere. I purchased one from Staples last week and they were in stock at the time. They will also have the HP WebOS tablets within the next few months. To my understanding each store will be carrying at least 10 different tablets, by mid summer.

  • Dave

    This is not really “new” news. If you checked the asus website, they list all vendors selling this tablet. Heck.. Even walmart in the us is selling it. Not canada though.
    In canada you can get it at ncix, staples(online only for now), visions, canada computers and newegg(i may have missed one.. Sorry). I’m personally waiting for the samsung 10.1 tab to see what they have to offer in the way of price. Hopefully Samsung canada matches the us release date of june 8

  • RichieRich

    This info is a little slow. They have had those tablets up online since the release date of the Transformer, which was over a week ago. Love the site but why post week old news?

  • Mike

    Staples will also be selling the ipad 2 so watch out for that.

    • i8staples

      TRy to sell these without pushing warranty on customer throth and see what your district manager say to you .you guys are stupid working without commission and raping customer off just to make your ASP and ESP rate high so you keep your job.
      your price matching is not very easy at all you make you customer jump through the hoops before any thing happen .it make you look good on paper but reality is otherwise.Find a better job my friend staple will die down like office depot like blockbuster.

  • Marc

    Anyone thinking of buying from Staples online do a search for phantom stock with regards to them. The asus transformer has been out for weeks and people have been trying to order from staples when the stock showed in stock online, on the day of expected delivery staples calls to cancel order. I went to two brick and morter stores and at the one they had no idea and kept pushing the playbook, the other store worker was condesending and said they would only carry it online as it wasnt as popular as the playbook.
    Ps bought my transformer from a popular online store and they sent it when they did have stock. I typed this on it and love it; awesome tablet!

  • espink

    Staples actually has some pretty good deals. Last week, my parents picked up a new netbook for $214 including taxes and shipping.

  • Never

    I’m surprised people still shop there.

  • Mario

    Canada Computers also sells both. I find they’re pretty good at keeping stock of the hard to find items

    • notmario

      “Canada Computers also sells both. I find they’re pretty good at keeping stock of the hard to find items”

      Yeah…as long as it’s NOT in their main “downtown” TO store

  • Faiz Imam

    The Iconia tablet is on sale in Staples retail locations. I saw both the Android and Windows(lol) version there this week.

    didn’t ask about stock, but they had working demos on spiffy looking tables.