Bell releasing the Samsung Galaxy 551 April 28th


  • Sean

    Hmm if your going for a slider android on Bell why would you choose this over the Desire Z… The Desire Z is getting updated to gingerbread and I don’t see this getting the upgrade …

    Also when i saw this I was hoping it was the Galaxy s II Release date … makes me a sad panda

    • zorxd

      This phone better be much cheaper than the Desire Z, of course.

  • zorxd

    667 MHz CPU and 512MB RAM (according to PDADB).

  • Sean

    @ Zorxd

    When I buy a phone i know it may cost like $100 or more at the start over a cheap phone but that cheap phone would have the same monthly bill as the expensive one so i’d be a good investment that’s why i tend to buy the high end phones

    • zorxd

      Some cheap phones can be had without a data plan.
      But I agree that I wouldn’t take a $50/month 3 years contract even if they gave me this phone for free.

  • crunch204

    good entry level droid

  • Matt

    any word on it coming to Virgin Mobile as well? would be a nice upgrade from the 550, the addition of a qwerty keyboard is always nice to see for those who aren’t keen on touchscreen keyboards, especially on a screen that size.