Nexus S launching in Canada on April 14th


  • Dan J

    Meh… thanks anyways. Galaxy S 2, where are you????

  • JC

    me want me want
    lets hope the pricing doesn’t disappoint

  • Maxime Roy

    April 14, 2011, Wow ! I hope the price is right too since the first Galaxy S phones were launched almost 1 year ago (June 2010), and frankly paying a premium for a 1 year old tech, hummmmm, not sure.

  • Maxime Roy

    I also hope it’s going to be a 4G device like the US new one.

    • zorxd

      Aidn’t you follow the news? All Canadian networks are now 4G 😛
      So yes, it will be a “4G” 7.2 Mbps HSDPA device.

  • Graham

    vanilla android ftw!! Specs really don’t matter as much as timely updates.

    • jellmoo

      I agree completely. If I were in the market for an Android phone, this is the one I would choose for that very reason.

  • pr0cs

    After seeing how hard it is to get Samsung to commit to updates for the SGS I would be hard pressed to recommend the SGS2 over the Nexus S, even if the hardware is better.

    • daveloft

      Samsung updated all 6 Galaxy S devices in Canada in reasonable time frame and they are working on 2.3. What more do you want?

  • Tom

    It is a bit hard to resist the pull of the Atrix or the Galaxy S II since both have much better hardware then the Nexus…

    But I think that NFC is going to become important, and I love the fact that the Nexus phones get their updates over-the-air. I don’t want to have to install iTunes or Samsung’s Kies on my computer – both are pigs.

    So, I’ll resist the temptation of the ‘latest’ hardware, and go with the Nexus on the 14th.

  • Shillo

    You should list all the prices that you have heard for it so far. That way I would have some rough idea how much to save up for it.

    But thanks for the news. I have been patiently waiting for the Nexus S for a while now. It is time to jump ship from BB8530 to a Android.

  • ken

    i hope its not too expensive, i placed a preorder for 50 dollar deposit at futureshop yesterday! hopefully i’ll get it on the 14th

  • Mark

    Peolple buy laptops with 3 year old technology all the time. I nevet get the negativity when it comes to mobile devices..

    Its a dev phone, meaningthe focus is software running on decent enough hardware. If you want latest and greatest consumer product theres tons out and coming with bloatware.

    • daveloft

      Ok then, enjoy your Windows Mobile smartphone.

    • BT

      It’s not like it’s a real slouch in the hardware department either. It’ll still rank near the top of the most powerful phones available on the Canadian market (ie: not imported from or purchased in another country) when it hits the shelves.

      Sure, the Galaxy S II will be more powerful, and the LG Optimus 2x/G2x will be more powerful… but neither of those are on the Canadian market yet, and by the time they are there will just be another more powerful phone in the pipeline.

  • sookster54

    Looks like a good time to upgrade from my Desire!

  • S3v3r3

    You will see this device on Koodo for at least 150$ less than other companies, this is good for them.

    • James


      Probably not…Other companies offer larger subsidies in exchange for fixed term contracts. With Koodo’s current tab model, it can only have a 150 dollar price drop, with Rogers, they could do like they do with every 500-600 dollar phone and sell it for 100-200 on a 3 year

  • David

    When I pre-ordered it at BestBuy, There was a samsung rep there, He had the Nexus S, On him, actually showed it to me briefly (looks very thin in person) and He said it would be released april 7th or 8th.

    • cybik

      were you allowed to touch it?

    • David

      No, The BestBuy Employee did tho, It was just great timing. When I got there the Samsung Rep was showing the BestBuy Mobile employee the phone, And I asked him about the release date and he was pretty sure on April 7th or 8th. The date posted here seems a little late, They said early April not mid April.

  • phew

    @James: and in 3 years, they steal like 2k$ from ur pocket! Wake up!

    • James


      Yeah, 2k over 3 years…That’s 55/month on a plan. If you’ve got a good retentions plan with a major carrier, you’re looking at around 45-50/month for service with Data, lots of minutes, nights at 6, texting, mms, voicemail. Don’t give me that Wind/Mobi crap because they don’t provide service in my area, and I have a mobile phone so I can be MOBILE (ie: Not stay in the 20Km that these providers DON’T offer the entire country.

      Everyone bitches about contracts (I’m not saying I support contracts), but they ALL pay EVERY MONTH for cell service. The way I look at it, I’m going to be paying 50 dollars to someone, guaranteed…So why not go with the guy who’s going to give me 4-500 off on my phone?

