Samsung Galaxy S II coming to Canada by early Q3


  • Alpha Psi

    My bet is on the $550 price point. Anything higher will mean lower sales.

    • zorxd

      This is Canada. Sales will mostly depends on the 3 year price. If it’s $150, it will sell well, especially if this releases before the iPhone 5, which will probably be $650 or more anyways.

    • KingK

      It will be at least $599.

      Can’t see it being any lower.

  • Salem

    As long as I can order one from oversees I couldn’t care less about when it comes to Canada. We are so far behind on releases of electronic devices it’s not even funny.

    • Alpha Psi

      I don’t know what you’re on, but this is no longer true. Guess where the Ipad, Ipad2,Nexus S, etc debuted first? That’s right North America!

      Most electronics have the same release dates world-wide. Unless you want to pay a 100% premium to get your device 2 weeks earlier.

    • zorxd

      The problem is that North America do not always mean Canada.
      The Nexus S was available in December in the USA, and a few weeks later in Europe.
      It took 4 months to get to Canada. Pathetic.

    • bummy

      at least Rogers made a deal with Sony Ericsson to get their flagships here faster.

      x10 was launched in Canada as one of the first in the world. And the timely release of Arc and Play is very welcomed as well.

      Samsung is dropping the ball with Nexus and GS2 here… sigh.

    • zorxd

      Too bad their flagship phones don’t compete with flagship phones from the other brands.

    • howi

      @Salem: I would not do the same if there are multiple variants – especially to those do not support 3G in the UMTS Band II (1900) and V (850) for the majority North American carriers and Band IV (AWS) for the new entrants.

    • bummy

      I don’t understand why you guys thumbed down my comment above… You guys may not prefer the SE line up, but that doesn’t deny the fact that SE release their products in Canada a lot sooner tha Samsung is proving.

    • zorxd

      The Arc competes more with the SGS1 than the SGS2. So we can say that it is 8 months late.
      It is also 6 months after the very similar Desire HD.

    • bummy

      Thats absurd. We’re talking about cellphone release dates in Canada compared to the rest of the world.

      NOT which phone has higher specs.

  • P Durcek

    UK release May 1st. Canada Q3? lol This device looks good, but not good enough to be waiting until Q3 – I’m up for renewal soon and what ever dual core phone is close to Galaxy S2 at that point wins my $$.

    • zorxd

      Then it will be the Atrix. The only choice so far. I bet the SGS2 will be here before the HTC Sensation.
      “early Q3” means July, right?
      If so it’s only 2 months after the UK. Better than average for a Canadian release.

    • BT

      Could be the Optimus 2x/G2x too – but with zero information on Canadian releases of that one, I wouldn’t count on it being sooner than the SGS2.

      And it’s AWS, which means you’ve got to live in the right market to use it.

    • daveloft

      It’s no different than the first Galaxy S which came out in March in Europe and then didn’t hit Canada till August\September.

  • Sean

    Yeah the iPads were a few weeks, the Nexus S a few months. This phone is being released in less then a month in Europe. And well as long as we beat the states to the phone and we DO NOT get various models for each carrier.

    Go the apple route the same phone across all the carriers. Don’t make the consumer choose between a front camera or a camera flash and it makes software updates much faster

  • Jay

    I’d like to see real world usage how the battery handles

  • bummy

    MAY??? thats way too late.
    I’ve been waiting for this one since Feburary @ MWC…

    Q3 puts it in the same time as iPhone5 (potentially), as well half way to next years MWC. What happend?? And UK Launches GS2 in May? Come on…

    • bummy

      Ooops… I meant to say, “Q3?!?!?!?”
      Too fustrated with that launch date to type properly.

  • Phil

    I’m currently a Virgin Mobile customer (pre-paid service) and I plan to move to Videotron to get the new Nexus S this week. But, I would be happy to wait until the release of this phone in Canada because it seems so much better, but do u guys know if Videotron has any chance to have this phone? Or it’s going to be only for the big three?

    • zorxd

      I bet Videotron won’t get it. They are a too small carriers and can’t get good phones.
      Plus, the announced version is not compatible with Videotron’s network (only 850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz UMTS). So Videotron would need to convince Samsung to make them a special version of the device. They are too small, they have to wait after T-Mobile.