  • Joe

    I was itching to get the Nexus S until I found out I can’t get 3G data on it because I’m with Fido. Heart = broken.

    • Sahil

      the ones sold by FS/BB will support 3G on the Rogers/Fido/Bell/Telus

    • Mark

      @Joe the current model that’s out in the US wouldn’t get 3G on Fido, however I believe the release in Canada is also going to correspond with a second Nexus S model that will work on the 3G frequencies used by Rogers, Telus, Fido, etc. Physically the two models of the Nexus S will probably look identical. Anyway, point being you should be able to get a version of the Nexus S what will work properly with your carrier!

  • LoveMyMobilflip

    Cool. Price?

    • Max

      It is very interesting question. I think it is the first in Canada the same phone being sold at all carriers. If the phone is being released as scheduled but no pricing info at this point. Samsung may want to focus on the sales volume. If I am correct, I am thinking about $450.

  • dhar

    I’ve already had this phone for about a month, and I probably got it way cheaper than anyone’s gonna charge anyway. I’m guessing it’ll be sold for around $520+

  • Gab

    sorry google. a little too late…

  • dhar

    I hope with the release of this NFC takes off here. That’s one feature I want to see put to use

    • David

      I sent an Email to “presto” that new public transit payment system, And asked them if they would be developing an Android App for the Nexus S, HUGE release, but they never replied…

  • Eric

    I’ve had a Nexus One for almost a year now and I don’t see why I would upgrade to the Nexus S when the Atrix and the soon to be released Galaxy S2 offer a much better upgrade.

    • sookster54

      Wow, going from a Nexus One to the Atrix? You’re going from a Google exclusive phone to a Motorola phone that most likely will be unsupported on release day like most of their other smartphones in Canada, the Atrix is 2.2 and will likely never get an update or will take over a year for 2.3 while Google plans to release 2.3 for the Nexus One (and HTC Desire).

    • monsterduc1000

      Yeah, skip Moto if you can. JUST got the 2.2 update for the Milestone. I have not seen a solid commitment from Moto for when the Atrix 2.3 update is coming, only “in the future”, which means about a year from now.

  • Jason

    Sweet! Time to upgrade!

  • hinds

    I’m looking forward to it also. I hope the GPS is stellar on this device if so I’m sold!

  • DarkisFever

    Love the look of this device, but I’ll stick to my Galaxy S Captivate, rooted, and custom romed…..for now 😛

  • Emzine

    I have the phone from T-Mobile already and I’m enjoying it on Mobilicity’s network. Since its the AWS band frequency with 2100 and 1700. Get good speeds on the 3.5G network as well.

    The ones that will be released for Wind/Videotron/Mobilicity will be backwards compatible with the other carriers but will operate on a 2G/GSM/3G network with lower speeds, etc.

    That being said, I’m sure each carrier will have their own version. I doubt Canada is getting the 4G version, even though we have “4G” networks now. If so, why don’t they release 4G cell phones such as the Evo 4G, the Atrix 4G or Nexus S 4G. They just sell the dumb downed versions of the phones, expecting for us to fully utilize the 4G network.

    Thank you CRTC *sarcasm*

    I know for a fact at Mobilicity we will be selling this at a price point of $500 to $550. Of course no contract with us. I definitely choose this phone over the Atrix any day. This will be unlocked too when it hits our shelves.

    • Casey

      The Nexus S 4G on Sprint is a WIMAX phone. Not LTE. The Nexus S on Rogers/Telus/Bell/Koodo/Fido will be a 3G 850/1900 phone.

  • Jimmy Jones

    You can go on Presto’s Facebook page and ask the question about NFC you will probably get an answer faster then email.

  • mce

    PenTile display. Samsung plastick-y build. The device that could have, but didn’t. Pass. Again. When is someone going to design some hardware for Android that’s on par with the hardware for iOS?

  • burner

    The Nexus – S better be at a great price as the Bell Motorola ATRIX is already on sale at $69.99 on a 3-year. Guess we are going to see if the carriers understand the market or not.

  • knowsmostthings

    I’m interested in upgrading my twenty eight point eight kilobaud internet connection to a one point five megabit fibre-optic T-1 line. Will you be able to provide an IP router that’s compatable with my token ring ethernet LAN configuration?


    Sorry folks but Canada is not getting the 4G version!!!