    • Fayez

      Most probably big-3 Phil. Such is the case with flagship phones. The smaller carriers like mobilicity and videotron can’t handle the buy-in price to carry these flagships, and manufacturers would rather deal with carriers that maximize customer reach. Sad but true…

    • BBDUDE

      If you want the nexus S, videotron isn’t the right choice, since it has very unique bands, that none of the other major carriers support, making the unlocked nature of the phone entirely useless. Additionally, their service is slow and coverage lackluster… And I would be EXTREMELY surprised to see a GSM phone get ported over like that… DON’T DO IT!!! Besides, you could probably get yourself a better plan at virgin by convincing them you’re gonna leave!

  • M.J.

    Yah no more waiting for me, about two weeks ago I decided to quit it with Rogers of whom I had no quarrel with, but I just felt they werent living up to there so called “Android Revolution” while Bell was bringing the Incredible S and the Atrix to there stable. So I went to Bell and copped myself a Motorola Atrix. It is the fastest thing ever! lol And Bells network I feel like I have WiFi everywhere.

    Just wanted to give my opinion, this is definitely going to be one sexy phone, but if you cant wait any longer, you wont be disappointed with the Atrix one bit.

    • Jerry

      I too feel the same way about Rogers. I just ended up ordering a Atrix 4G out of the US and unlocking it. Save my upgrade for the Galaxy S3 or an HTC next year. If Rogers can bring out some good phones. I am impressed Bell has brought out the best phones for the last year.

    • nvx

      Are you sure you don’t work for bell?

  • Amelie

    I’ve waiting for about 2 month, watching preview, news and spec on the web, to ear what? That I need to wait another 5 month to get this phone, while UK is enjoying it…screw Samsung, EPIC FAIL!

  • Carl

    As one stated earlier, early Q3 means somewhere in July, I think that ain’t so bad! With a possible date at the end of Q2 but I doubt that… I think this is good news

  • Rohit

    Samsung Galaxy S 2 does look like the phone I have been waiting for, but I’m also waiting for that HTC 3d phone if that’s what’s it called. When will Canada get that?

    • zorxd

      The HTC Evo 3D will be a Sprint Wimax smartphone. Just like the Original Evo, don’t expect it in Canada.
      There will probably be the HTC Sensation however. But who cares about 3D on a phone anyways?

  • darylscool

    bummy: but the x10 was crap. nobody else in the world wanted it, and that’s why canada was one of the first to get it.

    • bummy

      I disagree. x10 is complete comparable to Galaxy S. Better camera too.

      The issues with delayed OS, and no multi-touch seemed like a big problem for people on forums and tech community. But majority of the people don’t care about these things.

      As far as I remember, the x10 line-up saved Sony Ericsson.

  • Ronald

    Thank you, Ian, for asking that question. I’ll keep using my $65 dumb phone until the SGS2 comes out. Then I am in, providing the cost is not outrageous. Hopefully I’ll have a decent choice of carrier.

    They aren’t planning on having different versions of this phone for each carrier, are they?

    I wonder when the Tab 8.9 will arrive. And if an SGS2 with a Tab 8.9 WiFi would suit my needs, or if I should get the HSPA+ version of the Tab. Well, I have a long time to ponder that…..

  • Bobby

    Newbie question here.

    I was about to purchase the Nexus S today or tomorrow but would prefer the SG2. If I waited to purchase the SG2 off the internet from say Ebay or somewhere else, would this phone be compatible in Canada with say Rogers or Telus? I do understand that with the exchange rate, shipping, customs, etc this would be more expense than by the time it is release in Canada but is there something that would prevent me from being able to use this here?

    • tj

      The frequencies on teh SGS2 as they announced makes it perfectly compatible with Rogers, Bell and telus.

  • B-Side

    i can’t re-sign for an upgrade with rogers before august 6th…so i will wait Q3! But still way too long!

  • stephan

    due for an upgrade in june, if mroe solid info on release date pops up around that time I will hold off for this I think.

  • Dom

    if i buy this phone when its out by May unlocked from Europe if it breaks or has some problems with it would i have some sort of warranty on it? or where could i send it? Samsung?
    sorry if its a dumb question but i just want to be clear with all this buying phones overseas stuff.(talking about Canada btw)i really don’t want to have a 700 dollar broken phone from Europe and no way to fix it 😛

  • ksdjga

    samsung all the way! incredible device. the iphone 4 looks years outdated beside this, and i doubt the iphone 5 will be much different.