    And on another note, watch how many people switch carriers and sign contracts with the Big 3 when this thing drops!!! Not too many people are going to be spending $500-$600 bucks on this thing!!

    Can’t see myself spending more on a phone then a laptop computer.

    • Casey

      Nexus S 4G is a WIMAX phone on Sprint. There is no way that any Canadian carriers could bring it to Canada.

    • Casey

      They are going to sell a TON of these things. Check out Twitter. There is a lot of buzz in Canada about this device. There is a reason why TELUS, Bell, Rogers, Videotron, WIND, Mobilicity, Fido and Koodo Mobile are bringing it in.

      Every smartphone in the world costs you $500+, whether you pay up front, or it gets hidden in your contract.

  • jay

    I’M GETTING IT! There will ALWAYS be a “new and better” phone! If you use that mentality then you will never get a new phone. It will be awesome to have a bloat free, updated and slick Google phone…I’ll use it till they come out with their new Nexus 🙂

  • mark

    @ the assassin I completely agree that spending $600 on a phone seems very counter intuitive. I guess it is more of a personal thing though. As I use my laptop probably twice a week thanks to the “smartphone” (even play movies on tv using the phone), I can see the phone justifying its cost now.

  • jak

    depending on the price, i’ll prolly get this over the galaxy s2. I just can’t wait anymore lol

  • Joey

    The phone may be launching officially on those networks on the 14th but you should be able to pick it up sooner from specialty cell phone stores (@full retail) like Omegacell in Edmonton. I spoke to a rep from this store and they said they would be getting it within two weeks.

  • Joe

    @Mark, Thanks! It did seem silly to sell a phone w/out 3G. My heart is not broken anymore.
    Talked to Fido/BB/Samsung today and no one had an idea of pricing or availability. I wish there was clearer info on upgrading to Nexus S w/ Fido since it’ll be released by Google unlocked.

  • Bri

    Galaxy S2 coming to Canada soon??? or just a rumour?

    Anyway, is this device going to be compatible with 4G???

  • Darrin.

    The real question is, how much will this phone go for in 6 months. Look at how quickly the LG Optimus one price dropped. By then, all the phones will be dual core with hdmi out. I just purposely picked up the Optimus 1 yesterday since it actually cost me $25 out of pocket in the end, and with no contracts or having to take a data plan!
    I too really want this phone. If anyone is thinking of going Koodo, I can send you reference code you to get an additional $25 off your supertab when you sign up. Just pm me before you buy the phone. Right now Koodo is giving away $100 Visa gift cards for those that sign up.

  • Mark

    Talked with FS staff yesterday. No price point from them, but they said that they will be locked and only available on contract (i assume 3 years).

    “No way a new phone will be sold out of contract right off the bat.”

    Man, that pissed me off since I am still locked into one more year at fido and have vowed never to sign a contract again…

    • sookster54

      I’m the same way with you Mark, after all the years I’ve had enough of being locked into contracts, but it seems carriers are moving towards contract only sales with upcoming phones. I probably won’t care as much if they get rid of 3 year contracts and stick with 2 years like everyone else around the world.

  • Gerrald Peters

    With a phone like this a person would be useing it all the time so a all you can eat plan- Mob., or wind is the only way to go, allso wind is going to sell a portable internet sender that has really good specs so bye bye cable internet hello wireless.

  • Jon

    You will get 3G on any carrier you want (except Public Mobile, they are still a 2G network).

  • Stevearino

    Rogers store guy said Samsung rep told him 1st week of April.

  • bilzebub

    [Sorry this is a double post from an earlier nexus s discussion, but no one responded to my question]

    I have a T-mobile one that I got at Best Buy in the US — unlocked and I just use it with wifi and for calling on Rogers PAYG — but if this will work on Koodo, I might have to switch, as I think their cheap 100 meg data plan suits light users like me (google or GPS use when in TO on weekends, not at all during work week). But, what is it like on 2G, too slow to bother with? I’ve been kinda hoping Wind or someone might make it to Peterborough, or then maybe I should sell this on ebay and buy a Koodo one if Samsung is indeed making a nexus s on Koodo’s band… can anyone offer advice?

  • tawn

    i have a tablet and im confused because my tablets a phone, as well as computer, so not many plans at all know what to do with me, i talked and looked online at bell who im with right now, but 100 $ for it, and 200$ spending cap and im only the second week in, dont find anything better at rogers or fido, telus neither, can anyone point me in the right direction…?anyone have a tablet that you can call on as well…