  • khush

    I think ppl should note the success of thunderbolt in the U.S which is basicaly a desire HD which we have here it has done wonders in sales and completely over shadows the atrix 4g. no one even talks about the phone anymore the only place i notice is those lame Bell commercials. it just goes to show you dont need dual core processors to have a good phone and anyone who has tried and artix 4g out can tell u there is nothing speedy about that thing

    • Rory

      the HTC desire would have been awesome if it had a front camera, start of last year it was ok to not have one, now all smartphones should have them. plus it sucks going from having one to not having one.

  • chris

    OMG! i’ve been waiting for this news for sooo long!!! I’ll finally purchase my first smart phone when this phone comes around. I am considering this, iphone 5(?), and any new android phone that will hit the market around this time. YAY!!!

  • Nico

    I kind of want this phone. Not sure

  • Sam

    I don’t know why you people bash on samsung like that for the release date. The time frame between europe and canada launch date are the same as last year for the SGS 1 (if you consider the bell version wich is closer to the i9000 than the other). And don’t forget that the problem is comming from the carriers. They have to add their bloatware and theire lock for the sim card so you can’t change carrier without paying. Then there might be a carrier that wants to have it exclusively or before the others so there’s a price to discuss with samsung and the list of delays comming from the carriers goes on and on and on. It’s almost always the same with device launch comming from samsung or HTC.

    • pd

      Those are all very logical reasons explaining why it may take so long to bring the phone to Canada. Now, how is that the customer’s fault? This isn’t the first product that Samsung is releasing in Canada and most of the negotiation with the carriers can be done while the phone production is being finalized. I think the more honest reason for the delay is that they don’t want to cut into their own profits as they just released the Nexus S and they want to give it some breathing room before they bring out the Galaxy S2.

  • KC

    So, if you had a choice getting the Samsung Galaxy SII or the Samsung Nexus S which would you choose?

  • Kelly

    Samsung Galaxy SII or Samung Nexus S – which would you choose for a person new to an Android phone?

  • jalin2

    Thanks for the info. Waiting for this phone is just so painful. I was committed to getting this but given the release time frame.. may have to just wait and see how iPhone 5 is…

  • CaptainZangetsu

    I would choose Nexus S because of the updates Samsung is always terrible in updates. Look at the history of the Galaxy S line. Samsung just gunna update it once and let it die and on to the next new product

  • Bri

    is samsung that bad at updating their devices in Canada??
    I want to get this phone over nexus s but knowing the fact about their updates, I don’t know anymore.. what if I root the device? can I do the update myself?? I don’t know much about androids..

  • Sheryl

    This is just really exciting news! My friend just got the SGS1 which I was waiting for. I was going to get the Sony Ericsson Arc which just released in Canada a few days ago but was unhappy with the internal memory specs. My current phone is working just fine so I have no problem waiting until Q3… as long as it is actually Q3 🙂 Go Samsung!

  • Moo Cho

    Apples about to be destroyed anyway by Samsung becuase Apple sued Samsung for copying their Iphones but Samsung sued Apple too because they are the ones who created smartphones and Apple copied all the important parts to make a smartphone. Now all the other phone companies are teaming up with Samsung and if Samsung wins, the bet was that if Samsung wins, they will take all the Apple products away and right now Samsung is owning Apple. Sorry but Good Bye Apple.

  • Anonymoose

    -Just ordered my Galaxy S2 from Expansys for $700, received it in 2 days. F*** Rogers, Telus, etc. It’s not worth $150 savings to re-sign for another 3 year rape contract with them when this phone can move to any other carrier.

  • JetsBback

    Will this come to Virgin?

  • Shqipe

    0To be honest I think it sulohd be like that for all Android Phones.If I had a say I think It sulohd be like this.Google sulohd set standard for handset makers to follow. Including the assortment of hard/soft buttons, processors, and screen resolution.All Android phones come stock, And you choose what cover UI you want.- You pay for the cover UI and you deal with there updates.- Also It branches out SO if you want a phone on a certain provider that didnt carry that UI then you can get it.Im pretty sure there are alot more logistics to it but heck, a guy can dream right.